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#100 new things every day [LRT talks about the challenge]

What if you set yourself a small challenge every day? Just a try. One new thing at a time. 100 days in a row.


1 Euro Challenge: How I Started Investing… By Accident!?

As you can see (if you can't see it - look at which blog you are on)... Saving and investing is just smart. How smart it is to brush your teeth every day - because if you don't brush your teeth, repairs, restorations, implants will cost more. Save and invest. That's not unheard of advice, is it? ...However, despite the fact that we hear this even from SODRA consultants (as if you clearly understand that you should not expect a better pension) - [...]


Summer without Facebook: Why did I give up Facebook, sell my profiles and choose work instead?

Summer without Facebook. Why did I give up Facebook, sell my profiles and choose work instead? This article was written by Danielius, the author of the most read self-development blog in Lithuania - Few inventions have invaded our lives as quickly as Facebook. Even smartphones with touchscreens (…or who could use any!?) faced resistance from fans of the push-button Nokia 3310. What about Facebook? […]


Life calendar: Will it be better if I remember every day that I'm going to die?

The life of single people is like a celebration, like cherry blossoms. Seconds - … Where have the days of seconds gone? You tell me, because they come to these people, stay and leave without being met. School, work, family, something else... Just noise. When the first ones, however, make the most of their days: Enjoying themselves; And building castles. They are not sad that it is Monday again or so soon […]


I wrote for 365 days, every day 1% more than yesterday

When I started writing five years ago, my abilities were such that I would write the word "thank you" as "thank you", take half a day to write a paragraph, and finish sentences 🙂 ...Now I get compliments on my writing. For some reason. Well, I can't know the real reasons? No, I can't, because I'm not my own reader, although I read written texts aloud and correct them until they sound, [...]


A month without garbage: How did I live without plastic?

No trash. Some live this way for 20+ years, others decide to give it a try and convince their friends to join. …I was the second one and together with several friends we tried to live without garbage for a month. Without discarded plastic, paper, glass, metal. how did it go Better than we expected. However, let me start with the question "No garbage?" and the more important question: "Oh my God, why?". A. "No trash?" […]


I learned to be grateful! My Gratitude Diary Adventure

When I received The Gratitude Journal for Christmas about a year ago, I placed it on the windowsill next to the other books. I thought it was another notebook. It sat there collecting dust until I pulled it out, wiped it down with my hand, and opened it up. I kept a gratitude journal all summer long. Here is what I experienced. Pala, "Gratitude Diary"? What is it? That's what I was going to find out first. However, Eglė Luotytė from Debesy gave […]


How did I read 77 books in a year? [Book Reading Challenge]

Today's youth are reading more than ever; more than older generations. We don't just read more, we read books! Paper ones! …Although not everyone knew how to read just sixty years ago, reading has now become a skill similar to eating. Maybe even at this moment you are eating and reading? One year I set out to read 75 books a year. I read 77: the long, short, scientific, […]


The challenge of minimalism: All 137 items I have

Every time I talk about a new challenge, I think about how to start to keep the listener interested. However, attention is lacking for everyone these days. There is also a lack of time - what is the best way to spend it? What to choose? Choices are today's topic. How many choices do you have? Too much or too little? Let's see how many you have... Clothes you haven't worn in a long time that you could wear anyway? Unread books that you could read anyway? Souvenirs that […]


How did I find 100 friends in one month?

As a child, he was so shy that his grandmother took him to a psychologist, and spent his teenage years with video games and pornography... ...How can this person know how to communicate? If he was always closed, it is no wonder that it is difficult for him to even call his hairdresser! However, in October 2014, he issued a challenge. The communication challenge. It was one of the impossible tests of his year, when studying in Erasmus [...]