Stuck at work? Why don't you do what you love?

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Attention! If you wake up on Monday morning and can't get out of bed and don't even want to think about it, then there's a good chance that you're not pursuing your goals in life.

Often, we just hear about different professions in all sorts of "programmes" when we are young:

"This speciality is very profitable, and you can't really make a living with this one, nobody in Lithuania needs this speciality, and what will others think?"

...And similar.

That is how we end up in situations in life where we are not in our own shoes. Only courageous personalities are able to choose the specialities they really want to pursue as a child, and in which 100% will enjoy the process.

Often we simply choose the middle ground between a speciality you quite like and the financial benefits it offers.

We end up in a job we don't like, or one that is slowly starting to become unfulfilling.

It would be really great if we saw that and decided to change right away, but - we're tied to the team, we're in our comfort zone and we don't want to move on, and then there's all the fear: "I won't survive, what if I don't make it".

We change every day, so our needs and wants change over time.

It's not surprising if you're no longer happy or enthusiastic about what you do. If you are not in that situation, then congratulations, you are really lucky, but for people who are in that situation, I suggest:

Don't lie to yourself if you're in a job that you're not really happy with, but you still tell yourself it's okay.

You lie to yourself, and sooner or later the lies will come out - don't you want a job you don't like? for another 5 years and then admit that you lied to yourself?

The ability to move on is important.

No matter what the situation. Want to drink sparkling wine? Take a chance.

Not sure what to do? Want to change jobs but don't know which one? Then start looking, start moving, start taking the time. Sooner or later you will find a field you like. Books, people, success stories - all these examples will help.

Also, take a piece of paper and write down everything you can think of on it, on the topic "What would I enjoy doing if I wasn't constrained by time and finances?"

This honest answer is likely to give you ideas.

And ideas are where it all starts.

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