What is the Crazy Goals List?


What if life seems to stop? If there are no goals left that you would like to achieve or meaning that would give you the strength to jump out of bed in the morning?

Good questions. And frequent. More than a third of the people who write me letters ask something similar.

I have a tool for you that I use myself.

A tool that...

  • ...will help you find your new challenge;
  • ...will help you dig out the goals and meanings that you had, but did not fulfill;
  • ...will inspire you for new adventures or other entertainment;
  • ...will inspire your friends to change and grow with you;
  • ...and best of all, in the most difficult moments, he will personally help you achieve what you set out to do. It doesn't matter what exactly you want to do.

This is the Crazy Goals List.

By the way, this is not a theoretical tool or an exercise just for thinking. If you read this story of mine, but do not do the exercise, the responsibility falls on you.

...And here it is my list, if you're so eager to see an example of what I'm going to talk about in this article. 😉

(Wash your hands and press on my face if you're interested!)

A list of crazy goals? What is it?

Cloud's list of crazy goals is… List.

~ Ta-yeah! ~

Okay, just kidding. 😁

On the left is the usual "dream list" and on the right is BTS:

Notice the differences?

  1. The "dream list" does not change, oh The Crazy Goals List changes and grows with you.
  2. "Dream List" is abstract, and The "crazy goal list" is measurable.
  3. "Dream List" is about what you will do sometime in the future, oh The Crazy Goals List is about what you're going to do today.
  4. "Dream List" encourages meaningless achievements, and The Crazy Goals List promotes personal growth.

On the crazy goals list, we set goals that make sense to US. Personally. Whatever they are. This is your personal epic without embellished, unrealistic dreams. It's a practical tool for the challenger.

I have been using the techniques on this list for over seven years.

Here are the lists of a few more cloud dwellers:

And others chose to write on paper:

So, I have a feeling you're already wondering…

How to create YOUR list?

Or if you want something quieter - turn on this M. Jociaus album. Or choose no music at all if you so desire. The most important thing is that there are no words in the music (or you simply do not understand them), so that the words do not distract your thoughts.

I, personally, like to turn on something like this. Because epic music is suitable for everything, but when creating an epic of your life - just right.

If you want, you can draw your BTS on the floor with a crayon. But I don't recommend it because it's a temporary solution. I'd rather suggest one of the following alternatives:

  • Notebook. Having more than one or two leaves. Better with a hard cover, because you will be using this notebook for a long time.
  • Computer file. It doesn't matter what. Can use MS Word, Notepad, Google Docs, or anything that can write text.
  • Sheet of paper. Preferably large, at least A2 size, as you would be using it as a poster. Not crumpled. And please - no stains. They may appear spontaneously in the future, because you will have this sheet for a long time and keep it, I guess, in a visible place.
  • Or a web application. If you're a smart person and really promise me you'll remember to turn these apps on, here are some options: Workflowy and Evernote. 1

Choose what TO YOU it would be most convenient to fill out, edit and open at least every few weeks.

That's why I don't recommend writing with crayons on the floor - the text rubs off too quickly, and bending up and down can be uncomfortable. Even room wallpaper is more suitable. I've tried glass and a scratch-off marker. It was a good experience, but it was a little disturbing - it's dark behind the glass at night, so you can't see the marker marks.

I personally prefer the online option - write directly to the blog. Although I sometimes forget to open this list, it is convenient to update and I avoid another sheet of paper or notebook on my shelves.

But then again, write on the walls. The most important thing is that:

  1. you, exactly you, are comfortable;
  2. the written place would not disappear;
  3. the list could be expanded because, yes, your list will expand.

Don't try to make a nice list. The beauty will come from seeing how you complete old challenges and record new ones.

I warn you: if you write on a piece of paper or in another non-electronic way, remember to leave a space under each important point. After all, the uniqueness of the "Crazy list of goals" is that each point can have additional stages.

Another option, if you write on paper, is to write additional goals on glued or otherwise attached pieces of paper. However, it can become downright chaotic over a long period of time. But that's your responsibility.

Creating the list itself is done in two steps:

1. Start with categories.

They aren't necessary, but it will not only give you more ideas for what to add to the list, but it will also make it more fun to read. After all, it can be fun to watch how different areas of your life change over the years.

I have six areas in my list: Life, Cloud, Body, Travel, Challenges, and Everything Else. Your categories should be whatever is most comfortable for YOU. They may not exist at all.

If you don't know what categories to write, don't write any. If anything, you can always change it in the future!

2. Write down all your goals, dreams and challenges.

The order is not important.

And if you lack ideas - take a look at Joel Runyon, Thomas Frank, Steve Kamb or my lists. And yes, I got my inspiration for the Crazy Goals list myself from Joel... 😏

However, I highly recommend: choose only what YOU want to do. For myself. Otherwise, procrastination will be born, which kills progress.

...And that's it! It's just two steps.

True, I have a few more tips for you. It is not necessary to do this:

  • Define your challenges as precisely as possible. This is the main difference between goals and dreams – achievable goals are countable. For example, how many push-ups do you want to do in one go? How many books to read in a month? And so on.
  • Don't be afraid to set yourself crazy challenges. They bring joy to everyday life.
  • However, at the same time, it is better to write goals in achievable steps. Don't write that you want to climb Everest. It is better to first climb a mountain in Poland, then one of the peaks in the Alps, then a mountain in Georgia, and only then Everest. Train yourself. Don't aim for what is literally impossible. Raise your goals one step at a time. After climbing one, you can always add a second, more difficult one.

Or, to put it another way, trying to jump above the belly button is fine because that's how you train, but without training above the forehead, you won't jump. Take advantage of the Insane Objective List and build your own ladders.

Because opportunity see and keep updating the list after achieving one goal, adding new ones and discarding those that simply became uninteresting is the cornerstone. Make the most of it.

And yes, that's right, if you want - targets can be removed from the list. For example, on my list two years ago, I had the goal of cycling from Kaunas to Varėna to see the girl I was in love with at the time. 2 After breaking up, the goal became uninteresting. 🤷

But when it comes to making the list visible... You can:

  • make a screen wallpaper on your computer or phone;
  • hang on the wall at the desk;
  • put yourself in the kitchen so that you see him almost the first thing when you wake up;
  • to sit on the chair on which you usually throw your clothes at night, so that when you get dressed in the morning, you can pick them up together and look through them;
  • post online in your own blog;
  • put it on your facebook. If you want to. I wouldn't want to because public goals potentially reduce the chances of achieving them, but it's your choice...

...Or you can put it somewhere else where you would see it every day (or at least every week), remember it and, if necessary, write something new down.

The Crazy Goals List isn't just for you to create and hide behind for your own selfish use. His other side is friendly.

  • Inspiring other people to start the life they've always wanted.
  • Inspire them to grow with you. To study. And improve.
  • Well, it doesn't matter if with you. Also available separately.

Because the "Crazy Goals List" items, steps and your journey of change are the best proof that if you want to act and act - you can achieve what you always wanted. Step by step.

Therefore, I recommend: share the list with friends, family members, colleagues, classmates or others around you.

Forward this article to them so they can build their own list too. After all, that's what I wrote this story for. I want the tool I use to help others. But it is not necessary. ☺️

So, my dear cloud, your task for today:

  1. Create YOUR list of Crazy Goals.
  2. Share it if you want with people around you or in comments with other cloud dwellers. (Is not necessary.)
  3. And finally - start what you always wanted to start.

Create your own epic. One that your grandkids will hear epic music playing in the background, trumpets, drums and gongs. Because your life is not given to you to waste. It is designed to be used.

Fully. Bravely. Crazy.

  1. Of course, there are endless apps. But don't play around finding the best one. Just use one and that's it.

  2. Here is one of my love letters to her.

  • Luks article. I think people should really write goals and implement them. Of course it takes motivation, but once you've accomplished at least one goal, you can't stop because you've DONE it! And you experienced joy because of it! I am writing this from my experience because I already have this list. And I really recommend everyone to have it.

    And here are some goals from my crazy 🙂 list:
    1. Buy roller skates (implemented or +)
    a) learn to stand with them +
    b) learn to walk or drive slowly +
    c) learn to drive fast
    2. Go to a friend who lives ~15 km away with a bicycle and return +
    3. Sleeping under the open sky in a sleeping bag and counting meteorites + (it was cold ~10 C° and hard, but the feeling of looking at the stars is amazing)
    4. Make sherbet (which will be started after this message).

    Of course, here are only a few of my goals, most of which have already been implemented. I just wanted to share my joy and say that this list of crazy things is amazing!

    PS luiks music!

    • Power! It's great that you liked it, M.! Thank you!

      Irrr... So how did the first sherbet in your life come out? 😀

      • Actually, it turned out quite well 🙂 it still needs to be kept in the freezer for a while, but the taste is not bad ;))
        Irrr… thanks for asking 🙂

          • I just pulled out that still frozen sherbet, it tastes amazing :). I would like to share it with the people of Debesyl and you, Daniel, but I don't know how to teleport :(. Well, maybe you will make it or at least buy it to motivate me :D.
            Who's on the second level of the goal? I've already done so much that I don't know, it's hard to come up with... Maybe what would you advise? 🙂

          • I say - maybe create your first YouTube video in which you film how to make that sherbet? 😉

            I can't promise I'd share, but gosh, I probably would. And I would watch and try to make it myself! 😀

          • Hmm… not a bad idea. Of course, I should practice on that, but that's what the list is for — for improvement :). Well, what can I add? Thanks for the tip, Daniel! On a hotter day, I'll want that sorbet again, and at the same time I'll take a video, and wow... here's the recipe live 😀
            At the same time, I would like to wish you to do something interesting, unusual and good! 😉

          • Ok, when you make a video, I will make something interesting, unusual and good - my first (also) sherbet 😀

          • Hello, if you don't mind, I'll give you some advice 🙂 try to make real ice cream (milk, cream, yogurt or condensed milk) instead of sorbet, you won't be disappointed, it's much tastier than store bought 😀

  • It's fun to read, it's inspiring 🙂 It inspired me so much that I wanted to share it too 🙂 However, not about my goals, but about how I put them together - maybe it will be useful to someone.
    From other/my own experiences, books, teachings (I will admit that the greatest inspiration came from the teachings of Jevgenijus Č.) crystallized for me into this:
    1. My Mission (why am I here, what can I give to people) is to name myself very "healthy" for self-charge and direction. It's global, it's not covered, but it really transports you 🙂 You "charged" and forgot about it for a few years. e.g. "to help the people of the world realize who they are, what they want and what they are capable of". It guides me - what do I have to improve in order to make it happen, what should I do/work on, who should I communicate with, etc.
    2. My Goals - for me it is something like dreams/desires. Most of the time, we face a problem not so much that we don't know what I want, but how to name it so that the goal motivates you and does not depress you. My most frequent mistakes were - either too abstract a goal ("I want a car" - so what?), or "framed" in some kind of framework ("to buy an Audi for 10,000" - and I look at ads: I find a BMW, but not an Audi). Therefore, when formulating goals, I rely on my feelings (what "drives" me). For example I want a safe, running, technically sound one and to be able to maintain it according to my current financial capabilities (I don't limit myself to the brand, price, or method of obtaining it - maybe someone will give it to me, I'll buy it, I'll win, or maybe I'll rent it at work and not have to pay for maintenance :)). Something similar - "I express my wishes to the universe, without burdening it with details" :))) Such goals personally bring me a lot - it's both fun to achieve and fun to get 🙂 I work with my goals somewhere 1 k. per month - I also estimate it in percentages (it happens more often if I need inspiration), I adjust it if necessary (after all, I'm growing and getting smarter 🙂 so I notice that I'm limiting myself somewhere, or maybe I didn't estimate somewhere that I'd like to feel differently in order to achieve that goal). The goals are also divided into areas (I have 4 - self-development, self-realization, relationships, rest) - it is easier to concentrate and I think it is necessary not to forget a single area, I am improving everywhere comprehensively.
    3. My Actions are concrete, measurable, I act for my specific goals, with specific deadlines. The very word encourages action 🙂 I have a small notebook "Actions", which I "get" everywhere - in the morning I review the list, choose what I will do today, during the day if ideas arise - I add to the list, in the evening I review - cross them out and get ready for the next day. It's fun, easy (when I tried to fill in the calendar, it made me nervous: something was procrastinating, or maybe I want to do something earlier) and, of course, it's moving, because I work for moving goals :)...

    Wow, how I have expanded. I hope Debesyla will not be angry and thanks for the moving articles 🙂

  • good article, it ignites and motivates. Lb correctly! what seems impossible in the beginning you have to do in small steps what is possible, and one day you will realize that you have done the impossible :-). that's exactly what i'm doing. Thanks Daniel for the encouragement...

  • It's an old, brutally offensive article, I don't know, but I think this article finally kicked me in... to finally start living the way I want, interestingly and with adventures.
    THANKS, I will share my list later,

  • Oooh, how cool cool cool! My long-desired, but always postponed, job, for which I have now also received advice. Maybe now I won't procrastinate anymore? And barely halfway through reading, I already knew with whom I would definitely share the article and without prompting 🙂

  • Anyway, I've been reading Debesyla's articles for a long time and never commented, but this article sparked a real wave of enthusiasm and answered questions that were quietly ringing inside...so thank you very much for the inspiring articles 🙂

  • I read it slowly while pondering, I really liked that I have already started writing all my wishes on a draft sheet....tonight I will share everything

  • I discovered Debesyla recently, but I haven't been disappointed with any of the articles I've read. Amazing! Very motivating articles, especially this one!

  • I loved the article! Indeed, sometimes you set goals that you only look at like a beautiful picture and do nothing about, because you forget to put the steps you need to take. Therefore, I began to repeat to myself: even the longest journey begins with the first step. Writing down your goals is an effective tool. I just questioned posting them, because when I tell my plans, it's always the other way around.

    • Well, that's how it goes with speaking out loud. That's why I mention another article at the end - sometimes it's really good not to publish. 😉

  • It's no wonder I was so excited about the list...it's true that I was overwhelmed by it for a while...but when I found that list again...I was very surprised how many points needed to be crossed out because I implemented them! I'm posting my implemented ones here 🙂 if anyone needs ideas on how to diversify their life:)
    I flew in a hot air balloon
    I flew with a paraglider
    I got a telescope
    I got a small tattoo
    I traveled to Italy (Rome, Venice) and France (Paris)
    I drove a kart
    I saw a moon and a solar eclipse
    I saw a shower of stars
    I went kayaking
    I straightened my teeth
    It is true that some goals are still in the implementation process, so I do not dare to announce them yet... I am just measuring... that you will need to add sports-related wishes to your future plan 🙂 thank you, Daniel, for being a spark of enthusiasm! :) and good luck to all other dreamers... don't spare your wishes either time or energy, especially money :) after all, the best investment is in yourself 🙂 by the way if you want to buy something, you can always tell the people around you, because you never know when and from whom you will receive a gift 🙂

  • This is something unreal. Today I finished my list of 100 tasks/plans/dreams for the summer. It's incredible how things like this can turn life upside down. Such lists motivate you to get off the computer and stop complaining about how boring life is. With this list, I was able to prove to myself that summer is really long, and during this time you can do a lot, not only go to a friend who lives far away at night, update the playlist, organize old things, or take a walk in a meadow full of flowers. Sometimes you just need inspiring articles like this and a little desire not to waste your life. Maybe it's not something you want to do every day, but trying something new is a little better than lying in bed, right?
    Well, at the end of the summer, I will already start planning the Autumn 100, after all, autumn causes negative emotions for most people, and they need as little as possible in their lives.
    I'm just very happy that I "accidentally" came here.
    Another gem on the internet that doesn't waste time.♥

  • I am someone who likes to plan down to the last detail, set goals, etc. During Christmas, we corresponded with our family about our plans (dreams) for the coming year. In one year, I wrote down the amount of money we would save. It is clear that I did not kneel. The worst part is that the money came from the insurance after the husband's injury. Now I'm afraid to dream. I do it carefully. But next week I'm going to write a list of crazy goals.
    Thank you Daniel 😉

  • First thought that popped into my head: wow, great article! I will make such a crazy list too! But.. tomorrow. I don't have time today..
    That's how you can't do anything in life. It's not time, it's desire. And sometimes you want to sleep more than to achieve your goals..
    For me, personally, at first you need to overcome yourself, your laziness, realize that life is one, and I really don't want to spend it all sleeping or sitting on the sofa watching TV. I'm going to make this list and fight my worst enemy, myself (I hope).

  • Daniel, this is your best article I have read. I want to learn to write like you, with pictures and everything else, with big headings, but I'm too lazy and I don't think it's worth it, but your Debesyla is a good link where you can write a really good comment - and I congratulate you on that.

    As always TLDR. Keep it strong.

  • Thanks, great article. Very to the point and good thoughts. The idea of categories was very useful for me personally - this is how you start to dig deeper into what is really important to you in life (different things for each person), order and clarity appear both in the list of goals and in your head. I have already used this idea - so far I have 8 categories. I had also made a chaotic list of goals, but when I reflected on my life and divided it into categories, some of them were somehow without goals, empty, which is wrong. So, apparently, it is worth starting with the categories, so that we only aim for what is really important to you, and not just what is left, because we will not cover the whole world in our lifetime. So thanks for the idea again 🙂

  • After reading it, I wholeheartedly agree with the following points:
    The "Dream List" doesn't change, but the "Crazy Goals List" changes and grows with you.
    A "Dream List" encourages mindless achievement, while a "Crazy Goals List" encourages personal growth.
    Pure truth. I made my own list http://vyriskumas.eu/issukiai and I already feel like I'm changing bit by bit. I seem to wake up everyday with a few little missions 😀
    Both interesting and useful. What could be better!

    • So, Vygant, when are you going to be a musician? It's summer, go to Palanga and... You can!

      Cool list! 🙂

      • You know, Palanga would be the least attracted to such activities. I can't play Russian dancers for drunk Belarusians 😀
        You'll need it sometime in some good old Pilies street in Vilnius where you'll find shelter.
        But anyway, it's a good reminder, it's summer, you'll need to go on vacation and overcome it 🙂

  • I read it, I liked it, I tried it, and while doing it I realized that all goals are very selfish - there is nothing for the sake of another person, society, etc. So I decided to include a clause that even once a year I will donate n amount of money to a specific, disadvantaged person; although once a year as a volunteer, helping to implement social a sensitive project (for example, helping a food bank collect food during a campaign, etc.). And the same 2 percent. I will not give it to the state budget, but I will assign it to someone. That's all.

    • Sounds very cool!

      I just somehow disagree that goals like "carving a handmade statue" are very egoistic - after all, creativity is also a part of society, so it also gives benefits; just not through the direct help path 😮

      But anyway, good idea. I will add something like this to my list!

  • This morning I woke up and thought that life has become somehow too lined up with daily chores and worries. I wanted to shake off the dust of everyday life and let some fresh air of change into my life - in other words, to breathe 😉 I googled "dreams" and discovered debesyla.lt. I read it and understood what I'm going to do today - I'm going to start making a list of crazy goals! And it became so fun. Thank you!

  • >