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If you're reading this, I'm sure you love to create. You like to give way to your dreams and to construct something more interesting and useful from an uninteresting life.

No, don't worry - I haven't read your blog or your thoughts. Believe me, I would really like to do that, but I don't even know what city you live in. 1

It was easy to predict your creative tendencies. It just so happened that… Everyone loves to create.

And yes, even the songwriters of "Olialia chickpeas" do it sometimes. I just don't know if they prefer to become landscapes or dance ballet. But let's get back to the topic.

People think that becoming a developer is something difficult and at least a little weird. Some even say that you are either a descendant of Picasso with amazing talents or you are not. There are no intermediate stops.

In order to become who earns money for his creativity and changing our thinking As a developer, according to today's submissions, you must:

  • Quit your usual 8:00 - 17:00 job;
  • Buy a loft-style apartment in the center of Vilnius or a small hut in the village of Naisii under a maple tree;
  • Not having completed studies and, at least, nine grades;
  • Buy three Moleskine notebooks, an Apple computer and an iPhone;
  • It would also not be bad if a girlfriend or boyfriend left you;
  • You could be gay from time to time;
  • Others would say no to your dreams;
  • And in addition, you would be a genius who has been building wooden nuclear reactors or steam-powered computers in your garage since childhood.

…What a nonsense. Good news:

You don't need all that. You are already a creator. And at the same time - creative.

Yes you are. This moment. And if you try, it can determine changes in your future life.

Why am I convinced that you have a potential creative bomb inside you?

In a world where people are divided into athletic, entrepreneurial, creative and otherwise average, it is very easy to get it wrong.

Well, that person is creative, and that person is not at all. He can build a Mitsubishi empire, and he is far from it. Understand that if you are not one, then you are a mass.

But the problem with this thinking is that all people, without exception, are creative.

No, I'm not saying that everyone is capable of creating miracles 2 and can become an author publishing books or a creator of a new branch of art. I'm not a kindergarten teacher to promise you that.


1) Creativity is part of our brain.

If you haven't lost half your head in the woods, you mean it Some blame love for their creativity, others the fact that their parents sent them to art school when they were young.

But surprisingly, these things have almost no effect on creativity.

Because creativity is encoded in your brain. If you only have the front part of your head, where are you hiding lobus frontalis (frontal lobe) and a part at the temple with temporal lobe (temporal lobe).

Here's the short version of how it works:

  1. Nice frontal rich in dopamine-sensitive neurons responsible for attention, short-term memory and planning;
  2. Lubus temporalis responsible for visual material, emotions, making sense;
  3. Joined together componentsprovides not only creative thoughts, but also thoughts that can be practical. 3

Yes, creativity depends on even more factors, some of which are already known 4 and some don't. 5 But everything is born in the calculator that we all have with us.

2) Expiry date for creativity: Don't look at the packaging.

There are those who believe that the powers of creativity decrease with age. However, this is not true. Don't think that if you are 50, 60 or 78 6 years, you should forget about creativity. 7

Yes, children are especially creative. They create, are interested, experiment. And so until more or less ten years, after which the amount of creativity begins to decrease.

But it's not because teenage hormones have stolen some of their creativity.

This happens because that's when our industrial learning style kicks in more or less. School. Boredom. 8:00 - 14:00 every day in the same school, same schedule.


Creativity is an interesting beast. If you want new ideas, you must travel. 8 consume new content, 9 to meditate 10 and dream. 11

As long as no artificial boundaries were placed on us, we were free to express our creativity. Creativity itself has not changed, but the ability of others to show. 12 We do not lose creativity. Maybe we just suffocate ourselves.

And, of course, creativity is not only painting - it is the ability to live:

3) Creativity is everywhere and always.

"Creativity is the ability to create something new,
using your imagination.”

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

No, it's not just the wooden caretaker's tables in the old galleries. No, it's not just beautifully written songs. It's not just what you thought. Every step of your life is based on your or someone else's creativity.

Let me give you some examples:

  • Do you have a job? Or are you studying? Do you think you would have gotten a job or come up with that way of checking correspondence WITHOUT creative thinking?
  • Are you reading these letters? As you read them, if their form always different?
  • Do you remember? Your memory is not photographic - it is a creative process. 13
  • Feel your tongue? 14 Once upon a time, the two gametes had to fuse somewhere inside your mother for you to be able to do this now.
  • do you live I have no doubt that everything is not served directly to your mouth - you have to work, think, move...

And so on.

If you were a believer, you could say that God is creation. Because what else can surround us so widely, so abundantly and, indeed, always?

You are creative. That's a fact.

Note this. Write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on your wall, add it to your morning mantra, or who knows, get it tattooed on your forehead! 15

I believe you already understood that.

Don't stop being who you are.

Well, finally i have task:

Remember one thing you created. It doesn't matter what it is - a career in a company or a handmade gift for mom. …And then in response share it in the comments. Just like the other cloud dwellers did!

And if no thoughts arise - then fantasize. After all, you are creative. 😉

  1. By the way, which city do you live in?

  2. At least at this moment. But I will tell you more about that.

  3. Our dreams are usually very creative. However, without logic and understanding of meaning, this creativity will not bring any practical benefit.

  4. Suppose that new ideas come together when you are relaxed or that they are slowly dying.

  5. Let's say - do men and women have different creative abilities? Brains vary in shape, and what about the internal processes?

  6. Like my grandfather!

  7. You could see how many mechanisms my grandfather builds in his workshop. 😉

  8. True, not literally. Don't travel the world if you don't want to (I'm not traveling anywhere), so be open to new people around you.

  9. And steal it. Stealing is the way to creativity.

  10. You don't need to sit in the lotus position for that. I recommend reading this article by Valtinika about meditation.

  11. For example, reading "The Lazy Manifesto".

  12. Ask your parents, they will surely tell you that you were also fond of running and kicking walls.

  13. You can find examples and an introduction to the topic in this TED talk by psychologist Elizabeth Loftus "How reliable is your memory?".

  14. Yes, I'm an asshole. 😉 By the way, are you really taking full breaths? And nothing to itch?

  15. … Well, it's better not to get a tattoo - you still won't see the inscription without a mirror.

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Unreal article. People like you are our pride. I still remember my school days... how much criticism you get there, from the teacher, the family. That you don't know how to draw, create, that you didn't portray it like that. When your work (including me) belittles you in front of the whole class...
Oh, how good it was to read your thoughts. I will read it again and again and share it. I want to enter the creative path myself.

Very interesting article, in my life I feel that I would like to be creative (in my spare time). I am a chemist/biochemist and I thought that maybe this work was not for me, but after this article I will definitely do something 🙂

Great! Thank you for the cool article! 🙂
Finally, I dared to work and present my collection of paintings (11 in total), which I presented at an unusual exhibition. It took me "only" about 5 years... The desire to create has always not given me peace, but showing my work to someone is the most difficult test.
(By the way, I live in Norway, so please excuse the non-Lithuanian letters).

Thank you for the articles.
I drew a flower from the figures, then I drew clouds. I got nervous (because I didn't know how to draw) and put the whole drawing in a container with water and it turned out to be the most perfect drawing I've ever drawn. it started raining from the clouds.
And when you are already in complete despair? when it seems that the biggest sadness has happened in life, when you feel imprisoned in that temporary stop of life, what should you do? When you want to change everything, how do you change it? where to start? I partly think that if I don't know what to change, then everything is fine. But I don't think so. I want to live - I don't want to just exist.

One day, talking to my son, I suddenly said to myself that I wanted to write a book all my life... My son answered this - whatever is stopping you, take it and write it... At first it was a shock, but the more we talked about it, the more tempting the idea seemed. We even decided that we would write the book together, like the Strugacks or the Weiners. One chapter I, another he... The book was supposed to be fantastic. I started it. The second chapter was written by my son. After two chapters it became clear that 1) he can't write and I can; 2) that I can't generate ideas, and he just pours them out. Thus, the division of labor was clear. We wrote the book for six months. We finished before Christmas. My son made a cover for it, laminated it, bound it and gave it to me for Christmas. It was and is the best Christmas present of my life. Our book was read by 24 people, our friends. Everyone loved it (well, what more can friends say :-) It's been a long time, but when I remember that transportive feeling when I was sitting at the computer and what was inside just burst out, I think it was one of the best moments of my life.

Wow! How wonderful, Virginia!
I really respect such experiences and goals. You are a great family!

I used to create ethnic dresses at school, even for competitions (when I arrived in Vilnius) When I was 7, I created a mixture of colors for myself. When I thought I had nothing to choose, I sewed some clothes, even by hand. The trust on her part, I was filled with inspiration, we were both happy. At the end of the work, a well-known lady from that city arrived, she will talk to the owner of the store for a long time. When the ladies leave, call the owner and tell her that she buys my "Japoniska" soda for such and such a price. the customer came, I began to speak briefly calmly, speaking in essence, I apologized. The customer's reaction was this, after a long silence she said: "I won't have my feet here anymore". All this happened because of three bamboo sticks and small, various sedges collected in our meadow (dried). I tried to connect them into three tall cascades like water falling in the air. (sold for more than 2 hundred) Later it was a personal exhibition, even for someone Newspapers. Other jobs in the private and public sector. Self-taught, some jobs are comparable to the work of a well-known florist. One job went to the office of a German architect, etc., but not one of them did not excite me as much as the one mentioned above.
And here it is, "at night, when I'm sleepless, the golden time lasts until the morning, and from the morning I think in my head, from childhood to the future, the paths are wrong", I wrote it a long time ago, maybe 30 years ago. This is how I probably expressed my relationship with creation, I invent each piece from "nothing", maybe even the creation itself creates itself..

I wrote a letter to a friend abroad today and wrapped the envelope beautifully with ribbon 😀

Cool article! A few weeks ago I was creating an imaginary vertebrate (which would live on planet Earth with different conditions: higher gravity, less water, different composition of atmospheric gases, etc.). Also, inspired by my beloved mother, I started writing a book. What will become of my creation - I don't know, maybe nothing at all, but I believe that the process itself will be fun and meaningful 🙂

And what would this animal look like? I imagine more gravity would increase the pressure, but the lack of water would decrease the pressure... It would be the same as now, but drier?

Thanks for the great article Captain! I took the piece of paper and stuck it to the fridge. I feel the inspiration in me again! Thank you for this strength 🙂

Hello 🙂 I am glad to have found your page.
Creativity is very alive for me, it wants to push forward, but I noticed that I often restrain it myself with my fears that it is "unoriginal", "boring", "stupid" and the like. I hide what I create. I write lyrics, I make music with Fruity Loops, I sing, I recently started a blog, I'm about to write a BOOK. However, I am most proud of one of my works - about a third of the song (I never got around to finishing it; it seems like I might just spoil it), which I composed myself, wrote the words myself, sang myself. Probably because she's the only one I dare NOT call boring, and it's not so embarrassing when I listen to her. ^^
Thank you and good luck with your work!

Another great article, I don't know where I've commented so often. 😀
I am very happy because I drew a portrait of my cousin and he turned out similar. Back in the 10th grade, I painted on silk, it was a big art thesis. Probably the biggest I've ever painted. I even really wanted to keep it for myself, but I wasn't allowed. 🙂

Sounds cool! But hey pala, under copyright sometimes the law is void that we have all the rights to the work if we don't sign off richly to give it away?
Now I thought that at school they also took all kinds of good things from me and hung them in the halls, even though I wanted to take them home.

I didn't think about it in the 10th grade.. 😀 But I remember that I asked if I could take it, they said that it was already decided what to do with it, they only allowed me to take a picture with it. 😀
Well, that means the art gymnasium where you didn't study lost a lot of good. Oh, it's your own fault. 😀

Hello, this article is wonderful, because we are all creative, but the biggest problem is that I personally want to do everything perfectly and I often get disappointed with myself. I used to like to write poems, but I stopped doing it for a long time, because it seems that nothing good comes of it. I realized that everything is perfect in its own way, what we create, we don't need our own creativity
compared with the work of other authors
Thank you

Wow, cool! Those glowing eyes? 😮 I myself have also made a mask once, but the maniška is just paper.. Plus you can hardly see anything from the inside. Yours looks good!

The first thing I remember is that back in the day, when the peach wave had just started, I was making all kinds of things and I started at the then just started Flea Market in the teacher's yard. Oh, it was a long time ago….

Wow, I just discovered this blog! The author's own work is very inspiring, I just needed something like that, because for a while I was on a creative quagmire. I will definitely read the other articles. But I will take this opportunity to share my creation, or rather one piece that I created completely spontaneously, from start to finish in two evenings, and of which I am quite proud:—Uu8sY

Wow, thanks for such a cool comment! And your work is super! :)) PS And how can I buy/download this piece? I liked him. 😉

I don't know if translating texts is a very creative activity, but I had to translate a book from English, even though I didn't study it specifically. Of course, it would be great to do similar work professionally, but when someone "superior" tells you what to do and how to do it, half the charm disappears.

Really very nice work, Aiste - a lot of it is commendable! True, why did you stop creating? 🙂

The first creative thing that came to mind that I was proud of was my art thesis. Maybe it wasn't done skillfully, but I really liked figuring out how to implement the idea. And I liked trying the options, and in general it could have been anything, it's fun when you can choose!