A blog that sells. Benefits for the business and the customer.

Image is everything.

From the first "hello" the customer evaluates you - trust or not. And have you wondered how to start forming an image even before the first greeting with a client?

Why a blog and not Facebook?

  • 1
    By sharing knowledge, you shape your image as a professional and strengthen clients' trust in you and your services.
  • 2
    With your content, you can draw attention to the problems that your services solve and thus increase the customer's need to buy.
  • 3
    You have a great opportunity to familiarize clients with the specifics of your work and tell them how their problems are really solved and entrusted tasks are performed.
  • 4
    When a customer asks a long-winded, but frequently asked question… You can simply send a link to a blog post. In this way, the customer will receive a detailed answer, and you will no longer have to answer the same question three times a day.
  • 5
    Blog posts are ideal content for sharing on social networks, which will help new customers pay attention to your business.
  • 6
    A blog will be found in Google search 24/7 for years, even without expensive SEO services, so by regularly adding content, it will be easy for customers to find you just through the search engine.

Let us help you earn more.

Learn how to create a blog.

Forget programmers and their fees. Anyone can do this with our lessons. Everything from choosing a domain to hosting and website (Wordpress) design.

Find something to share.

How do you present your content to your audience so that they are interested in reading and want to share it?

And how to evaluate the results of content marketing.

Google Analytics and other tools used by professionals to analyze content profitability.

Learn what content to post on your blog.

How to find topics that sell your products, engaging content, what headlines work best, and more. This knowledge will be useful for more than just blogging…

Understand how to share on social networks.

Tips for sharing content on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Attention of thousands of people for pennies.

Regular training
  • A lecture of several hours
  • Theoretical material


Jurgita Raudonytė

The author and lecturer of the blog "Verslios pelėdos", who talks about content marketing and business stories. Works with business blogs and the content of representative websites.

Daniel Goriunovas

Blogger, SEO analyst and lecturer. His blog "Debesyla" is one of the most popular self-development blogs in Lithuania, and in 2017 published the book "The Lazy Manifesto".

To dispel doubts

What is this training for?

Will you answer all my questions during the training?

What is the scope of this training? How much time will they need?

How will I be able to access the training content? Will I need to log in at a scheduled time? What if I'm away?

I have more questions... How can I contact you?

Let's face it - what's the worst that can happen? You are likely to gain new knowledge... And that is simply priceless.

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