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For a change and inspiration: What the 3 most read authors of self-education books in Lithuania write

It's sad, but many people could become champions of self-loathing and self-deprecation. I do not know. I can not. I'm afraid. It is too hard for me. Nobody will understand me. I will be laughed at.


Why is laziness healthy, productive and otherwise beneficial? [LRT interviews Debesyla]

Laziness is often considered a weakness. It would seem that if you are lazy, you will waste your life. This is nonsense, because laziness has many advantages! (And the biggest advantage of laziness is not only that then you have time to watch that series that everyone recommends to you.) I wrote a whole book about the benefits of laziness. But I was also interviewed about the same thing for the first time on the LRT radio show "Here and Now": Oh, yes […]


What is your personal inflation rate? A minimalist approach to investing

Almost everything depreciates over time... And I guess you may find that the things that don't depreciate - art - are so rare in your purchases that they are practically non-existent. Things depreciate because: a) A fifteen-day-old avocado sandwich and fifteen-year-old patio pavers… Both will no longer be niam niam. b) It is forgotten. New technologies and new products in "Senukai" squeeze and displace any old [...]

2018-07-05 review: instead of TV + 3046% is more useful

…This number – 3046% – is not pulled out of thin air. I'll explain how I got it right away. But first... What the hell is the portal and what can be experienced on it? I will share my 3-month experience on this self-education portal, where some days I spent 6+ hours watching lectures in Lithuanian, despite the fact that I don't normally like watching videos, and at first I thought that nothing […]


Being rich does not mean having a lot of euros

If you want to be rich, quit your job. Throw it away. Because being rich does not mean having a lot of euros. It never really meant that, although some magazines rank the rich according to the Euros... Don't be afraid, I'm not talking about spiritual wealth. Damn him too. Well, well, maybe keep it - it's more useful than euros, because it affects every one of your […]


If you really love: Don't tell me what to do!

Okay, I get it - wanting to change them. Explain. To teach Protect from mistakes, show a better way, inspire change! What could be the problem here? Good question... Because it's hard to ask yourself, especially when others are such jerks and you see the obvious solutions. Why haven't you started writing your book you've been talking to me about? Why do you eat cake if you're on a diet? Cigarettes will give you lung cancer! You parked again […]


If we manage to do nothing, we should be proud of ourselves [People talks about laziness]

1. You are a writer, blogger, laziness expert. How did you meet laziness? When did you decide that this is far from a sin to be ashamed of? Oh, what you! It's nice that you consider yourself an expert on laziness, but I'm more of a researcher. I've been a numbers person since childhood, I trust research, statistics - and they don't lie: lazy people create more valuable product, [...]


Crazy Goals List 2.0: Gamification of life

When I was standing at the checkout of Maximos express 3 years ago with a beef sandwich in my hands, I thought, "How long would it take to buy one?"... I recently watched the most ingenious speedruns in video games and it inspired me to give it a try! The queue is free, swipe, swipe, throw on the zone, I don't have a discount card, pay, touch the credit card, wait, sandwich and disappear through the gate. About 27 seconds. Now I can do it all in 16.8 […]


How I lost 21.7% of my fans in 8 hours

This article is written by Danielius, the author of the most read self-education blog in Lithuania - Read on. I had a nightmare that day. No, I didn't have to go to school, no one chased me, I didn't find a hidden room in the house and… Er… *Searches for a list of common nightmare scenarios*… My teeth didn't fall out… Jo. That didn't happen either. Instead, I woke up without 21.7% subscribers. I lost 909 people. Somewhere! Why do these people […]


Why is the search for motivation harmful? [ talks about promises to yourself]

Original: Blogger Danielius Goriunovas (Debesyla), author of the more positive lifestyle magazine and the book "The Lazy Manifesto", is convinced that modern the trend of motivational training can do more harm than good because it robs people of the joy of life. Get to know his arguments. - Currently, the word "motivation" is very popular. We are constantly being challenged - bolder, higher, faster. It has become almost a competition, [...]