What is mentoring? And how to find a mentor?

Reflections and drafts

A mentor is a person who will teach you how to achieve your goals.

A mentor is not responsible for your success. The mentor simply shares his experience, advises you on what to do better, expresses his opinion about the methods you have chosen.

Mentoring is usually free - no money is exchanged. Mentor and student change only by helping each other. The mentor shares his experience, and the student shares his time and work. For example, a mentor teaches how to paint walls, and a student paints a wall for free. (Of course, mentoring is more often about more complex topics.)

Mentoring topics are countless. But, for example, the platform of mentors Idialogue.lt, which I recommend you try, distinguishes the following most common areas of mentoring:

Does every person necessarily need a mentor? I don't think a mentor is a necessary part of success. But a mentor is really helpful if you're stuck on your goals.

On this day, April 2022 mentoring platform Idialogue.lt has over 450 mentors. Lots of people willing to share their experiences! Yes, I advertise. But for free. No one asked me to advertise on Idialogue. I just believe in the Idialogue product.

There are also many alternative platforms in foreign languages, which are not even worth mentioning, because Google is full of them. In Lithuanian - there are also alternative platforms. For example, you can take a look at what is offered:

…And other mentoring programs that I don't know about myself, so I couldn't mention them. (Fill me in – comment box below.)

Just take it and learn. Help is available.

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