Blogs from a month without internet: "Thoughts don't forget so quickly anymore"

365 texts creativity a month without internet the advantages of minimalism
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 343 words. Written: 344. Photo author Agnes * (Lithuanian, Debesian)

I started noticing strange things. Today is the 12th day and I have noticed two things, one stranger than the other.

By the way: I wrote this blog in December month without internet years. Today I finished it, fixed it and show it to you.

First: I don't know whether to attribute this to a month without the internet (it could be the effect of the challenge), but the works I've consumed in the last few days don't fade away so quickly. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I haven't forgotten them for a while.

It may simply be that these works were/are good:

1. A cardiophone song about Christmas (and the words about the cuckoo cuckoos on the Christmas tree, what they will pluck this year). My mother played it for me yesterday, and I listened to it carefully for the first time.
2. The performance "Hamlet", which I attended on the seventh day (5 days ago), and its strangely vivid atmosphere, crazy actors and the apparently insane director Vidas Bareikis.
3. A green-haired girl painter I met 4 days ago at a Christmas fair in some lofts on Savanorių Avenue in Kaunas and her paintings on the brown walls of the room.
4. And the historical book "Stalin", which I bought 2 years ago during a sale (because I wanted to buy something before the free shipping on other books) and have only just started reading. About Stalin's life, "joyful" achievements and other interesting things.

I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but these pieces keep popping out of my head and keep coming back to me with their thoughts and micro-memories.

And at the same time...

Second: I find more and more time to write. Now I sit down to write a lot more times and often write something spontaneously. For example, today's diary you are reading - I came up with it 10 minutes ago while digging in the pot for dumplings.

These last few days I have been writing more than usual. And I don't know if it's...

  • Because I have more time;
  • Because it's easier to, let's say, concentrate;
  • Because it's so boring, because I have nothing else to waste my attention on;
  • Because it's easier to think when you're not distracted by the news;
  • Because I put the interview aside yesterday and I promised some time ago to write at least 1% more every day than yesterday;
  • Or for some other reason I hadn't thought of.

I discover unexpected things.

And now, hey, I'm going to the pot, because the water must be boiling. Strange things are happening these days. Or at least one of them is strange and the other less so.


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