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Chronicles of Simplicity (6/6): Minimalism is not a loss

Goal of the day: 195 words. Written: 288. Photo author: Vi Kontrimait─Ś


Chronicles of Simplicity (5/6): Minimalism is not a set of rules

Goal of the day: 193 words. Written: 266. Photo author: Vi Kontrimait─Ś


Chronicles of Simplicity (4/6): One rule for Minimalist Living

Goal of the day: 191 words. Written: 197. Photo author: Vi Kontrimait─Ś


Chronicles of Simplicity (3/6): Two questions leading to Minimalism

Goal of the day: 189 words. Written: 308. Photo author: Vi Kontrimait─Ś


Chronicles of Simplicity (2/6): What is simplicity? Its two principles.

Goal of the day: 187 words. Written: 376.


Chronicles of Simplicity (1/6): What do emperors, programmers and truck drivers have in common?

Goal of the day: 185 words. Written: 273. Photo author: Vi Kontrimait─Ś