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  • 2018-11-08

    Awareness trainer Paulius Rakštikas about Mindfulness practices and why they are so important

    Paulius Rakštikas


    Some believe that Kaunas will be forgotten in 2222...

    Published for the first time "Legend of Kaunas"


    "Witch Sanctuary" about 365 days creative challenge #kuriukasdien365

    on your instagram can be seen to continue 365 days of creativity challenge. How did this idea come about? Why did you start?

    Hello Daniel 🙂 I will try to answer this simple question. But usually these are the most difficult to answer 🙂


    My Time Management System: A large list of skirts

    Here are some facts about you (and me):


    An open letter to Lithuania: "What will people think?"

    "What will people think?"


    Autumn with an experiment #100newthingsDaily

    Wonderful summer without Facebook years (I will tell you about which one and why I liked it so much here) found an idea that stuck:


    3 Things I Learned From Adam Grant's Originals

    I have seen this book on the shelves of bookstores for a long time. And I always passed her by, because her cover - I found it too unattractive. I was fascinated by the colors, fonts, photos of other book covers...


    How to become creative?

    If you're reading this, I'm sure you love to create. You like to give way to your dreams and to construct something more interesting and useful from an uninteresting life.


    I invite you to join the challenge! Summer without Facebook!

    A challenge for you!


    What's better: Paper or electronic notebook?

    You've probably heard more than once that written down goals are much more likely to come true than just random thoughts that are easily forgotten.


    Will and habits. A fairy tale for adults

    I want to tell you a story about Miss Valia and a boy named Habit. About how they met.


    The Cloud Girl Challenge: "I'm vegan for a week"

    Debesyla suggested that I join the challenge and stay vegan for at least a week. Challenges are not my forte as I always slip at the very beginning or halfway through. It's true that if I persevere and find motivation for a goal, I can overcome the challenge without any difficulty.


    Jurgita Raudonytė: How did I become a freelancer?

    What are you working?

    In short, I am a freelance copywriter and personal freelance consultant.


    It's the fourth time I've turned off the internet for a month

    A month without internet. I experienced them already three and they are different every time. In the first year I discovered my family, in the second year - books. The third time is your relationship with your relationship.


    Cloud Beta: How did I start getting up earlier in the morning?

    I would like to share another story about what life is like when you get up earlier than most, says Beta from the cloud.


    Experiment 11: Public Creator Notes Idea - Weekly!

    Goal of the day: 1439 words. Written: 888.


    Gabriele Nečejauskaitė: How did I get started making vegan cheeses?

    Then tell me… If you were a soup, what kind of soup would you be? (Don't worry, we'll move on to more normal questions after this one :D)

    Chillies (vegan) with hot potatoes 😀


    Laura Stančaitytė: How did I cross the Camino de Santiago?

    I first heard about the Camino de Santiago maybe 5 years ago. My friend said she was going on a road trip. It was an attraction for me, just a journey and I really wanted to go along.


    What is the Priority Pyramid + How to create a map of your goals?

    During the last 10-12 years, I had to be very interested in personal development, efficiency and similar things. Therefore, the shares I present may be heard somewhere else. These are things that I have tried on my fur and that work for me.


    Lectures on success are worn out - the audience does not want them

    Let me quote myself as I wrote in the early summer of 2015:

    "Next week, on the 19th, I will appear in Klaipėda, where I will tell you how to overcome failures, which are truly inevitable in life.


    The life of a film translator (and vegan)! Interview with Mykolas Triukšmas

    Hello, Michael!


    How did I become a nutrition and sports specialist? Interview with the author of "Rojaus daržo" Lile

    Let's talk…


    Best creative advice I ever heard from a friend


    I got my shoes stuck. I envy Beata Tiškevič's number of followers. I don't understand why people keep old crap that hasn't even been translated into Lithuanian or anything. I don't understand why short texts get so much attention.


    Aivaras Kalinauskas: How I started living healthier and it only took 7 years

    Hello, Aivar! First, introduce yourself. In five sentences or less - who are you?

    I am an ordinary person who grew up in a small town. I went to school, then I moved to a slightly bigger city to study and gain knowledge. After successfully completing my studies, I am moving on to life.


    How to set goals for yourself? [4 Step Guide]

    I can share what I have experienced about challenges.


    The tale of the bear and the anthill (Which I wrote myself)

    Once there was an anthill in the forest near a tree where there was a bee's nest. And there lived a bear in the forest who kept coming to the tree to steal honey. It was just that every time the bear came, it trampled the anthill.


    Programmer Edgar: How did I become a professional basketball player?

    Hello to you who is reading this text. Daniel suggested to take an interview from me, I agreed. Why did I agree? First of all, because he asked nicely, secondly, because I always wanted someone to take an interview from me and not distort it, not try to turn me into a clown if I don't do it myself.


    A 7-step model for finding solutions

    This 7-step model was created by Rick Roberts. This model is designed for people who are considering their career options or a job offer.


    Walt Disney's method of creative work: Rooms of dreamers, realists and critics

    To improve your teamwork, Walt Disney divided ideas into three rooms: dreamers, realists and critics.


    are you beautiful Take this short TEST and find out

    This is a test created by the most famous scientists in the USA, which will evaluate your height, weight, face shape and more than 70 other beauty factors, which depend on how others evaluate you.


    What do I want from life? A Few Self-Knowledge Questions (You Can Ask Yourself)


    The political system of my fantasy "World".

    A few thoughts on the government system. I haven't formed the exact system yet, but it should all come down to something similar to the current neo-democracy. It is true that in this system the parties are divided much more strictly and much more separately - some of them are for example: Agriculture and Natural Resources Guild, Manufacturing Guild, Astronomer Guild, Defense and War Guild, Expansion, Business and Bureaucracy, Society, Diplomats, Religions and Supreme Guilds .


    Interview with a cloud girl: How I Set 100 Crazy Goals for This Summer (And Beat Them)!

    Hi Daniel! I hope I made it to the train and will be able to contribute to your article. 🙂


    How to get up earlier? A few commonly recommended methods that may work for you



    What to do when stuck? Ask yourself what will happen if I do this

    There comes a stage in life when everything is stuck, everyone seems to have achieved something, and nothing is happening in my life and I have nothing tangible. No one seems to have a problem, but I do.


    The story of one Andrew

    When asked about his ambitions in life, Andrius would have replied that he did not care about becoming rich, but he would have been happy if one day his name would have appeared next to the names of these giants of science.


    What is Synectics and how to use this creative method?

    Synectics, translated from the Greek word "synectikos", means "to connect different things". It is the stimulation of mental activity through free associations, connecting elements into a whole.


    Love Letter: I'm probably not an alpha male

    Look at me this moment. It's me.


    A letter to an ex-girlfriend before leaving for another country



    How I threw the TV out of the house and how it changed my daily life

    Indre, tell us what challenge you took on and why you chose it?


    How I quit my job and started blogging

    Hi Camila! First, introduce yourself. In five sentences or less - who are you?


    Life is unpredictable. So why are you afraid for your future?

    Do you know what your next thought will be?


    What is lateral thinking? And how does it differ from horizontal and vertical thinking?

    Lateral mstraining, it is a conscious, systematic thinking process, the essence of which is to look at a problem from different angles. You can call it parallel thinking, and you'll soon see why.


    Why self-reward is a poor motivator for achieving goals… And what better to do instead?

    "Think of all the positives you'll get from achieving your goal or challenge, and you'll reach your goal before you know it."


    Neurobics: Exercise your brain

    Neurobics are exercises that activate and stimulate both parts of your brain. The main goal of this method is to restore "tired" neurons in the brain.


    Antanas Bakšys: How did I start getting up at 6 in the morning?

    Some people (or animals like me) find it very easy to get up early in the morning. For others, getting up before noon is a difficult task.


    My unexpected trip to India and how I learned to be truly happy there

    Hello, Eve. First, introduce yourself. In five sentences or less - who are you?


    Letter to Tom (With a set of physical units)

    Oh, Oma, don't bother! Isn't the tension too high? Time pressed? Or maybe the strength is low?


    You are not your mind. You are not your feelings

    The mind is fundamentally not peace. He is the eternal source of problem creation and solution.


    What is creativity?

    Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'm not creative, I can't even draw a straight line"? And have you ever wondered what creativity is?


    Loreta Fokienė: How did I start cooking without eggs?

    In five sentences or less - who are you?

    In this life Loretta, a woman, a mother of 5, who likes to do things I've never done before. There are still a lot of first times left, so there will be many more challenges.


    Stuck at work? Why don't you do what you love?

    Attention! If you wake up on Monday morning and can't get out of bed and don't even want to think about it, then there's a good chance that you're not pursuing your goals in life.


    Felder and Silverman learning styles + which one is yours?

    Have you ever tried to learn something that is relatively easy, but you just couldn't get the main idea? Or have you taught people very simple things, but they were overwhelmed and lost?


    Why is there so much evil in the world? You are guilty. (How to Learn to Use a Gratitude Journal)

    Have you ever encountered such a situation when, for example, you thought of buying a car, you chose the model, color of the car. The next day you go to town and you only see cars of that model and you start seeing more and more of them?


    Ho'oponopono: A method of relaxation and release of anger

    This method is as simple as two kopecks, but at the same time it carries with it great power. About Ho'oponopono books are written and seminars are conducted.


    For 14 days in a row, I (with my family) thanked the world: Reduced stress and dissatisfaction

    Hi Diana. First, introduce yourself. In five sentences or less - who are you?


    What are Mind Maps? How to create them and What are they for?

    Mind map is a great way to reframe the problem - to define a keyword and find as many directly related visual links as possible. Especially if your memory is visual - you remember what you see better than what you hear or feel.


    18 exercises to stimulate creativity (which anyone can try)

    I recommend these exercises if you have a creative job and your work requires your brain. Since probably all jobs now require brains, this… Well, it might be useful for you.


    What is emotional freedom?

    Recently I thought - what is this emotional freedom anyway? I remember hearing the phrase "emotional freedom" a long time ago now and thinking that this is what I want.


    How to study more efficiently and spend less time studying?

    We probably all realize that the quick assimilation of information is a huge asset for a person. Those who are able to grasp new theories, concepts, and learn and apply new and effective skills quickly have a greater advantage than people who are stuck in receiving new information.


    How to become confident?

    It's simple!


    Daniel, why are you so desperate for attention and relationships?


    Can a late question?


    How to become the most famous writer in Lithuania? [Interview with Debesylos pot]

    As every morning, the alarm clock rings. Like every morning, I ignore him. As every morning, it is inevitably time to get up. Shower, breakfast, charmed public transport and, finally, reached the destination.


    Remigius Šimašius: What is the meaning of my life and how to become a politician

    Remigijus Šimašius: former Minister of Justice of Lithuania and member of the Seimas, now working as the mayor of Vilnius and admiring the Internet with his vigor. Have you heard of this one?


    The creator Simona answers: "The creator should take care of himself like Tamagochi"

    When I met Simona half a year ago, I only knew two things about her: she likes bright hairstyles and I like it.


    Romas Zabarauskas: How I translate Vilnius as a friendly city

    What is most important in life? Eeeeh yes love! And it doesn't matter at all - you are a pig or a filmmaker. Today, my interlocutor is public figure and artist Romas Zabarauskas!


    How I became a style consultant

    Have you ever wondered how much a person's appearance determines? Where do the eyes go first when meeting a person? Undoubtedly - in clothes.


    A primer on positive thinking with Evaldus Laimingoi

    You may have already met Evald. Maybe you saw him walking down the street (where he often meditates) or even talked to him? Then you will agree that it is easy to get quotes from him for all cases of life. 


    What is Brainstorming and what work is this technique for?

    The name and technique of brainstorming, perhaps better known to us as "brainstorming" or "brainstorming", was created by Alex Osborn in 1953. He described this method in his book "Applied Imagination".


    How I lived without sweets for 7 days: tiny, but a tough challenge for me

    Challenges should not be set for the sake of impressing others with them and getting hundreds of "likes" on Facebook. They should be raised for themselves.


    Interview with Matt Weyland: How to interest and hook a girl?

    And how do you manage to communicate with citizens of the opposite (or same) sex? Yes, I know this is a personal question, but I was wondering - do you have sweaty palms too? (Or hooves?)


    From problem to solution: The 8-Step Simplex Method

    The best businesses operate through the LEAN technique - you try one thing, see what happens, do the second thing, continue. It is similar in creation and in the architecture of your life.


    How to become famous in half a year?



    Your infatuation is not love. It's an addiction.



    How I built the play, which was watched by President Dalia Grybauskaitė?

    Today's interviewee, Milda, not only imagined, but took and implemented the idea: She staged the Vilnius University MIDI Rock Opera!


    With so many options, how do you choose your direction?

    Goal of the day: 1638 words. Written: 305.


    Sketches of a book about meaning: Why do you not need the meaning of life?

    Goal of the day: 1621 words. Written: 1626.


    Three main Cloud themes and article series

    Goal of the day: 1605 words. Written: 514.


    The power of habit (as I noticed her)

    Goal of the day: 1605 words. Written: 668.


    I tried to create an elevator pitch and I realized that it was a pointless grind of shit

    Goal of the day: 1605 words. Written: 171.


    What's wrong with blogs?

    Goal of the day: 1590 words. Written: 416.


    This book is happiness porn: "The first sip of beer and other small pleasures"

    Goal of the day: 1590 words. Written: 356.


    A love letter to a girl from the second floor balcony

    Goal of the day: 1574 words. Written: 723.


    How to start creating? Good creativity is born from simplicity

    Goal of the day: 1543 words. Written: 734.


    Discarded Book Plan: How to discover your vocation?

    Goal of the day: 1527 words. Written: 1433.


    I'm here to make mistakes

    Goal of the day: 1527 words. Written: 152.


    Sketches of a book about meaning: Why is everything you do based on love?

    Goal of the day: 1512 words. Written: 1030.


    Do you choose to work with quality... Or bravely? (According to expert Seth Godin)

    Goal of the day: 1512 words. Written: 492.


    3 mistakes I made when trying to plan my time to the minute

    Goal of the day: 1497 words. Written: 179.


    Sketches of a book about meaning: What to do when you have too many choices?

    Goal of the day: 1497 words. Written: 882.


    Questions I ask myself

    Goal of the day: 1483 words. Written: 675.


    Briefly about the writing weekend in Nida with Gabriele Labanauskaita

    Goal of the day: 1468 words. Written: 407.


    Daniel talks to himself (about his relationship problems)

    Goal of the day: 1468 words. Written: 984.


    A letter to a girl while she sleeps next to her

    what do i feel


    Fifth attempt to write daily

    Sometimes I wonder at my impurity. Looks like I'm setting myself a challenge, it's cool... And I completely forget about it!? I've already told you about some of my writing challenges, but I haven't told you exactly how I felt on those days.


    My most important boundaries: NUTs way of self-knowledge

    Goal of the day: 1439 words. Written: 353.


    Forum game: "Mysterious Land"

    Goal of the day: 1425 words. Written: 1000.


    #Soul in Stone (42) (End of sketch)

    Goal of the day: 1411 words. Written: 904.


    #Soul in Stone (41)

    Goal of the day: 1397 words. Written: 1399.


    #Soul in Stone (40)

    Goal of the day: 1383 words. Written: 1395.