While you have time: "Live like you're in a movie"

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Why do you want to define everything that happens? Describe, evaluate and compare?

...Isn't that boring?

Imagine your whole life is taking place in a film, a campfire story or a bestselling book. A story with characters, a script and so on. You are watching and participating in the story. You are an observer and a protagonist in the film. One of a crowd of other actors, but the most important for yourself.

Watching this film makes you analyse it.

And why not - it's fun! You keep stopping it, maybe even rewinding it to enjoy that fantastic scene, or maybe even writing a message on Facebook saying "God, this film is the best in the world".

Analysing films always raises a lot of questions - what is this character really like? Who is he and why is he doing what he is doing now? And what will he do in the future?

...But when you watch the film, do you ever think about what happens after the end? Not at the end of the film, but beyond? Later? And did you think about it before you finished watching the film itself?

I don't know about you, but I don't remember when I did that. At the end of the film, yes, then I was thinking about possible sequels and the lives of the characters after everything. But during the course? In the course of anticipating life after the end without knowing the end itself?

I didn't.

I'm sure you haven't either.

Probably mostly because it is almost impossible to do so. If not completely. We can anticipate a move or several moves ahead. But certainly not thirty-five, or however many of these moves may happen before the end of the film.

(A two-hour film or 70 years of life.)

When we watch a film, we don't know the ending. No one knows - other viewers are also seeing the film for the first time. According to the known clichés, they can predict what might happen, but they will never predict anything exactly. At least untilPAwill see the whole film.

But I believe you are beginning to understand what a metaphor the film is. Isn't it?

What if you were a character in this film?

When you are a character in a film, you know less. You can't rewind time, you can't rewind the film. And inevitably you live in the moment. In a moment that can be both pleasant and not so pleasant, that can be both frightening and appealing.

(By the way, my surname is Goriunov. In the Dzukian dialect, the word "gorinti" means exactly that - to scare and seduce at the same time.)

Oddly enough, this is where all the pleasure of the protagonist's life is revealed - when he has no chance to check what will happen in the future, what happened in the past, and when he has no chance to over-analyse (and possibly mis-analyse) and make generalisations...

...You start to live more freely. So what if it's a bit scary, uncomfortable, and there are whiffs of the unknown in the air. It just makes it interesting.

If you are an actor, then you can only live in the moment. Choose what suits you: your character, your manner (no, not the dog's), your story, your desires.

...And you don't know what results your actions will bring. You don't know if you're making good choices because you can't see the story where you're not. You only choose what you can do. Watching from the outside and guessing who knows what? Damn it.

So be a character in your Film and act as you would like your story to change.

You control your history. Without you, there will be no history. In films, even the most insignificant characters do things that change the course of the film. They give the camera a reason to pan, or leave necessary objects in the hands of other characters.

So see the film, be in the film and make the film. Live it - live it the best you can. Live as if you were a character in the film.

Live like you're in a movie!


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