Anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, emotional eating and binge eating: Book review by Gintarė Jankauskienė

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"How to recognize and overcome eating disorders" is the latest book by G. Jankauskienė (and co-authors), published in 2022.

This time, Gintarė again uses the interview method and interviews Lithuanians who have survived eating disorders + specialists who have advice on how to go through it for the reader as well.

A very brief assessment: The book is a short, non-exhaustive, easy-to-read overview of the most common eating disorders. Those suffering from these psychological disorders will find familiar experiences, and those who are otherwise interested will find a number of possible ways to evaluate themselves and how to look at food.

(By the way, as far as I could see from the reviews, there is a section about orthorexia 1 it was completely new to quite a few readers, it seems that not many people are still talking about this disorder!)

If you have already read another of Jankauskienė's books before - the style, even the design of the book will be similar. Jankauskienė knows how to talk to people, compress their words so that there are not a hundred pages about the same thing. Her books don't take long to read, even a non-specialist can, her books are intended for a wide audience.

To be honest: the book is worth those 13 euros, how much does it cost, for example, in the Vaga online bookstore. This is not an ultra-comprehensive textbook, and it will not solve your or your loved one's eating disorder overnight. 2 but as a general summary of disorders and a reassurance, a guide, the book is worth a look. (Especially considering that after reading the book, you will be able to give it to someone else.)

The book looks like this:

Contents of the book, topics:

What does an interview with patients look like:

What the expert comments look like at the end of each chapter:

As you can see, it is written really simply, it is easy to read. For me, this is a positive thing. I think the book is good for that. The book can be purchased atGo away" or at other places where books are sold.

  1. Basically overstating food, counting it - although it's a bit more complicated than that.

  2. To be honest, I doubt that any book will solve this - books alone will not fix your psychological state.

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