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I got my shoes stuck. I envy Beata Tiškevič's number of followers. I don't understand why people keep old crap that hasn't even been translated into Lithuanian or anything. I don't understand why short texts get so much attention.

I'm afraid I'm not so cool anymore.

I'm herding a cat to stop it from running into the street through an open gate. I have eaten different vegetables, something different. Maybe it's because it's cheaper at Rimi. I'm glad that Rimi has personalised discounts on exactly what I buy (not just random pampers and pads). #VeveningOffers


Pala. 10 minutes. I'll explain things to you.




that's it

Everyone likes shorter posts because people are used to digesting structured information that grabs their attention and doesn't require more effort

we are the consumer generation

what difference does it make how many followers you have when you have a more targeted audience and people who are genuinely interested in what you are doing and not tagging their friends under your posts

everything on the internet is designed for rapid consumption of information

it's a null and void complaint, and if you think it's something that makes you less cool, then you don't understand how it all works

if you started posting three sentences at a time, it would be easier for everyone to consume, but nobody would look at it either


If I want to make a difference and help other people's lives, then what matters? Well, there's the fact that by creating popular content, you can convince more people.


then it is the information you provide that is important, and you don't print it because quotes haven't changed anyone's life yet.

you don't convince anyone

you read it, then forget about it 10 minutes later

nobody believes in pop culture

how a prostitute she acts


However, we are very susceptible to the idea bug. And if everybody goes to see an exhibition, is it good? And if I've been watching this series for so long, maybe it was worth it?


well it doesn't seem logical or normal to me


Well, some marketing research shows that audiences have power. Like shitty short quotes.


well, you do, but in principle, what do you achieve by doing that, and then you end up promoting the shoes and saying how cool they are?


Well, like "Coca-Cola is very tasty", "Friends is very good" or "The Mona Lisa is a very special painting".


but everyone knows it's overrated and no one is looking for something more in it


wants to be consumed?



Does pop nurture and help people grow?

To live is real. After all, it's fun to listen to pop music on the way home from a shitty job.

...Perhaps the content can then be divided into two circles?

a) Centre. Where everything that is "necessary" in life is. Pop music, packaged pig bacon, Kogus dumplings, Mezon wifi and BMW cars. You need them (well, want them) day in, day out. Without them, you're not a human being, you're a "monk", an "esoteric" or a "bum". (Well, also, of course, a "third world citizen".)


to see

it's too much for me here again

I'm not a communications expert today



Pala, a little bit, I will finish. Just an idea, listen.




b) Exterior. Where the unusual in life is. Poems printed on park benches, the film 127 Hours, cars and other objects that are too old, Soylent food, racist jokes that remind you of a dark history... And more. This circle has no boundary, because it goes around the centre and outwards without limits. There are new things in this circle. Others would say "outside the comfort zone", although, ironically, this expression has become part of the inner centre.

And in this world, you earn money, food, attention, acquaintances and more by making what you need.

The inner circle's creation that you want.
And the work of the outer circle, which is probably no less desirable.

Only in the inner circle is it simpler. After all, for a long time to come, we will probably be eating black "Bočiai" bread baked in the "Vilniaus" bakery.

And in the outer world, because there are few boundaries, you can't feel at ease - you have to create like a little fish. Run. Worry. But maybe on the way to widen the inner circle.

((Science is said to be an extension of a large "known science". Your one scientific paper won't change the world, but it will widen the edge of the circle a little.)))

So, as a developer, you have three paths:

(Bearing in mind that you won't stop creating)

  1. Creating an inner circle. Forever. Live peacefully. It's ok, you still need it.
  2. To create an outer circle and to take your work to those "necessary" things, unintentionally or intentionally. Turning rock 'n roll into pop is like turning My Clothes from a small page into a giant, indispensable Vinted.
  3. Creating an outer circle. Inadvertently or deliberately entering the inner circle. Then you drop everything and run back to the outer circle because you call yourself an artist or a mad inventor. You are Salvador Dali (I suppose he was not happy when the public liked his work?) or Nicola Tesla.

So maybe I shouldn't worry? And, as you say, create the circle of my choice - inner or outer - according to what I love more?



A guy from KTU told me that you have to be passionate about what you do, and then you will be the best even when you study at LEU




Thank you


Calmer. You are good O.S. :')


the only O.S.

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