What is the Emotional Release Method? And how I learned to forget the pain

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Tad was one of many people of a similar age who realized that his life... He was not satisfied. And decided to change.

This time I'm talking Tada Rakauskas. A teacher whose blog is caught in the list of the best self-help blogs.

Tad is a 30-year-old (and one-month-old) hero who believes that time passes quickly and that even the longest life will pass even faster, so it is necessary to spend time meaningfully.

And I don't know anything else about Tad. Think we know him equally now. Let's hear what he has to say!

🧘 Hi Tad. Who are you?

I am Tadas Rakauskas, trainer of the emotion release method project TuTikraiGali.lt author and founder. I write articles, share the emotion release method with people, create and run emotion release programs.

The emotion release method it is a way to let go of negative feelings, beliefs instilled by the environment in childhood or painful memories of the past. It's about suppressing bad emotions to make room for good ones.

🧘 Do you often challenge yourself? Where would you place yourself on a ten-point scale from Cowardly Mouse to Bravest Lion?

Sometimes. I think somewhere around 8. It's really not easy to assess myself, because I don't call my actions in life a challenge. I do what I like and find fulfillment from within, and the ability to hear myself and take on the things that bring fulfillment, I would rate as an eight.

🧘 What challenge did you take on and what were the rules?

7 years ago I decided to change my life. I didn't know how exactly to do it, nor how long it would take, but I clearly understood that if I didn't change myself, nothing good would happen. Then I had recently learned the emotional release method that I had used to kick my alcohol habit and I could see that the method was working. He already helped me relax more, but he wanted more.

For this reason, I quit my job, sold my car, lied to my mother that I was going to a two-week camp and went to live in Palanga. I lived there for 7 crazy months.

Approximately after 10 hours every day i let go your negative emotions, thoughts, limiting beliefs, I tried to find myself.

When I sat down to meditate, I told myself that I was going to the laboratory. Because from the outside it may appear to be a boring activity, but when you close your eyes, you are "dancing" through your feelings, thoughts, memories and trying to deal with it - a lot of action is boiling inside...

I had three friends from Palanga and Klaipėda. I met one of them once a week. I understand that this many meditations may seem like a lot, but if you have been living a life you don't like for a long time and want to start living COMPLETELY differently, then even 10 hours a day may not be enough.

🧘 And what exactly prompted you to take on this challenge?

During the first launch test, I experienced something unreal. It seemed like a wave dissolved in the sea - I merged with the environment, with what surrounds me, my mind and feelings were silenced, I felt love and how everything is interconnected, as if one. A feeling of complete freedom. Of course, this state only lasted a dozen seconds, but it stuck for a long time.

From childhood I was full of fears: I was afraid to communicate, I avoided people, I didn't like myself, I didn't trust myself, I had many complexes and restrictions.

The more negative emotions I let go, the more inner freedom I felt. After all the inner storms of the past, that inner freedom, peace, silence of the mind, which I experienced thanks to the method of releasing emotions, strongly attracted me.

I didn't plan that my trip to Palanga would last 7 months, but I don't regret it at all.

🧘 how did it go

Considering that I hardly understood what I was doing at the beginning, it went pretty well. There was everything. I remember crying after five days of work. I thought that my dream to organize and change my life was nonsense. But I wanted to live a better life - that's what motivated me to move forward.

🧘 And what bothered you the most?

Old thinking and old habits: the desire to sit on the Internet (I asked him not to have it in the apartment), the fear that I will ruin my life (completely unfounded), the fear of what my friends will think.

And since I didn't explain anything to my friends, they really fantasized a lot...

🧘 What did you do when it was hard and you wanted to throw everything away?

The Emotional Release method was developed in the USA, so when I was feeling bad and didn't know what to do, I wrote a letter to a man who teaches this method across the Atlantic. And he wrote back!

A few days later we called and talked on the phone for a little over an hour - he answered questions and motivated me to continue what I started. I remember thinking of him - "cool old man". I still think so.

🧘 What did you learn during your challenge?

I have completely changed. Feelings, thoughts, thinking have changed. I realized what I want to do with my life. There was more confidence, love for myself and life, there were bouts of inexplicable happiness, when I am happy just for no reason.

There were also ecstasies, visions and other things that seemed mystical at the time. I realized how we hinder ourselves from achieving our goals.

Our life reflects our inner self - changing ourselves changes life.

I learned how to use the emotional release method to achieve my goals in relationships, well-being, money, and even health. I realized how powerful love is and that love is the answer to our questions and problems.

Most importantly, not only did I understand, but I also proved by applying it to myself that the method of letting go of emotions works. Therefore, now when I do emotional release programs or consult people, I know what to do so that those who come to me get the results they want.

🧘 Do you have any advice for people who want to repeat your adventure?

Get to know someone who has done something similar and communicate with them periodically during the challenge. Results are better when you have a map with a route to your destination and know what you are doing.

🧘 So what challenge will you take on now? Already have ideas or secret desires?

I'm currently completely reorganizing my day - it seems like a real challenge: I do the most important things at the beginning of the day and the internet related work in the second half of the day.

I have an old dream - to use the Internet only purposefully.

🧘 Thanks, Tad, for the interview!

It was interesting! And for you, reader, I have a proposition…

Would you like to tell about your challenge or test? Then write to danielius(sraigė)debesyla.lt and I will send you questions!

However, I believe you have something to tell! 🧘

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