How to come up with a good password? The most important thing is the length, not the variety of characters!

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How to come up with a good password? DO NOT PUT NUMBERS OR SYMBOLS OF ANY KIND.

There is a myth that the more random letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, symbols you add to your password, the better it will be.


Wow, like the nonsense shared below:

(I believe Arthur is doing this on purpose here - it's a common mistake. I'm just attaching the photo without cropping.)

Because modern code crackers do NOT know what you are using. They just don't know. And they don't know "oh, here are only numbers, I will only test numbers". No. They test all 300+ characters. (By the way, you can often use emojis in passwords!)

So the only way to stop bruteforce apps is PASSWORD LENGTH.

The longer the password, the better. Not a variety of characters. Length.

How to create a good password?

  • DO ONE THAT DOESN'T NEED TO BE RECORDED. You wouldn't need it on a piece of paper, nor in passwords.txt on the screen, nor in a notebook... Which one would you remember.
  • For example, BAD ⛔ password: "{Dr46\DGWEnQrP+r"
  • For example, GOOD ✅ password: "The Wooden Fox Has Five Legs And A Hammer"
  • You will NEVER remember the first one. You will write it down somewhere. A security hole.
  • Second, you'll remember it in the middle of the night, it will take literally millions+ years to bruteforce, it's definitely not one of the top 100 most common passwords.

Literally, this is not true in sex, but in passwords it is very much so: THE LONGER THE BETTER 🍆

(By the way, you can check how long it would take to crack a password using current technologies for example on this page. There are more pages. Technology may change in the future. Passwords may no longer be worth anything at all. I do not guarantee anything for the future. I'm just saying what's happening at the moment - this year, I think, and probably the next few years.)

And, at all, the point is not in passwords...

Having a good one is better than a bad one, which you will write down in a visible place and a colleague will take the sheet. But most passwords are lost through social engineering - scams and false letters, sms, calls.

Be careful and do not tell anyone your passwords. Even the police, the bank, a colleague or Mr. God if he appears in person.

ADDITIONALLY: Turn on the "double authentication" settings in your Facebook and Google accounts - so that even if someone gets the password, they won't log in 🙂

P.S The one about foxes is just an example. Do not use the same one. Come up with your own phrase that you will remember. Lithuanian letters in the password are chiki chiki too, because they are also letters.

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