Chronicles of Simplicity (5/6): Minimalism is not a set of rules

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But what is not simplicity?

Simplicity can help with dozens or hundreds of activities. It is good for life and helps you live happier. Its principles are the search for value and substance, its questions ask you to always ask yourself why you are doing something and whether it is necessary, and its rule is that simplicity usually wins.

And what is not simplicity?

Is the fanatical renunciation of wealth (and going into a monastery) simplicity? And a life without desires, joys and pleasures? Is life in prison simple? And in the countryside, raising a cow and three goats? And in a white house with white Ikea furniture and a white Apple computer? And so on?

Here's what I don't talk about and what I definitely don't recommend:

Simplicity is not... A life shackled by unpleasant rules.

Yes, simplicity has rules. I've already mentioned the most important ones for you. The whole philosophy of simple living is based on rules, principles and the application of them - for example, giving up media portals so you can spend time painting. Or something like that.

But these rules are not given by God.
They are not immutable and are not one size fits all.

The philosophy of simplicity can indeed be called very simple. There are no commandments to have only less than 150 items or to eat vegan (although you could). They are just principles that define the path to a better life.

Just like in folk tales, where the wise old man tells his third brother which way to go so that he doesn't meet a dragon or a swamp, so it is here. These are friendly references.

And while you can order your life around by ordering yourself to have only 4 pairs of socks and to wash them alternately (yes, there are people like that), the principles of simplicity do not force you, or even encourage you, to create such strict limits.

At its core, simplicity is about making your life easier, happier and more enjoyable. It's not living by other people's incomprehensible rules.

You create your own rules of Simplicity only for yourself.

A pleasant place to live,

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