[Letter] Rainfall from a clear sky

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Goal of the day: 228 words. Written: 252.

Hi, my Kri-tuly,

You asked for a letter. That's what I'm writing. Because why not?

Why not write you a letter?

Even though I woke up just a few minutes ago, even though I ignored your request yesterday because I wrote the letter to this girl I met... I can't just take you and forget you completely, right?

Especially after I saw that you can learn.

You know, the first time we met, I didn't like. It's really strange, but I've been told this by several other people. Which is really very strange. Are people also talking about me without hearing me?

Why didn't you like it?

Well, I'll leave out the fact that you weren't pretty enough for me.

* Kostel *

Some people would think it rude and wrong to say that. That you should look inside a person when you first meet them. Or anything else like that. But damn those people! I'm trying to be open for the first time in my life and I will be!

* Kostel *

You were intrusive. Not anymore.

You tried to joke in an exaggerated and unnatural way. Now you can joke naturally. Well, or you copy them from somewhere when you write them, I don't know. :'D

You had some other quality of sticking. Which, I admit, I don't like. Here I am a stickler!

...But what about now?

Better now. Very.

It's a pleasure to talk to you now.

I hope that if you haven't found your dream job yet, you will at least look for it. I hope that if you haven't found your dream boyfriend yet, you're at least reading Mark Manson articles and learn about what love is. Or anything else.

God, I want to see you grow up!

Because if you're going to be my friend... you have to grow. And learn. I hope you're not afraid of that?

Well, I'm sending a million hugs and thirty-four extra-long hugs!


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