Birutė Jonuskaitė "button me up"

365 texts books

Goal of the day: 689 words. Written: 330.

This is a book I did not understand. A book that… You know what? Hell maybe, let's move on to the technical evaluations. Maybe by evaluating I will understand what I read.

Some book reviews.

Design: 10/10. No, he didn't impress me. I've seen better ones. But what about a collection of short stories? How about a collection of short stories by a Lithuanian author? Not bad!

Paper: Strong, soft, stiff. Both the cover and the pages are of high quality. Basically, it doesn't matter what's in this book, just the way it's compiled and bound makes it a real pleasure to hold in your hand and it's nice to know that such a nice book is sitting on the shelves.

Illustrations: Weird. But good, simple, charming. The funnest part is the selection of purple colors throughout the book. Purple is a pretty unusual color in literature, and this one stands out!

Fonts: High quality, medium size, legible. It's just a pity that, as is usual in Lithuanian books, the text is arranged using the justified method. This makes reading difficult due to uneven spacing between words. True, I really liked the way the pages were marked - both numbers are in one corner of the two-page spread!

Style: 6/10. Average. Honestly, I read it and didn't feel that this book was really written by "Subtili ir svita" Birutė Jonuskaitė, as Elena Kurkelietytė describes her on the back of the book. To me, she's just another writer writing letters.

Soul Effect: 7/10. Mostly due to good design.

So what is this book?

This is a book about relationships, people and being human.
A book where the author wrote a lot of letters so as not to say anything.
It is a book that contains letters.

That's about it.

Honestly, this is a book about the weather. It's a buzz in the creative world. This is someone who could have said something important but didn't say anything.

Bully-bully-bully. I felt like a sugar cloud. Lia-lia-lia. More letters. Whoa whoa whoa whoa Here's one long sentence without commas and periods, because I'm doing art, and long sentences are very interesting and tell how the heroine I'm describing here feels.

Birutė Jonuskaitė writes about women.
He is writing to receive support from the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania.
He writes because he does not know how not to write.

True, I'm not saying it's bad!

Simply Pin Me Up is a book for easy time passing. In the evening, before going to sleep. Or a rainy day. Or by train from Kaunas to work in Vilnius.

That's all.

Still, I think it's good - the book fulfilled its mission. Reading this book on a rainy day made me feel good. Mystically and sleepily. Much like how this book is written.


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