I'm here to make mistakes

365 texts mistakes
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 1527 words. Written: 152.

Errors. Pain. Self-punishment. That hatred of your own stupidity. The blood that flows from your wounds.

It appears and disappears.

Lessons. Knowledge. Skills. The voice of intuition that it's better to do things differently. A lightness that embraces the whole soul.

It remains.

Articles. Films. Seminars. Books. Long lessons from your teachers. All that flow of life.

It does not and will not end.

Time. Attention. Focus. Your personal daily mission. Your quality work.

It will stay.

Life. Thoughts. Consciousness. The cells of your own body. Your humanity.

It will end, inevitably.

Gifts. Attention. Help. Everything you give to others. Which is for the sake of these souls.

It will remain.

I am here to make mistakes.

I write articles. I speak in front of audiences. I write love letters. I nurture relationships. I cook. I take a different route to the city.

I can make no mistakes. We all can. We just have to do what works.

But will I learn, will we learn something new?

I am here to make mistakes.

I apologise if I made a mistake. I will do better next time. And when I'm sure, I'll share with you what I did and why.

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