Advantages of minimalism (7/7): Feel the joy in everyday life

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Goal of the day: 173 words. Written: 257.

Also Minimalism can help you... Focus on what matters most - a happy life and its lasting achievements.

But what is the meaning of life at all? Is it to accumulate wealth and live in Thailand working four hours a week?

Me, as the author of a book about simplicity, I believe not. The meaning of life is to live - not to worry about nothing and to live happily.

Of course, not all of us live happily ever after. And not always. Perhaps if we lived happily all the time, we wouldn't even notice when we were truly happy.

But we can always try to live happier and more meaningful lives.

To discover what brings you (and I repeat, you personally, not anyone else) the greatest happiness, and to pursue it to the exclusion of all distractions.

Take on work that will leave a deep imprint - no matter who you think will leave a deep imprint - and do so by consciously avoiding all distractions and distractions that take away your energy.

Because you don't have time to do and taste everything in a row. Soon, when you get old, you won't have the energy. Then, when you die, you won't have the will. But now you have time and you can use it. To create happiness for yourself, for your family, and to achieve what's worthwhile, not what's lost after just a week.

The essence of simplicity is to focus to what is good. And to let go of what's wrong.

"It's like throwing rocks out of a balloon bag so you can easily go up."

Well, that's the main advantage of simplicity. If you see a reason and an opportunity for yourself, then simplicity will help you. But I suspect you may have questions...

...So I recommend starting with "The Sloth Manifesto".

If that doesn't work, I'll refund your entire cash reserve. But I believe your questions will be answered and you will be able to live more simply.


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