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How to gain Jedi-level supernatural strength and self-confidence?

Hello, my name is Gabriel. This is an addition to what I wrote a long time ago posts about self-confidence. A lot of time has passed and I decided to create a second part.


Dropshipping - where to start? A brief introduction for beginners

Hello, cloud dwellers! My name is Indre. Although I tend to do a lot in life, I am not afraid of challenges and always seize opportunities. If you ask who I am, I answer - a dropshipper. I have indeed come a long way to a life independent of location and time of day. I started a dropshipping school and surrounded myself with the same people. I invite you to read about dropshipping, the digital nomad lifestyle and how it took […]


What is the digital nomad way of working?

"You want to know what it is?" There is no going back after this. The blue pill is the end of the story. You will get up in your bed and believe what you believe. Take the red one and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole of dreams leads." - the last words Neo heard before choosing to live in reality. Just a movie hero and nothing real? In life, this […]


365 Positive Days Challengehow i learned positive thinking

Many of you have probably encountered such days that seem gray, heavy and boring. On such a day, nothing (really absolutely nothing) good and positive has happened. And if we ask ourselves at such a time, is there really nothing? And if it really feels like nothing has been done during the day, what could be done to save it and [...]


What is Vipassana Meditation? 10 days of strict silence in the camp

What can intensive meditation for 11 hours, every day, for 10 days in a row transform you into? There's only one way to find out. September 2015. I realized that I had no chance to escape. The phone was handed over, the parking lot was locked, communication with other participants was stopped. Vipassana meditation camp begins. What makes these meditations special? Are they worth a try for you? A couple of months ago: Why did I decide to try Vipassana meditation? Participant […]


Author of "Valtininkas" blog: Martynas Jočys

Martynas Jočys: author of the blog and the books "How to defend your dream" and "Žybsnis". Who is he? Martyns agreed to talk not only about what inspires him to create such engaging tekts, but also about what he thinks makes a good teacher, how to find your calling and be happy. 🚣 Martyn, what kind of personality are you? There are people who drown […]


Author of the "Living Psychology" blog: Lina Vēzelienė

We often ask ourselves such questions as what are human values, how to discover our vocation in life or overcome the fear of criticism... Using social networks, you probably follow more than one person you like, but how do we choose who are our real teachers who can inspire us or give us useful advice? Psychologist - psychotherapist, author of the blog "Gyvoji psichologija" Lina Vėželienė agreed to share her experience. It's good to share [...]


A year without alcohol: Alcohol is an escape from yourself

I can celebrate today. The strangest thing is that right now this fact does not seem impressive or glorious to me. It seems - and that's what it is. The last 365 days of my life have passed without alcohol. And really, maybe I wouldn't even have written about it. But then I thought about my teenage years, about my life with alcohol in it, and I decided that a little […]


Self-development program "Lūšis": Is it worth paying attention to?

Belka discovered Lūšis, a playful change program developed by psychologist Rasa Norbutė, about half a year ago - we explored it that time, but we didn't forget it. When the interview with the creator of the program got mixed up again, curiosity and the desire to improve led to the "forest", where more than 600 lynxes that participated in the "Active Lynx" program were breeding. ...Then we tried "Active Lynx". By the way, there were more than 800 applicants, but the rest were eliminated [...]


How to sleep better (and how to fall asleep faster)

We all know that sleep is important. However, not all of us realize how important sleep really is. Good sleep helps us to be happier, smarter, slimmer and healthier. And I'm not exaggerating. So why the hell are we still not putting enough effort into getting a good night's sleep? If you want to quickly, realistically and tangibly improve your quality of life, it's time to take care of your sleep. First step: Start [...]