The phone screen as a magical fairytale portal

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Oh, how many stories, books, movies, series, anime and video games have been created about magical portals. One moment you're living your earthly life, the next you're stepping through a door (or gate), the next you're on another planet.

But what if magic is not needed here and a glowing rectangle is enough?

Look... And you are already "there" somewhere. Elsewhere. Out of bounds. Your attention is already on the other side. The hands have turned into finger bridges, but it's not strange anymore - it's normal, you're already a resident of another planet. You look, explore, travel, express your wishes, where you would like to go, who to talk to, what to discover, feel, experience, find out, feel, feel, feel...

I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Isn't it just strange how one rectangle can be so hideous?

Of course, this is not something new.

Television (and cinema) hides in these colors, and we always had another rectangle where hours disappear - books.

These are all magical portals that help you enter another environment. What kind of environment are you in right now?

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