Life is unpredictable. So why are you afraid for your future?

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Do you know what your next thought will be?

...And do you know anyone who does?

Do you know which thought or emotion will make you act and which will not?

...Have you ever said that this is really true and it wasn't true?

Did you say it was complete nonsense, but it was consciousness?

...Have you ever said that I will definitely do this thing, but didn't?

Have you ever told yourself that I would never do that, and you have?

...Did you say this thing would go on forever, but it's over?

Have you ever said that this would never happen again, but it did?

...Have you ever done something without thinking?

Have you ever done something without thinking and then noticed that your mind creates a story about why you did it?

Life is spontaneous, we never know what it will throw at us or how things will turn out.

We can never know whether certain actions will work or what the consequences will be. Everything is always an assumption. And it is so tempting to pretend that we understand everything and know how it will work.

Many of us want to experience life without the slightest fear, but we never think that life itself is fearless.

When we agreed to come here and experience it, we already proved that we are fearless. It is unpredictable, it is never-ending, it is always there, and we are participants in it, forced to experience whatever it will bring, with no other option.

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