I get up at 11 o'clock in the morning... And it's more pleasant than getting up at 5!

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One of the most wonderful feelings is to wake up after you've had your day. Slowly waking up at eleven or even twelve o'clock in the morning. And to feel all that overwhelming power.

Other people have a fetish for early mornings.

They're having a match - who will get up earlier? Here, one at six o'clock, and the other boasts that he's already going to lunch at six o'clock - he gets up at half past four!

They say it's wonderful.

Forgetting that getting up late is even more amazing.

What fools, eh?

What do the Early East fans say?

They say:

"You'll wake up earlier and have all the extra time you need to pursue your hobbies and dreams."
Forgetting that the same hour can be found in the middle of the day's work, after it's finished, or even more so late at night.

"But when you get up in the morning, you get so much energy."
Which they can't justify in any way - only by saying that they are gaining because they are used to getting up early. Or is it a matter of habit? Because I get up at the first hour of the day when I am strong!

"But society is designed so that work starts at 8am."
Said by the slaveholders during the Industrial Revolution and, lo and behold, it's been the same rule for 200 years. Just like the necessary turning of the clock every six months and, for that matter, a woman's place in the kitchen.

"...But where will you get a job if you don't work from 8am?"
You'll get a job wherever bosses focus on results, not on grinding shit. Anyone can grind and take fifty smoke breaks. That is why this system is so common in state-owned enterprises, which are always sure to get money from the pockets of people who work better than them.

"...What about those people who want to go shopping or want your services at 8 o'clock in the morning?"
If they are all working from that hour, what the f*ck are they doing in my shop? Or, hey, maybe they don't all work from 8 o'clock then? Because sure enough - I was walking through the Acropolis the previous morning and I saw someone measuring shoes for purchase at 9 o'clock on Wednesday morning.

"...You didn't answer the question."
Ah, indeed, then you allow those who work from 8am to occupy this niche. So be it. But don't most of the buyers only come after noon, after 3 p.m.? As an online seller, I see that my sales peak in the hour before midnight!

"But the mornings are so beautiful! Birds, sunshine, crazy people who I like to mock while I'm running under their windows... It's a great feeling to get up early and brag on Facebook!"
And they are, I agree, really beautiful. At one point I tried to get up at 4am, like the solar rhythm of the Helianatians (like the lunaticists, but with the sun instead of the moon). And the birds, the morning sun, that warming night air - it was wonderful!


...But it's just as wonderful to get up when the sun is already rising in the sky and warming your cheeks through the window.

...Watching long sunsets just at the end of work or in the middle of sessions - sunsets instead of breaks!

...Going outside in the middle of the night and admiring the starry sky.

...Breathe in the cold night air and feel the peace. The peace of knowing that you've done enough today and can do more tomorrow.

...If it's summer, listen to the beautiful serenades of the grasshoppers, the puffing of the hedgehogs, and the night birds of the meadows.

...If it's winter, watch the snow fall silently and feel it on your face. Maybe catch one more snowflake with your tongue.

...Wake up and don't worry - it's a long day, evening, night ahead of you. And you can still sleep in, even until 13:45! Or longer if you want.

...Get dressed and meet friends for a midday coffee. Maybe they're getting up earlier, so it's a lunch break for them and a prelude to your morning.

One of the most wonderful feelings is to wake up with a wall. And I don't mean that you ~have~ to get up on your own! Let me tell you - you can.

You can, and so can I.
And there's no need to worry.

Because getting up in the daytime is more wonderful than getting up early in the morning.
Or at least just as wonderful.

Up late,

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