Everything is fine with you (or - why shouldn't you stop plants?)

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One morning you wake up and you don't understand from which direction the bells are ringing. Invitations to love your unique self are interwoven one after the other, after letting go of cash, run through the meadows to search for eternal values and change and change ad infinitum.

Here is even my colleague and I Daniel (aka Debesyla) we held a debate.   

Daniel, you are a guest, you are a priority, speak up!


Everything is fine with you. Although sometimes you think that today you should be better than yesterday - you are already enough. Even if you don't know it. (And ignorance, you would think, is a sign of "not enough"!)

Everything is fine with you because you are human. And we humans are like cockroaches. Only more resistant.

After all, hundreds of thousands of men and women over the last 20,000 years had to meet each other to make you. And, probably, most of them could neither write nor read, nor knew why and how to wash their hands, nor how to cook potato pancakes (what are potatoes, anyway?), and let's not talk about...

… Nope. Let's talk.

Those hundreds of thousands of people were ugly.

Are you worried that your nose is ugly? That you have a mole on your forehead? That the eyebrows are trying to grow into one? That you can hardly escape, breathe and do not know how to satisfy your man or woman?


As if those hundreds of thousands of people didn't have it. As if they had no problems, no fears, no fear of first dates, they immediately knew how to "have sex", they probably learned by heart how to raise children and not go crazy when they touch the diaper or the bed N+ times? Suppose it was not difficult for them, it was not scary, there was no wave of anger, no existential questions arose?


You're the only one with these problems, aren't you? That's how I knew it - so you're special! Your life is exceptionally difficult, and you are so ugly, terrible, bad, not enough that plays and epics should be written about you!


I don't think so. I think everything is fine with you. Because you are human.


I agree with Daniel and want to contradict him right here.

You really. You are Enough!

And you are definitely a person, although you carry in yourself, if not several, then at least one gnawing worm, planted by others - circumstances, or equally "gnawed" people around you.

You know, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be better. If that desire does not arise from self-flagellation, frustration, the desire to please or the desire to compete. Because there always will be

better ones

more beautiful


more achievers.

Always. Because simply it's hard to compete with 7.6 billion.

But if you - your own competitor, if development is not a meaningless word in the dictionary or a post on Facebook, if it is your key to your dream goal, go ahead. Even if no one taps you on the shoulder. Even if "You see how lucky she is", "It's good for her when...(write down the reason)" will sink into your change. Even if, instead of congratulations, they mutter "Born with a T-shirt", "Caught during an acquaintance", "It wasn't worth it".

I think that it's much worse when you believe that everything, you are perfect and unique. Infallible and entitled to absolute truth. It is painful to watch when such people keep banging their heads against the wall and are surprised that there is a bump on their forehead, and the wall is still standing. And it is so obvious that so little is missing - just to get off the pedestal and admit that first you need to remove the stones from your path. That you are the biggest obstacle, not others.

The modern media is extremely favorable for the Napoleons of both sexes to emerge. Music shows and talk shows of all stripes eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Internet portals are bursting with clickbait writing about one and giving other napoleons the opportunity to criticize.

There is now a guru on each altar, selling femininity, masculinity, easy business, wealth that flies into the mouth with the snap of fingers, and the materialization of goals.

Even if that altar is already on the wall of the market. Our inferiority complexes are the butter on their bread.

Now it's fashionable to improve. Until the cockiness. Just. In all directions. A devalued value - and a very disappointing one at that.

Therefore, you have to choose for yourself - if you know why YOU need it and WHY, you don't need a guru to sell you improvement.   


And what do you think?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Who do you think is more right? Which path is better - reconciliation or growth? Share your feeling!

With love,
Alvyda and Debesyla

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