Crazy Goals List 2.0: Gamification of life

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When I stood at the checkout of Maximos express 3 years ago with a beef sandwich in my hands, I thought: "How long would it take to buy?"...

I recently watched some of the most ingenious speedruns in video games and it inspired me to give it a try! The queue is free, swipe, swipe, throw on the zone, I don't have a discount card, pay, touch the credit card, wait, sandwich and disappear through the gate. About 27 seconds. Now I can do it all in 16.8 seconds.

...What if I could GAME my life?

This is how my bucket list, which I had a few years ago and in which I had crossed off a circle of zero points, turned into "List of Crazy Goals".

What is this list? Read in the link above or watch visually:

When you write down and forget (or put off) your usual dreams, a list of crazy goals helps you take action. Precisely defined - what, where, when.

This is how I lived with this list for 3 years. I have achieved many goals that I have made public. And I'll tell you - this gamification of life was one of my best decisions.

...If not the best. Because I've always been a fan of video games. I've spent over a thousand hours on World of Warcraft, I've completed all the quests on Runescape, and don't even talk about Skyrim or Witcher. Is it possible to gamify real life?

Artojas spoke about this idea back in 2011. And he promised that 2018 will be the year of gamification. And I think this prophecy should be fulfilled.

What is gamification? Who's from her? How? Let me share…

Why gamify life?

Life is a video game with the best graphics that you start as soon as you are born. It's an insanely hard game because you start at a random location and in a random body. But we all play it, and only one dude got a second chance 2000 years ago, whose dad is the creator of the game...

...But everyone can gamify everyday life. And we should.

When gamifying:

  1. You will realize what you have dreamed of doing for the longest time...
  2. ...And it will be fun!

You know when they tell you that nothing good comes out of video games? This is nonsense. You can learn from them and use their techniques.

For example, in the game "Guild wars 2" you can not only raise levels, but also collect achievements. Can you run through the horrible bad guys' base in 10 minutes? Will you be able to explore all corners of the world?

And could you…

...Do that other thing you remembered from Facebook or Bored Panda?

I think you could. You just have to pick yourself up, challenge yourself and try. Save this to your “A list of crazy goals" and do.

However, not much is needed:

  1. What will you do?
  2. How long will you keep trying?
  3. When will you know you've succeeded?
  4. Will you show it publicly? Are you not going to tell anyone?

...But wait. What's going on here?

Same as playing any video game! It's fun! It's non-binding! It is relaxing, because you hardly realize your dreams at work, not others. And here - achievements remain even after turning off the game and going to sleep.

I started 3 years ago and today I am addicted to challenges.

(Yes, these games can simply be called "challenges" or "experiments." It's even similar to LEAN work organization methodology.)

But could The Crazy Goals List be even better?


You can make your own "Crazy Goals List" using this guide. Put on some inspiring music and get started. It will be fun. You can see more people who have created and enjoy this list in the comments.

(The "Crazy Goal List" is a free technique.)

But this year, after 3 years of adventure, I will try to do things differently.

Because I found myself playing World of Warcraft again instead of writing the second book. Publishers are waiting, and I'll be hanging out somewhere around Argus... In other words, I'll try something even more gamified!

You don't need to log in. Can use the first version of BTS because it works! However, if you want, we can try to go into gamification even more.

What's changing in BTS 2.0?

If in the first version of BTS the objectives were divided into categories, I realized that it was of little use. So now less division, more joy on my list! 🥳

I'm a video game geek. However, I don't really like Asian grind games where you grind the same thing over and over until you can feel like you've accomplished something after 10000000000 days. I'm looking at Lineage 2 and Black Desert Online.

I prefer many small achievements! When you get an award for every job and you feel fantastic. I'm looking at World of Warcraft.

So, two changes:

1) Gone are the challenge categories, because to hell with division!

As I've learned over the past 3 years with BTS 1.0, categories really mean little.

There are many different "life building" exercises, the essence of which is to set goals in different areas of life. Once upon a time, when I was still interested in self-development, I also went to all kinds of poor lectures and did such exercises.

...But do you really need to divide your goals?

What is the point of dividing into "Society", "Finance", "Family" and a million other areas? Is there anything better than that? I just see it as noise - it's easier to start thinking about where to put the challenge than how to start it in the first place.

And if you see the problem that someone can devote his whole life to finances and forget his family... Where is the problem here? A life spent focusing on just one detail is still a life. Maybe even better.

So I'd better not put off work by tidying up, oh I'll just pick what's most important and I will start doing that.

2) Now you get experience points for each objective!

Instead of just ticking off the rung you've reached, goals will now be assigned a value: Easy, Medium, Hard. 10% experience points in the easy category, 25% in the medium category, and 50% in the hard category. Well, as much as you want. You can set your own numbers.

  1. You start at level 0. If you only complete easy objectives, you will need ten to reach level 1. If they are heavy - only two. If you mix, of course, you will mix accordingly.
  2. Choose the category of the goal yourself. I can't tell you what's easy and what's hard! After all, maybe you were born in a body with good hearing, so you also understand music better than I do. And so on.
  3. Enjoy the levels! You can play the game with your friends and compete to see who can reach more levels in a year.

Oh, and that's right, since there are levels now, you can also create endowments.

For example, when you reach level 5, you can finally afford to spend 200 euros and buy the Dolce Gabbana jeans you've been dreaming of for ages. Or, after reaching level 10, split into warm regions.

...Or however you want to reward yourself. You can give yourself nothing at all or make gifts very symbolic - for example, make a certificate of achievement.

(I talked about such self-made diplomas/thanks to the students of the University of the Third Age in Marijampole. These seniors liked this idea... You can try it too!)

That's it! You can see my new "Crazy Goals List" here:

My Crazy Goals List ✔️

Read on
My Crazy Goals List ✔️

But let me answer a few questions:

Can I stay with BTS version 1.0?

Of course! Just because I'm still not sure if this new version will work. I'm just sharing the idea of gamification of life.

Why these changes at all?

Because I found that playing video games is more fun than achieving my goals. It's just that somehow in my free time I ran into video games, not challenges...

So I took the best of World of Warcraft:

  1. Durability. Achievements do not disappear.
  2. Countability. Achievements can be presented in numbers - levels.
  3. With awards. For each achievement - closer to the level and prizes!

And as much as I love collecting achievements and collecting other fiends in WoW... I might as well bring it into my real life! 🙂

Does anyone even care about this Crazy Goals List?

Well, what do I know...

...Perhaps all you have to do is join?

How can I create my own BTS?

Follow this guide, if you want to create the first version of BTS. If you want the second one, follow the same guide as well, but apply the two changes I mentioned 5 minutes ago. You can use my new list as an example.

Your standard of living depends only on you. Will you join? ✊