Advantages of minimalism (4/7): Live healthier in body and mind

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Goal of the day: 168 words. Written: 212.

Also Minimalism can help you... Live healthier in body and mind.

But no one - not even money, nor Pleasures, nor objectives - it doesn't matter if you're not healthy. In body and/or mind. Without a healthy body, there are few possible goals, and with a mind full of sadness, self-deprecation or other bitter psychological peppers, there is no desire to achieve those possible goals.

One thing is therefore really important. And that one thing is often overlooked because it seems too complicated and awkward to take care of.

It's health.

But despite all that, what might you think - that a healthy body requires a complex diet that requires 100 pages of books, or a gym with 80 different instruments... or that a good state of mind requires strict meditation rules, and so on...

...That's not really necessary.

Because do you really think that the whole of humanity survived until, roughly speaking, 50 years ago with just kneeling and churchand now, it turns out, that is no longer enough? Really?

The principles of simplicity again provide a slightly different approach. You don't need strict new rules or some complicated new equipment. You just need what works.

Do you really need a very strict diet when the centenarians of Lithuania have survived the longest by eating bacon and onions? Do you really need a gym if the trees for pull-ups have branches at all different heights? Do we really need a new guru if there are those who have helped down the ages?

Just an idea. Health is not such a complicated beast!

Congratulating yourself,

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