There is no time to write. There is no time to write. There is no time to write.

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There is absolutely no time to write. There is only time to eat, sleep, read books, clean the house, do chores, look after the children, look at the Facebook wall, look at the toilet wall while sitting on the throne...

…For everything. Except for the writing.

This is what I tell myself every day. Every day. Every minute.

... Well, I'm lying more precisely - I won't repeat it. After all, if I repeated it, I would probably look like a madman. I just accept it as the real truth.

How do these people have time to change the world?

How did Charles Darwin, Josef Dziugashvili Stalin and Antanas Škėma find time for their work? How?

They didn't seem to have time machines or magical powers. And if he had, no one found it. But in those same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they did something that others didn't do in their entire lives.

  • Is it a talent to do things faster than others?
  • Is it talent and innate knowledge that did not need to be acquired and only needed to be packaged and sold?
  • Is it some crazy stubbornness to sleep 3 hours every day and spend the rest of the time at work?

These are the questions that plague me.

And one question sums up all these questions:

And how could I find time to write?

How to make writing task numero uno? How do you always leave time for writing?

  • Should I drop all non-writing activities? But… Can't I always find reasons and ways to do something else?
  • Should I try to force myself to write every day and stop looking for better times and better moments?
  • Should I remove all distractions from my life, including the radio, my mustache (because of its constant grooming), the internet, books, friends, and… What do I know, somehow extraneous thoughts?

Or is there some other way to always find time to write that I haven't heard of? Because it seems that I have already tried these three methods. Maybe not very effectively (if it was effective - I would write more often and more, probably), but I tried anyway.

Am I missing something? …Is this just my personal problem that I have to solve with another (and another) wave of stubbornness and attempts?

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