The challenge of minimalism: All 137 items I have


Every time I talk about a new challenge, I think about how to start to keep the listener interested. However, attention is lacking for everyone these days. There is also a lack of time - what is the best way to spend it? What to choose?

Choices are today's topic. How many choices do you have? Too much or too little? Let's see how much you have…

  • Not worn for a long time clothes, which you could wear anyway?
  • Wouldn't read it books, which you could read anyway?
  • Souvenirs, which you only looked at when you bought them?
  • Half started projects, which you will finish... Someday?
  • Various other hair wealth, which you haven't used for a long time?
  • And those "what if you need it" things, which you never needed?
  • Hmmm... Do you have many holes? socks, which somehow you don't have time to link?

...I think you get what I mean?

What is the Minimalism Challenge? and what devils is it made for?

The Minimalism Challenge is a small mission for you. Imagine that you are the secret agent Jonas Petrauskas and you VSD hands over an envelope with a letter:

"Agent John, in two weeks your task will be to go to China and infiltrate the country's diplomats. You will have to break through the protections of this state, you will have to pretend to be a new person. You will have to become a person who can change the plan independently of us, if the conditions require it, and carry out the mission to the end."

To become this nimble, curious and free agent, you will have to discard all the unimportant details. You will have to simplify and become so simple that you could not be simpler...

...You will have to choose. What do you really need?

If you haven't read the article, in which I present the benefits of Minimalism, open it now. Then you will understand why a simple life is more pleasant than a life full of choices. Yes - read this moment if you haven't already:

Ask any architect, designer, writer, director or orator - what separates a good work, relationship and thing from a not-so-good one? Chances are you'll get one

Read now

The challenge of minimalism is your way to a freer life.

Every opportunity to choose imprisons us. Every morning you spend minutes choosing what to wear; in the evening - which series to watch; during the day - what kind of meal to prepare for your hungry stomach.

Minute by minute, your time turns to ashes.

But living is simpler - you regain your core, the freedom of a living person to live. Have fun and take on new missions. Not necessarily trips to China, but missions like:

  1. Learn to communicate;
  2. Meditate for 7 months;
  3. Create a global business;
  4. Start living more ethically;
  5. Overcome the 800 kilometer march;
  6. To become a priest and archbishop;
  7. Open your own restaurant;
  8. Get rid of 20 kg of bacon;
  9. Run for 100 days in a row;
  10. To acquire a foreign language;
  11. Put on a play...

...Just as the other Cloudlanders accepted these missions. People like you.

Here's what the minimalism challenge looks like: You pick up an item -> check if you need it.

Yes, simple! It would be funny if the Simplicity Challenge required mountain climbing gear, a red Ferrari, 1 of a powerful Alienware computer and thirteen different textbooks on surgery "for everything". 2

In short: The goal of the minimalism challenge is to live a happier life.

And two rules will help you:

  1. Ask yourself - why do you have something?
  2. And do you really need that thing?

My personal example:

One day I looked in the closet and saw a shirt I hadn't worn in two years. They were terrible and I don't know how two years ago they were caught on "final sale". 3 I bought.

...Then I hung them from the hanger, 4 I folded it and took it to the nearest one Caritas representative office to be given to those who will wear them with pleasure.

The other day I looked at the piggy bank that my godmother had given me 14 years ago, when I was still a child, and that I had left gathering dust on the highest hanging shelf all these years.

...Then I took that pig, took out almost worthless 32 litas cents and one button from it and threw the trash can into it. So that it crashes at the bottom of the container. Bam! Still, that pig was kitsch. 5

Third day on the shelf, among the books, I saw a notebook that I once wanted to give to a friend, but she went to Ireland, we lost contact, and so I lost the opportunity.

...Then I cleaned this notebook of dust, wrapped it in a new gift paper and gave it to a friend... Just anyway - on the occasion of Sunday! Because he was just talking about wanting to track his sleep rhythms. He liked the gift. That's why I'm not ashamed to give things away - if they're not useful to me, others will be. 6

The challenge of simplicity helps to use things and prevents them from using you

If you've ever had to dust off unused items 7 - honestly ask yourself: who is the master here? Do you have things or do things have you?

If you had to worry about your home while traveling, or you never left it because you were so afraid of thieves, fire, gas turned off, water not turned on... Ask yourself the same thing.

Are you really the owner of your stuff? Or maybe just a slave buying them because shopping is a way to calm yourself? 🙂

Here are the rules for your Minimalism Challenge:

I'm not saying you have to - rules, anyway, which one are you. I just picked these for myself:

  1. I was counting things, so to speak, "objects of thought". How many units does something take up in my memory? For example, the books on the windowsill are "books" to me. Unit. However, I count sweaters separately, because for me they are all different, they are not interchangeable.
  2. I counted all my things. Including wardrobe, bed, tables, flowers, posters, underwear...
  3. ...Excluding food and hygiene products. So spices, canned tomatoes, and razor blades didn't make the list. These things are consumed much faster than a bed.
  4. ...And except for the house parts. Because, after all, they are not objects - you can neither take them in your hands nor change them without making repairs. Therefore, I did not count the water heater, stove and kitchen cabinets. I can move the bed as easily as I can refuse. However, if I had to replace the radiators, I wouldn't do it alone.

And I sought:

  1. to see this what is most important in my life
  2. Refuse everything who would distract, disturb and annoy.
  3. To feel happier because I'm doing something with my life, not just sitting in a prison surrounded by distractions.

Here are the 100 most recent items of all that I have:

When a thing disappears from my life, I delete its photo. When the item appears, I add it. I advise you to do the same, but perhaps by making a written list of all the things you have. This will make it easier for you. 8

So what could be your steps:

  1. Write down everything you have. It is impossible to understand how much you have until you have the proof in front of you. Boxes and cupboards are too good at erasing possessions from memory.
  2. Mark NECESSARY items.
  3. Mark things that are either necessary or not. It is natural to doubt. And, again, you don't have to throw away absolutely everything.
  4. Anything that doesn't fit on the list, get rid of it. If the thing is not necessary and you don't even have any doubts about it... Why do you need it? 9 No, don't take all that junk to the attic, don't put it in the corner of the closet. This will not solve the problem. If you don't fit into the list, leave the house. give to friends make a donation or sell it.
  5. Check the list again. If you wish.

In general:

  • Be smart: three items that you can exchange for one - exchange for one; things you can save as a photo 10 – take a photo and save it on your computer. And so on.
  • And don't be afraid - donating things is not a crime. One of my friends moved to a new apartment yesterday. She had nothing because this was her first apartment. I gave her an old kettle, even unpacked kitchen knives, and a pillow that was uncomfortable for me personally. We were both happy.

I hope you will join me today. You don't have to go and throw away half your closet. But you can take the first step and think do you really need everything you have?

Freedom, however, is not born from changed names of the state or even higher salaries. Freedom is born from the ability to live freely.

...Or not? 😉

  1. Red cars are known to be faster thanks to the Doppler effect. That's why I drive a red 2001 Fiat Punto, which manages to get in front of every driver's nose. It's true, I'm not kidding. Hmm, hmm

  2. Although this should be interesting. I want to try!

  3. After all, they are never final - I hope you have already noticed that.

  4. ...washed in the washing machine, dried...

  5. Chi, chi. It's fun. In my spare time, I now watch how various things are pressed.

  6. For example, most of the potties I have received are used by my parents and my brother.

  7. I hope you did, otherwise you are dirty!

  8. I just chose photos because I needed a real example for this challenge.

  9. My grandfather had and kept a bucket of car bolts in his garage for 30 years. There was no need, because cars have simply changed in that time. And do you think that an unused VCR or other contraption will magically come back into fashion?

  10. Like that souvenir magnet from Cyprus hanging on your fridge door.

    • in Apple stores. In Ferrari cars. At the wedding of stylish people. Is it because it's expensive? No - it's expensive because it's simple.

      Or not? :')

  • Hello Daniel, I read your article completely by accident. I was "attracted" by the trinkets of that arranged photograph. Most likely, you no longer "smell" about this article, but I wanted to write it briefly 🙂
    ps, is there anything wrong if I leave the comment without the letter LT?
    Reading the article was not easy due to the large amount of researched text. Colors, size of letters, different finds, slants, darkening, dots, scratches, etc. The first thought occurred: this person really needs this type of hair, but judging from the text, it is too early to talk about minimalism 🙂 Do not take these thoughts as destructive opinions or as personal criticism. And where else do you service things. Counting, taking pictures, keeping a summary of how many came, how many left... Hasn't this become slavery? You don't need to make love to her every time you lie on the bed. But lying only on the pillow, your thoughts go to self-satisfaction and evaluation of the pillow more often than just lying on the bed 🙂
    I liked the very idea that "existential questions" have crossed your mind.
    The idea itself is perfect, but it is born for everyone. An ideal, unplanned and unexpected time. This usually happens when you have already had your fill of herring and a mixed complex and your nose smells that there is still a blessing that does not come from food.
    I am most "turned on" by the feeling of giving, giving, surprising and acting for no reason. When you don't buy things from me, they somehow appear anyway. And then the opportunity opens up to share with others who need it most. I fell in love with using "used" things and saving them to pass on to others. The peculiar circulation of used items practically closes the way for the consumption of new items. What about the economy then? Maybe I thank the gods that sometimes I give in to holy naivety and buy a computer with which I can spread myself...?
    I said I would comment briefly, that would be it for now.

    • Ah, not really that short! Thanks, Greta! :)) It's really a challenge right now, yes, as in a bit of a standstill - I just don't have any new stuff. You have written it once, you have excelled and you are calm!

      I think such a challenge should be repeated for everyone who has mountains of wealth at home. It's fun, and it's definitely not some kind of slavishness afterwards - no more than it would be to dust a million figurines/tables/surfaces and such every day.

      Thanks again!!

  • Little by little, I am moving towards the point where I no longer have to think about what to wear in the morning - only the same clothes remain in the closet. Black t-shirt, black jeans. Black jacket. Suitable everywhere and always. Steve Jobs did it in a similar way, Mark Zuckenberg still does it 🙂 it's very nice in the morning - you get dressed and that's it, no headaches!

    • Are you wearing all black now? I would prefer to take any color or just white unless only 😀 But cool!! 🙂

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