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How to choose the best idea? Value in money.

Principe is an assessment of ideas with points (1-100 points system), but it is important: scores are not imagined, but in hand. 

Monopoly notes (in 10.5 denominations) would be useful for the game, but you can also use chocolate coins or even real currencies that are not of high value, such as yen or euro cents. Of course, you can also use real euro banknotes, but if you play in a big team - someone will have to look after the money so that it doesn't disappear... 🙂

There are at least two variations of the game.

A. game version

Can be played with more than 10 people.

  1. Each player receives 100 units of currency.
  2. Ideas are presented to the players - let's say the top 5 ideas.
  3. Players vote by giving money. These amounts can be written down, but players can also simply put money into individual boxes - this can even be done anonymously.
  4. When all the money is distributed, the received budgets of ideas are counted. You will see which idea is rated the most.

B. game version

Works better with 2-5 players. If you have more players, divide them into teams.

  1. It is explained to the players (teams) that they have a TOTAL of 100 currency units. Let's say you can submit that this is the company's budget.
  2. Presenting ideas.
  3. Players discuss - how much to spend on which idea? Why?

If several teams are playing:

  1. It would be good if there were teams tables: the name of the idea, the amount allocated and the reason why so much was allocated. That way you won't forget how much was allocated and it will be clear why.
  2. At the end, everyone can have a general discussion about who was allocated the most, why there were similarities in the solutions.

Command tables can look like this:

Illustration by

The game is also called "Divide the Dollar".

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