Love Letter: It's okay to spit on both of us

365 texts love

Goal of the day: 682 words. Written: 144.

OK, [censored],

I just wanted to say that... I love talking to you!

I don't like it very much. That is, not so much that I can say "wow" and crow about how wonderful and fantastic everything is for us here. Just - like it.

I like our conversations because I don't care about them.

I come in, say "Hi", and a moment later we're talking about Mary's radio and hedgehogs in the meadows. More moments and more topics. Others.

You know, I like your eyes too.

Even though I haven't seen them. After all, we are communicating by text. Somehow I believe they are quite charming - just like everyone else. Not exceptional.

I quite like your house too.

They are liveable. That's not bad, because not all houses can be lived in. Some houses are uninhabitable, so nobody lives in them.

And I like our relationship.

That it doesn't exist. Absolutely.

So that we can speak not as a couple in love.

And thank goodness! Or whoever.

That there is something to talk about.


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