Advantages of minimalism (6/7): Change your habits and live more courageously

365 texts minimalism the advantages of minimalism
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 171 words. Written: 182.

Also Minimalism can help you... Change bad habits and lifestyles for the better and live more freely.

Don't you sometimes want to live more freely? From compulsory chores, the never-ending dusting of the house, self-loathing habits or, *kling-kling*, Facebook posts and notifications that your ex-partner has gone on holiday to the Canary Islands?

Well, I don't know about you, but I want to.

But it's not necessary to have an endless desire to live independently. If freedom comes as a side effect of a simpler life, why not?

And then, when you want to kick your smoking habit, drink beer all the time and grow a beer belly, eat meat or add 15 teaspoons of sugar to your tea, or get fired by your employer and find an even better job, but in a different city in Lithuania...

...Simplicity will help you. It's the little things that you No need - they, well, don't need to. And we can give them up to make room in our balloon.

Unwilling works imprison us.
The courage to say "No" is liberating.

Broken things get on our nerves.
The courage not to buy what is cheapest is liberating.

Selfish people hurt us.
And the best lesson we can teach them is to show them that we will not remain their slaves forever. We will not listen to their cries.

We will be free.

This simplicity.


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