My first date

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Goal of the day: 976 words. Written: 204.

When I first met her, I was wearing a yellow T-shirt from some construction company, worn gray jeans, and equally worn sneakers.

To me at the time it seemed like good style, good dress sense..

Now I'm thinking - it's strange that she didn't turn around and walk away when she saw me. This was probably the effect of a good Christian tradition. She didn't say "ah" and walked away, disappearing into the crowd.

Our route: Kaunas center. From the intersection of Laisvė aleja and Savanorių avenue to the municipality, the streets behind it... Nemunas Island and back, somewhere on the stairs on the exhibition hill, through Perkūnos aleja to Äžuolynas and to her house near the streets of the Flower Circle.

I don't really remember what happened then. I just loved it all. I was thinking when to hold her hand, how to impress her…

…Or maybe I wasn't trying to impress at all. I don't know. Only after breaking up with her did I remember this date and wonder what happened here. How did a nerd addicted to science fiction and cartography meet such a peaceful, charming, funny creature?

The days passed quickly. Much like Usain Bolt did at the Olympics the following year. During our dates, Bolt was probably training.

I remember those summer mornings when as soon as I woke up I would rush to text her or read what she wrote. I remember the stars in the sky coming back from meetings and watching movies at her house.

I remember it was quite good. I liked.

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