An open letter to Lithuania: "What will people think?"

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"What will people think?"

Sometimes it's worth thinking about it - maybe you can avoid pain, bad ideas and bad impressions on others. But it seems like the only thing your neighbors/bosses/those around you are doing is asking this question and doing nothing else.

"What will people think?"

This question is a disease of Lithuania

I can't tell the stage. I am not a doctor. However, this disease is malignant and has not been treated for more than 25 years... Even longer. Although it is definitely possible to cure it.

"What will people think?"

This question spoils business ideas.

You will definitely come up with at least a few such - new, unique, creative - solutions a month. But what will people think? After all, it is nonsense to ask 10 euros for a white blend in the format of an online joke - people will laugh, and no one will offer 55.4 thousand euros for such a joke...

Instead of creating something first - and possibly being remembered in history or at least in today's viral Facebook shares - don't create anything, because what will people think?

This question corrupts political ideas.

Such - indeed (not falsely) brave - our best certainly have solutions. But what will people think? It's nonsense decriminalize all drugs including marijuana and heroin, and not only do not punish drug addicts, but also give them euros, temporary housing and work - the world will laugh, and the number of drug overdoses will certainly not decrease by 80 or more percent...

Instead of trying what the scientists are recommending - and potentially solving a lot of the problems - you're not only doing nothing, you're making the situation worse by listening to what people will think?

This question spoils educational ideas.

You and many other Lithuanian people can certainly come up with such wise, useful ideas for children and adults. But what will people think? After all, it is nonsense to halve the lessons at school - society will turn away from such students, and students will certainly not start learning twice as passionately…

Instead of trying out new self-improvement ideas and techniques – and possibly becoming the Malaysia of this decade – you're stuck with what supposedly 'works' but doesn't work at all. Because what will people think?

Want to be last?

Then ask "What will people think?" And it will definitely stay that way.

Well, or you can always take it and try, without listening to what people will think. And I think it's worth it.

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