Experiment 11: Public Creator Notes Idea - Weekly!

365 texts failed challenges

Goal of the day: 1439 words. Written: 888.

Two years ago, in June 2015, I had an idea - what if I wrote a weekly blog Debesyla(.lt)? Every week I would write what I've changed, updated and added... And it would be a cloud-based way to follow the site even closer?

So I started. I wrote for about 4 weeks. However:

  • This did not attract much attention. Maybe such notes are not very interesting because there is not enough honesty and illustrations? Maybe Instagram and Facebook are better in this respect?
  • I'm sick of it. Why keep blog stats, honestly? For the sake of the audience - gladly. But if it's not interesting... It's just extra work when I could be doing something more lasting, I guess?

Then I finished the challenge. I regard it as a failed experiment.

Here's what I had written:

Captain's Weekly No. 1.

The first week at sea after thinking about the meaning of life ashore. For some reason, my neck and shoulders itch a lot at the moment, but I don't understand why - the mosquitoes don't bite and the sun doesn't shine. But it itches. Digging helps little.

I'm trying to relax after a week. Today it might be better to work less. Or work as usual. To move forward slowly. As much as I want to. Little by little. Whenever you feel like it. Whenever the wind blows. I don't know.

This week, a dozen works were carried out.

- First of all -

An article I started a long time ago is finished (or rather, the author's part is done and I haven't added a word). On how to learn to say "fuck" more often.

In three days, from Monday to Wednesday, the text was finalised, revised, illustrated and ready for publication. On Thursday, the final touches were given to the illustration of Tom and his red balloons by Arvydas Venkas, the new designer of Clouds.

- Second -

A new design for the Cloud Pages (like "About" or "Creativity") was completed in two days. It has been updated and changed.

The new design is better suited to the new Cloud application, which is already slowly gaining clarity.

Hint: It's something tried and tested.

- Third -

The idea of a new programme is being developed.

- Fourth -

Preparations are underway for a new Cloud article. On creation and its obstacles. Detailed, aggressive, new.

- Fifth -

Preparations are underway for the old update of the "Best Lithuanian self-help blogs".

- Sixth -

200 Cloud subscribers have been removed from the list. Because they haven't read anything or opened any emails for more than six months. The dead have no place in the Cloud. 😉

- Seventh -

An email sent at the beginning of the week saying that some of you have not entered your names during the subscription process is successfully collecting names. And thank goodness. I won't have to write them myself. 🙂

- Eighth -

There are ideas to change the category "Creation" to "Growth". Why - you will see in the future.

Hint: Creation is of little interest to many, and Growth is closer to Cloudsylla's heart than the first option.

- Ninth -

New article by Milena Koles in the Clouds! If you liked the article on why it's better to live more peacefully, you'll like this one too. Maybe about how, why and when to love yourself. 😉

- Tenth -

This week's books are 4 Hour Workweek (Tim Feriss), Effortless life (Leo Babauta) and something about Landing pages and design (Copyblogger).

- Eleventh -

This diary is written.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Well, now I'm off to enjoy the remaining 3-4 hours of Sunday. Next week's blog can be found in this very document, below.

By the way: Did you know that you can comment anywhere on this blog? Simply highlight the phrase you want to comment on and click "Add comment"! 🙂

Thank you and come!

Your captain,

Danielwho still has an itchy neck for some reason.

Captain's Weekly No 2

Week 2. Slow. Little Clouds (or less, compared to the first week). I feel shitty about it. Well, whatever. At least I picked up my KTU diploma in civil engineering at Žalgiris Arena! It's a lot of fun! 😀

I hope to be able to go further with the new Cloud application in the third week. 🙂

1. Article released: https://debesyla.lt/dejau. It received a record number of shares and comments. And I've gotten more emails from you! Thank you! I hope the next article will be as good! 😉

2. Starting to think about a new Cloud application. Some plans, systems. But I didn't manage to expand much. 🙁

3.    Request to donate to IV.lt... And I collected €56.43. ...My eyes are not on my forehead, but on the back of my head! That's enough for the domain for about 15 more years. Or, if I need a second one, twice as much, but still more than I would need to take care of myself. The only thing left is the cost of the hosting, which unfortunately will have to be taken out of the other amount. I'll think of something. :-))

4. Recently Cloudsylos' Facebook posts get more likes and shares than before. I love it! 😀

5. I pick up my diploma. Not a Cloud Studies one, but, well, still. Hm. Paper. 😉

6. A new article is being written for the Super Tribe. However, Super Tribe died for some reason because someone (*kosteli* Liiinaaaaaaaaiiii Matuuuliiii! *kosteli*) hasn't paid for the hosting. Half of the article was for nothing. :'-(

7. I am writing another new article. Launching on Wednesday. Or, if you read this weekly from an email subscription, see the link above. 😉

8. Mood: The first week was better in action. This week was more pleasant in rebound. However, if I do nothing in the third week, the rebound will diminish. I need to do better!

9. P.S. I am VERY excited about the new Cloud application. But I'll tell you about it later! 😉

See you next week!

- Daniel

Weekly No. 3.

A great week!

  • New article: https://debesyla.lt/geriausi-tinklarasciai-tobulejimui/. It has received record shares and...
  • ...Subscriptions. So many, in fact, that I no longer fit into the 2,000 limit and I can no longer send you emails for free. In the fourth week I will look for ways to do it again. 🙂
  • I was at the Midsummer KiTaip 2015 event. I met three Cloudsylonians. It was fun!
  • Updated pages in the Cloud:
  • Testing new plugins in the Cloud. Coming in the future. Now temporarily disabled until needed.
  • On Sunday, I got sick. Today (Monday) I am still sick.
  • I have also received 30+ new letters from Cloudsiders as a result of the latest article. I can't keep up with the replies! :'(

That's a week.

(Short, because I have a headache from illness. Ouch.)

Weekly No. (I forgot which week it is)

Oi. I've lost count.

Here's what's happened since the last update:

  • Progress in the design of Cloud Güsis.
  • Updated illustrations of Cloudsyla themes on the homepage (debesyla.lt).
  • Three new articles have been launched, all of which are not written by me.
  • Today, I will start writing an article on impossible challenges.
  • I've been travelling a lot, renovating my new home and spending less time on Debesylai than I would have liked.
  • I started the month with getting up at 4am. Here's the diary (which I also forget to keep).
  • I have replied to all the emails and they just keep coming.
  • (Something else I've forgotten.)

I hope to remember this list next Sunday. Sorry. c:

That was the experiment!

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