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Body assault (or "bodystorming" in English) is one of the variants of the Brainstorming technique: a way to come up with new ideas.

This method is suitable when the usual one has been exhausted brainstorming (brainstorming) - ideas are generated - but team members feel stuck.

The method is especially useful if you are thinking about a physical product - say a new architectural space, physical customer service, technical equipment.

Physical aspect is important because the principle is as follows:

  1. Team members stand up;
  2. And imagines what if that product is implemented, how it works, plays the users of the product, servers, the movement of people in space, plays stories, simulates product management, potential problems and opportunities.

Basically that's it.

The inventor of the method, head of the dance studio, Carl Flink, claims that this is a way to easily test invented principles, get up from the limiting table, use your full body and, above all, feel the potential space.

As the author states:

There is a big difference between how we imagine space and what it really is.

(Personal observation: I experienced this myself when I was designing the interior of my house. On paper, the house looked twice as spacious. 🙂)

The method is especially suitable for architects, interior designers, event organizers and other creators of spaces. Also suitable for product engineers, UX and UI specialists.

This technique of creative thinking is, of course, also worthy of criticism: imagination is not equal to the complete furnishing of the space, the layout of the product. Also, this game should not be played with the end users of the product, because they - do not know what to fully imagine, what was intended. So this is only suitable for specialists who are already working on the project.

Some examples:

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