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What's worse than SEO texts? Authors who write so boringly that…

Here are some facts you need to remember as a writer:

  • Currently, so much text has been written that no one will be able to read it all;
  • Using automatic systems for text generation 1 more text is created every day;
  • Content marketing requires content, and SEO copywriters (and their managers) often forget to write interestingly;
  • "Why read if I can watch videos on YouTube or Tiktok?" – readers are picky.

So, as a writer, you can't stamp the same thing as everyone else. You can't afford to write boringly because that's the easiest way to lose a reader.

Example: if you were a painter, it would be absurd to paint only "school" still lifes every day, without adding a grain of your own style, feeling, naturalness - wouldn't it? After all, no one will buy another boring kitsch. Hardly anyone will pay attention to these works.

Here I could give examples of successful Lithuanian and global authors and brands that make use of naturalness - they write in unusual ways, use jargon, complex phrases, even swear words... But, you know what? I'm lazy And I think you can already imagine what I'm talking about - exceptional texts are remembered, stick, remain.

Write in your own voice.

  1. Generation from scratch - so far, it is more common in English, because there are still few Lithuanian text generators. But automatic text translations are popular in Lithuania - content creators take an English or Russian article, run it through Google or DeepL translator, and get the text.

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