The biggest mistake you can make

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Let me be pessimistic: No matter what you do or want to do, there are 7 and a half billion ways in the world that you can fail and fail.

And I guarantee that thousands of these mistakes are possible:

  • If you have a business, you can create something that no one needs and go bankrupt.
  • If you try to bake cupcakes for your loved one, you might not guess what cupcakes he likes or they might fall apart.
  • If you are going to write a book, you may never finish it and waste your time.
  • If you want to start photographing people, they may not like the photographs. Very much.
  • If you want to start a blog, you might be considered just another idiot on the internet.
  • If you want to quit smoking, you may just run out of energy.

No matter what you do, you can make mistakes. Get it wrong and you will have wasted money, time and energy. Or maybe even more.

Well, is it scary?

...You should be. If only you have a little (or more) sense in your head.

Probably all creative people experience this - the fear that stops everything. Fear of making a mistake and achieving NOTHING. Similar to what Icarus felt from my art teacher's crush ancient stories about flying towards the sun.

If you're aiming for something, I'm guessing you'd like to accomplish your goals. Well, and at the same time - to guarantee that you will not throw away another attempt in vain.

...And wait.




(Read these words for at least another 15 minutes. To remember all your waiting, procrastination, and over-planning.)

Maybe you're waiting for the right moment.

...But that's what kills your chances of achieving anything.

Don't: A surefire way to go wrong.

One of my close friends wants to travel the world and earn money from it. She doesn't want to study a boring major in a boring college, she doesn't want to hang out with boring people there, and she doesn't want to spend her days in her small, boring town.

Indeed, I salute her:

She fulfills the first part of the wish quite successfully. She has been traveling to European countries and cities far away from Poland for a year now. And even today she talked dreamily about her upcoming trip to Paris.

But the second part? Well, the one where you get together and try to earn a euro or two from your hobby?

...Doesn't start. Afraid avoids Complaining and making excuses.

"Who cares about my travels," she says. "I haven't traveled much at all," he immediately adds. And it doesn't matter that she travels more than she could tell in half a day, or it doesn't matter that her travels are full of interesting and funny adventures, she still finds ways to make excuses.

She is afraid to make a mistake.

I don't know what exactly - I don't read minds after all - but it seems as if he's afraid like so many other people are afraid of their dreams. She is one of the many stalled procrastinators. 1

And she has two choices:

  1. Start and possibly achieve nothing…
  2. …Or not to start and guaranteed, one hundred percent guaranteed, to achieve nothing.

Or another way: she may succeed in the first way, but in the second - she will definitely not succeed. Guaranteed. What will she choose? Or more importantly... What will you choose?

A guy writes on the wall "Start a new life tomorrow"

So maybe today... A good opportunity?

After all:

  • You can start a business - and learn something new. Find out what works and what really doesn't work... Or you can stop and continue torturing yourself with unfulfilled desires.
  • You can try to bake cupcakes - and accidentally discover loved one's favorite taste… Or you may not even try, and He or She will not get the chance to experience your infinite love.
  • You can start writing a book - and write it in one month. Just out of passion... Or you may never start, and your thoughts and feelings will remain unappreciated by the world. Maybe you are destined to be a famous writer?
  • You may start photographing people and discover that photographing architecture is much more fun... Or you may not and you'll never find your life's greatest hobby.
  • You can start a blog - and attract readers who will be waiting for more and more of your ideas… Or you may not start, and the world will not discover you.
  • You can try to quit smoking - and discover that it is not so difficult… Or you may not start, because a constant cough and yellow teeth are already normal parts of your life.

Of course, you can come up with more dreams and fears.

I don't know what you're afraid of, but I know that at the end of it all it won't look as bad as it looks now.

The easiest way to go wrong and get nowhere is to get into the habit of not starting. After all, no step on your way to your goal will be as important as the first. For that check you stepped towards warmer or colder.

After all, you know that. Maybe you just pretend that everything will change from next Monday. Although then you will find even more excuses for procrastination.

So start. Still today.

And the task for you. Share in the comments below:

  1. What have you WANTED to do for a long time?
  2. And what will you do today before you go to sleep?

Well, then, of course, it's time to take a small, small step. Before your ideas die. And before you die.

You're going to do it for yourself, right?

  1. Maybe similar to you?

  • Hello!
    A few weeks ago, while walking past a closed shopping center at night, I saw many homeless people sleeping next to store windows. Then I wondered what life would be like on the street. I tried to imagine myself in their place. But that's all. After some time, this thought came back and I set a "goal" to live on the streets for at least a week by the end of this July. Maybe it sounds strange and stupid, but I want it.
    By the way, I don't live in Lithuania. And since I will soon return to Lithuania, the conditions are favorable for me for this experiment. I just don't get over myself. I keep promising that I will start preparing for it, but I never start. I still have a month to do it and I hope I will dare!
    Have a nice day!

    • And the homeless are not going to become homeless.

      …So there is nothing to prepare here, just try! :))

    • Maybe it will sound strange, because I see you wrote this comment a long time ago, but maybe you will respond 😀 I was very interested in this "goal" of yours, because I am interested in the homeless situation myself, I volunteer at a homeless day center and just recently I watched several videos of how people abroad did such experiments. I also thought how interesting it would be to find myself in the same shoes. Did you manage to get over yourself and make it happen? It is extremely interesting how it went and what were the impressions, if it did succeed 🙂

  • Daniel, it was your 'Debesyla' that inspired me to finally move out of my comfort zone. Thank you! 😀

  • Thank you for the hearty bites, moving the hand, the brain, or maybe the trunk? I swear to myself! It works!

  • ... and you can... can... kick... choose... DON'T OVERWORK 🙂
    keep going
    out of bounds
    tends to…
    I wander
    across the meadow
    with sable
    still ,
    i can't anymore…

  • I have the idea of creating a fb group. I started the preparations today. The idea is old, but Daniel's thoughts inspired to start. Thank you!

  • When I realized that if you start something, quit, don't stress about it, and then try again if you need to, it's not that hard to start; after all, you can succeed once, just before starting I never say "Well, now I will definitely do it to the end and 100 % correctly..."; I know myself - I'm not so principled that I do what I want right away, but I try not to beat myself up too much when I fail and I'm not afraid to try again (I'm talking about things like sports, healthy eating or smoking). After all, it is not necessary to run every day, maybe 2 times a week is enough, and if it rains all week or I have other things to do - nothing - I will run next week, but the most important thing is to still run, after all, I am not aiming to become a marathon runner, just to exercise easily 🙂

  • And what to do when you completely break down, when it seems that you need the help of a psychologist, but at the same time you realize that you are to blame for everything. Your thinking is in your head and your decisions depend on your brain. I'm already 30 years old after work and I can lie in bed and wait for the next day...and so on until the weekend until you meet your friends and think of something to do together, but I'm tired of the monotony (alcohol, clubs, sports) and everything repeats and repeats itself. Work is depressing without doing anything, but there is nothing to do, it no longer looks promising (the salary is relatively good, which is what stops me from changing things), my brain has already atrophied, I do what belongs in the style of a robot. I don't have a pana and I don't need it because I think that I'm not worth anything and I've been a pessimist since I was young and I know that it's hard for me and you can't seem to change it, I can't smile anymore, no one likes a wrinkled face, but others don't understand that I'm having a hard time in everything, etc. and that's it. the circle turns and the worst thing is that I have no goals, I don't want anything anymore, I don't see the meaning anywhere, even the meaning of living... I am an example to those who wake up with a smile having less than me and living more simply than me.

    • Didn't you answer your own questions?

      You already know the answers. Instead, apply them now - this will be the beginning of your journey 🙂

  • It might sound a bit banal, but I really want to travel around the world: to see the most beautiful corners of nature and to understand how wonderful our world is. I want to meet new people and hear their stories, have interesting experiences and thus improve myself. I want to travel around the poor countries of the world to understand how I live well because of it. I want to immortalize everyone with my adventure in a blog or a video.
    The main thing that stops me is fear. Fear of dropping everything and leaving. Fear that without work and money, I won't know how to support myself. Fear of leaving everything behind and stepping out of your comfort zone. Fear of wandering somewhere, not knowing how to survive. Although I really want to travel, this idea seems childish and immature, so I always put it aside (deep in my heart) and try to find myself in other things, although I usually don't succeed in realizing myself.
    What I can do today is to start with small steps, i.e. go on organized hikes, maybe organize a hike myself, look for like-minded people on the topic of travel, look for inner courage and motivation and of course look for cheap flights to other countries 😀

    • Maybe a bit of advertising here, but the last time I flew with - I recommend it for cheap flights. And don't stop, Greenwood!

  • hello Thanks for everything I've read here. And I found you when I asked the omniscient Google "How to write a book". Because, before, I often heard that I write well and that I should write a book, two or even three. I would quietly feel how special it was and I would be silent on the topic "what am I doing, I'm writing anyway..." Now I don't hear compliments, because I lose what I am, as if it has become old and lost its relevance. I don't give it to anyone to read. Eventually, somewhere, the need to share that writing arose. Now only for yourself. I write for the sake of writing, not for the sake of writing and a scant lecture. As it was before. I almost believe it would work. If the main problems are not laziness and lack of "work and finish" quality.
    The prophetic dreams were suffocated, although take and believe. Apparently, I'll have to write that stupid book. Otherwise, I won't know if my dreams come true. 🙂
    Now I'm trying to turn my favorite hobby into a job.
    Thanks for the confusion.

    • Hello, I believe that if you try, you will definitely succeed in writing this book. Everyone can. It is only important to take and work.

      The first book (or rather its draft) will definitely not turn out well... But that's not terrible. Because there will be a second and a third.

      I invite you to try!

      And if you need personal help, just send an email!

  • Write a book.
    I'm already doing it, the best thing I can do before going to bed is to finish writing, get ready for bed and continue writing tomorrow.

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