[Letter] Write me a letter. Here's what.

365 texts love

Goal of the day: 240 words. Written: 552. A cheaper version of the 777.

[ 19:48 Daniel ] Write me an email today.

[ 19:48 Simona ] :DDD which one?

[ 19:49 Danielius ] Never mind, come up with your own c:

  • Banal, interesting, creative, experimental, sensual, narrative, with a mysterious ending and a continuation in other letters, poetic, angular, drawn, the kind of thing you send in the real mail and I find when I return from the Czech Republic...
  • Put on the robe of the vulture's mouth and write with a feather.
  • Or wear a Satanist costume, write with a feather and a catnip or your own blood.
  • Write with ketchup.
  • Stick your finger in.
  • Ask someone else to write for you.
  • Copy a book or an extract from a book.
  • Draw a heart and then delete it.
  • Draw a heart and then highlight it.
  • But don't send it.
  • Or send it.
  • Write a letter and then pour the tea over it to blend it all together.
  • Send such a letter by carrier pigeon.
  • Write a letter. Fold the letter into an origami. Hide the origami at home so that I can find it when I come to see you.
  • Draw my portrait from memory.
  • Write the letter backwards.
  • Write your letter standing on your head.
  • Write a letter in your sleep (aha, tricky).
  • Write a typical Victorian love letter and douse it with a bottle of perfume, smother it with kisses and send it to Drabble Street *censored*.
  • Make a sandwich.
  • Pack it.
  • Send it to me.
  • Get out the letterboxes and steal someone else's letter.
  • Put it in a larger envelope and send it to me.
  • Draw the nightmare you used to have when you were a child.
  • Describe your dream holiday.
  • Describe the part of your body you hate the most.
  • Describe your toes and draw a map of them in pencil.
  • Take the pencil out of your ear. Draw something on a piece of paper. Twist the piece of paper and put it in place of the pencil.
  • Make a costume that you would wear if you were a superhero.
  • Describe your backstory as a superhero.
  • Write the script. A play or whatever.
  • Create an anecdote.
  • Describe what you hate most in the world.
  • Write your dream non-commercial project, if you have one.
  • Write a letter to the guy you love, imagining he's not me.
  • Have some pasta. Draw yourself with them.
  • Put it on Facebook instead of the main photo.
  • Google Jamaica, start a story on Facebook as if you're travelling there, and keep posting your adventures over the next week.
  • Open page 69 of the next book. Find word 33. Write a letter about the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Watch a porn film. Then write about why you found it so disgusting (or liked it so much).
  • Go eat. Then go to sleep. Then, as soon as you get up, write a letter about whatever comes into your head, which might be nonsense. Correct it and send it.
  • Describe the kind of bobcat you saw today. If you don't remember any, imagine you saw one.
  • Imagine you are an old lady. What are you like? What was your life like? What kind of husband (or husbands) did you have? How many children have you had or wanted to have but did not have?
  • What would you do if you were young again?
  • Imagine you are seven-year-old Simona.
  • Go back to the library.
  • Write a letter to the girl you've become. Imagine it's not you.
  • Or imagine you are - whichever is more interesting for you.
  • Write a letter in which you lie from start to finish.
  • Write a letter explaining why you don't want to write a letter.
  • Don't write a letter. Send it.
  • Ask your friends on Facebook or in real life to say any words. Make a letter out of them.
  • Imagine I'm lying in bed with you and I'm asking you to follow a story. What would you read?
  • Write it, create it.
  • Imagine that we were a couple for a long time. But something happened (choose one) and write a scene/scenario/something else you would say/write in that situation.
  • Choose for yourself what has happened and what will happen, as it is more interesting.
  • Imagine you are in Riga.
  • Write what you see as totally Riga-ish. What you feel.
  • Close your eyes. Don't think for thirty seconds.
  • Then open your eyes and write down what you were thinking.
  • Smoke.
  • Write something while smoking.
  • Imagine you died. What would you write or say to me? Write.
  • Record the letter by voice. Send it to me somehow. Even if it's on audio cassette.
  • Write a letter about the chair you are sitting or could sit on.

[ 20:07 Danielius ] Write.


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