Mossad Amazons: what do women think of this book?


This is a book about Israeli spies. When reading, it seems like from a movie, but according to the author, these are real stories.

Or as it says on the back of the book: "For many years, the authorities kept the activities of the Mossad lohamet extremely secret. Today, the cloak of secrecy has been lifted, and the amazing exploits of the Amazons are free to be published.”

To be honest, I expected this book to be more than a historical novel, I expected a more scientific book, so the book did not interest me, although I read it to the end. But I can't go so far as to say that the book is bad. Maybe I'm just not the intended reader of the book?

With this question in mind, I decided to interview three ladies I know who have read this book:

  • Karolina - a 36-year-old personnel manager in a logistics company;
  • Migle - 24-year-old freelance designer;
  • And this girl, nicknamed "Smilga", who I don't know what she does, but something with the medical, pharmaceutical industry. 🤷 Maybe that's not the point anyway.

I asked them what I thought were the five most important questions. Here's what they answered. The language has been slightly corrected and the answers have been slightly shortened:

1. What did you like about this book?

Caroline: This is a non-fiction book written as a spy novel. The book is organized around secret missions, so it's very easy to pick up and read one chapter in an evening and put the book back for the next day. But mostly I wanted to read the next one, so I read the book in a few days, even though it's not the thinnest! 😂

Fog: It is very rare to get a glimpse into the activities of a country's secret service. Although the story is not from 2022, it was really interesting to see how spy systems work. By the way, I was impressed by the fact that female Mossad spies do not use their bodies to perform tasks - neither kisses nor sex. And after all, the main targets of these spies were men, as told in the book, so I think that would have worked. It's interesting that Mossad Amazons have strong values and it's not just the completion of the task that matters, but something above that.

Smila: The book contained quite a lot about the creation of the state of Israel, you can understand how important it was to the Jews and why they are so patriotic, because the path to the establishment of the state and its establishment was not easy. I would say that I learned a lot about Israel and their enemies.

2. What did you not like about the book?

Caroline: Maybe the book is very promotional? Everything is described very nicely, it makes you want to quit your job and go be a spy 😂😂

Fog: Maybe the fact that the book reminded me of the "James Bond" movies? The "missions" described sounded like they were made up. Yes, the basis of the stories is probably true, it really happened somewhere once, but the book describes so many details, whispers, mystical deviations of who thought what (how does the author know???) that I did not understand what I was reading, a novel or a documentary. I'll add that the author is male and in some places purely reminiscent of r/menwritingwomen/ 1 light bulbs. In a word, some sections were not convinced.

Smila: I don't know. I liked. I just read it for a very long time, maybe four months. But I don't know why it took so long.

3. Who would you recommend this book to?

Caroline: Oh, I have already recommended it to my friends for a long time. And I also found it that way, I got the book as a gift from a colleague 😂 Anyway, you can add in the article that one of those friends of mine also liked the book, she told me yes, so maybe this book is already traveling like a virus among friends, through recommendations 😂😂

Fog: I already gave this book to my mother, but anyway, people who like spy stories will like this book too.

Smila: For all women. Men too, but maybe a woman would inspire them to do a little more, to get involved in the defense of the country. What if we repeat this in Lithuania?

4. Has your life changed after reading this book?

Caroline: Maybe it will sound funny, but I started looking for where I would like to spend my vacation in Israel 😂 I've never been, so I was just interested, interesting... 2 I have more news 😂 Somehow I thought a lot about my goals and desires in life... I don't know what, but the book moved something in me. Inspired, perhaps? In the evenings, when I come home from work, I somehow remember this book and the stories. I can imagine what would happen if I were in such a situation and had such a difficult task... Maybe I feel bored at work, so wow, I'm thinking about what I'd like to do more interestingly 😂😂 The book just inspired me, awakened something.

Fog: I don't know? Strange question, Daniel 🙃

Smila: I'm hard to replace, so no. But others can be changed. Well, let's just say that the book is good, I recommend it!

These are such reviews!

You can buy the book online, and when you read the book - I will also be interested in your opinion!

  1. Mist means this forum with examples of clichés.

  2. This is where the first conversation with Karolina ended, but then she wrote to me a few days later with a follow-up…

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