Ballad of Joy VI: A Letter to a Girl with a Dragon Soul.

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Scene: written 9 days after Erasmus left for studies in the Czech Republic.

* * *

A girl with the soul of a dragon,

When I told you in the book of faces half a week ago that I write love letters, you were the first person I knew who wondered who I was writing them to.

I avoided answering you. Until today. But here's the answer: I wrote letters to you.

(And, in fact, I'm writing one of them right now.)

I have to admit, when I said goodbye to you more than a week ago in the dimly lit driveway of your house, I didn't think it would happen...

...But it happened - I missed you.

As absurd, hasty and unromantic as it may sound.

* After writing this, Daniel sighs and mentally encourages himself:
"There, I've finally said it. At last!" *

To be honest, I've never been the kind of person who quickly takes a liking to new people I meet. Even here, after going to the Czech Republic for Erasmus, I find it difficult. Even though the environment seems to be asking for it.

But when I first saw you in person three weeks ago at Vilnius railway station, sitting on a bench, concentrating on a book...

...Something inside me clicked. It was as if some little switch in my head had jumped from Stage 0 to Stage 1. And the world changed.

...No, I can't say I miss you all yet. I can't even say exactly what it is that I miss most about you.

But that's probably because I still don't know you well. After all, my God - we have only been in closer contact for a month, forgetting the brief moments of communication before that.

But even that month and two meetings were enough to make me love your boyish face and your attentive gaze as you watched me try to find another treasure. To love your laughter and your crazy bouncing thoughts.

(Hey, look - tiles!)

Oh, yes... I miss you. Even though there are plenty of girls like you in the world... I haven't met anyone like you yet.

If I could think of a less banal way to say it, I would. But I feel that to say it any other way would only be lying.

- Daniel

* * *

P.S I've already found out my holiday calendar. If I don't get bumped, I'll be back on 20 or 21 December. Or, in other words, there are 90 days to go before my return and nine (~10%) have already passed. Time is running out fast and I hope to see you soon!

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