How to gain Jedi-level supernatural strength and self-confidence?

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Hello, my name is Gabriel. This is an addition to what I wrote a long time ago posts about self-confidence. A lot of time has passed and I decided to create a second part.

The first post was more about scientific facts that we can use to build confidence, but theoretical approaches are often not the most effective… Sometimes they are too complicated, and science can't explain certain aspects of life, especially those centered around mental/psychological/spiritual things – but what topics of paranormal phenomena are still taboo for science…

Today's post will be about confidence. But a little different than what is commonly thought.

It will be about your inner strength. It's not the confidence to talk to strangers or pick up the opposite sex on the street, it's the feeling that you're strong and capable of moving mountains. And while muscles and sports help create that feeling, it's not always directly related to athleticism.

What is strength?

Why does one person have strength in him and another does not? Why is one person used to fighting and standing up for himself, while another gives up? It all depends on our foundational subconscious beliefs about the world. A belief is what seems to us to be an indisputable truth about the world. Generally, core beliefs about the world are formed in early childhood and later as the person grows, new layers of beliefs are placed on top that confirm the core.

Often people interested in self-development find information on how to work with the surface layer of the personality, which is known to be like a cosmetic film covering the essence of the soul, and changes made at this level bring little benefit. Therefore, true spiritual work must begin with the analysis and restructuring of foundational beliefs.

How are beliefs formed?

Let's say a person grew up in a family where there was constant anger. As a child, he was constantly oppressed and blamed by his parents for being bad, useless, incapable, and so on…

A child's brain has not yet developed the neocortex, which is responsible for the ability to rationalize and explain life (something an adult is capable of). So the child cannot explain to himself that he is not to blame for the fact that his parents "spill" on him. He takes everything personally, and the words of his parents become an indisputable truth. Psychologists call this emotional neglect. 1 The child becomes a sponge for absorbing hatred. And even worse, he develops the belief that he is not worthy of love. The child measures himself like this: "since my parents don't love me, I probably don't deserve it." I must be a bad kid." It is almost impossible to grow up with healthy self-confidence and a healthy psyche under such conditions. Usually, a person who comes from such a family will be extremely withdrawn as an adult, prone to depression, distrustful of others, have difficulty maintaining relationships, and most likely will have difficulty even hugging another person for a long time. He will also see the world too negatively, as if through glasses imbued with pessimism. He will see the minuses where there are pluses, he will be skeptical and distrustful, he will expect that all people are inclined to exploit and deceive him. 2

What's more, if he starts a family, there is a high probability that such a person who has not worked on himself will, without realizing it, pass on his beliefs to the new generation. There are even controversial theories that trauma can be transmitted through genes. 3

How to transform negative beliefs?

It is interesting that a person who has experienced psychological trauma does not necessarily know that he has it, because everything happened a long time ago - and childhood is hidden in the subconscious. From the present perspective, it may seem to a person that nothing bad has happened. Of course, if the injuries are severe, he will definitely sense that something is wrong one way or another. But often traumas aren't so obvious—they can be little things that felt like the end of the world to your inner child.

In order to heal the wounds of the past and gain self-confidence, you need to work on your past. The point is to understand what feeling and what thought/belief was formed when. For example, the belief that I am a loser. Let's go into meditative silence and ask our subconscious mind to show us when this belief first formed, where we learned it. This exercise is much easier to do if you have a therapist nearby who can guide you through the layers of your own subconscious with their voice, but since we don't have that luxury at the moment, I'll just put what it all looks like in writing. When we see the image from the memories, let's take our time, let's fully digest what happened. At first, we will be overwhelmed by a barrage of unpleasant feelings - we need not to run away from them, but to fully feel what is happening. In order to transform beliefs, we need to ask ourselves what else this situation is teaching us. Now we can look at it from a completely different angle, because we are already an adult, we can see a much more objective picture and free ourselves from all the negative beliefs that we formed in childhood. In this way, one by one, we can replace old beliefs with new ones. Of course, if the injuries are severe, it is almost impossible to heal them yourself (of course, everything is possible, but it is very difficult to do it yourself) - you need support and the help of a good therapist.

The power of persuasion

Once we've healed from our past, we face a new challenge - a future that may pose even greater problems than the traumas of the past. Beliefs don't change overnight - wounds take time to heal. However, the future, innovation and the unpredictability of life can cause us anxiety and fear that everything that happened in the past can happen again. Or worse, that old negative belief is true after all, even though we realize there is no valid rational reason for it. We've just lived with him for so long that breaking up can be harder than it seems... In this situation, a positive, rational attitude and time are your best friends.

So how do you create new beliefs? The bottom line is that a belief is ultimately what you believe to be true. You can believe beliefs so fervently that they become true, even if they have no objective basis. Here is the power of the mind. What you believe is what you get. If a person were to realize this truth, a huge creative oasis of mental possibilities would open up to him. Ultimately, your every emotional state also stems from your mind's belief in one concept or another, and your entire worldview also stems from the same place. At the deepest level, your faith shapes the emotional states of consciousness in which you live. I call it the mental matrix, the perspective from which you see the world. When asked these words, one may get the impression that everything is subjective because it depends on our faith. However, this is only half the answer.

Mind Polarity, or Magnetization

When one begins to study how faith, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, philosophy change the state of consciousness, sooner or later a person will come to the fact that states can be grouped. They can be light or heavy, soft or rough, light or dark, altruistic or egoistic, etc… This is what we call polarity or mental magnetization. I'll explain what it is right now. The mind, like metal, can acquire a certain polarity - then it begins to attract the corresponding pole to itself. In other words, we begin to attract into our lives what we believe. The previously listed states are certain poles of the mind in which our soul resides. The more we polarize our minds to one side or the other, the more power we feel. Basically, the polarity is between the desire to do good to others (good) and the desire to do good only to oneself by exploiting others for one's own benefit (evil). I believe you have experienced yourself that when you are in a state of happiness, when you want to share love, people smile at you for no reason, synchronic coincidences happen, when you are thinking about something and a person calls you and so on... We all have experienced these things. Finally, even a few scientific experiments show that the human mind can influence reality. In 1993, the Washington Meditation Experiment took place, with 4,000 participants. 27 people, including police officers, sociologists and other professionals, supervised the experiment. In 2 months they managed to reduce the number of crimes by 23%. After the experiment ended, the crime rate returned to the same point. The statistical probability of such events was 1 in 500 million. This is another proof that our mind can influence the external reality. The only question is at which pole we have "magnetized" our consciousness.

The highest level of strength comes from the Creator

This is probably the most controversial paragraph in the entire essay. But the greatest power and strength comes when a person feels God in his life. God in this case is the most subtle and gentle emotional energy that surrounds us. The entire universe is one gigantic UNIVERSAL MIND. Since everything is MIND-CONSCIOUSNESS, we can influence the environment with the power of our mind-consciousness. But what is the mind and what is the soul?

The soul is a state of mind that is expressed through the spiritual heart. In our culture, there are sayings: listen to the voice of the heart, follow your heart, work from the heart and so on... All this shows that we subconsciously know the function of the heart, which is the processing of sensory information - intuition. When our mind is still, when we empty it of thoughts, we can feel the silence that permeates the whole body, but in the silence of the heart we can feel like a reservoir of gentle and soothing energy. The heart is the center of a person, it is where the EMOTIONAL ENERGY of the soul is stored.

Magnetizing the mind is simply drawing closer to God, the UNIVERSAL MIND energy that surrounds us. It is compassion, love and altruism - LIGHT (good) or distance from God ie polarization into selfish DARK POWER (evil). All this we can perceive and feel only through the HEART, not the MIND. All of what I am talking about, I learned by myself through my intuition, but I was always guided by books that philosophically described various metaphysical phenomena. These are books that contain SPIRITUAL TRUTH, and it is up to the individual to decide whether to accept or reject it. 4

If you watched Star Wars movies, you will not be unfamiliar with this philosophy. In those movies, there is a fight between people who are on the light side, the Jedi, and those who are on the dark side, the Sith. They use the CREATIVE POWER OF THE UNIVERSAL MIND as a resource through which paranormal abilities are acquired. The FORCE itself (God) constantly guides the Jedi on the right path, so the spirit warrior must learn to listen to the force (meditation) and find a balance between what is good for the UNIVERSE/HUMANITY and their own personal choices. But he cannot put his own well-being and personal likes and dislikes above the universal good, for that would be the path of evil. A Jedi and a Sith both have free will and the power of choice, but one uses it for good and the other for evil. So the force is equally available to both the light and dark sides. And the most interesting thing is that this is not a science fiction film - almost everything that is shown In Star Wars, actually exist in reality as well. The essence of the spiritual path is to learn to use that power, which is the POWER OF THE MIND OF THE UNIVERSE, and direct it to good or bad deeds - this is the choice of each of us in life. 

Love is the highest level of strength

God is love and goodness, so in order to connect with him, we must cultivate altruistic values within ourselves.

God is immortal and by uniting in silence with him, we too can experience becoming immortal. Various paranormal abilities and unseen strength also come from here. Technically everything comes from merging with the UNIVERSAL MIND, not from us. To experience this power, we just need to direct our minds to the poles of goodness and live in such BRIGHT positive states.

We all have within us the impulse to act. It can come from divine love—that is, doing something for the highest ideals of goodness and service to others—or from selfishness, that is, the desire to profit and get something for oneself, to rule over others, and to compete for greater power and influence. Each of us chooses in our life whether to follow the path of love and goodness or selfishness.

When we experience love with a significant other, especially when making love, we experience a sense of connection. There the boundaries between me and you disappear, and only one common WE remains. When we feel this love, we merge and our egoistic self-ego disappears. All that remains is love, unity and bliss. 


Beliefs create our reality. In childhood, we are at our most vulnerable and form our most important foundational beliefs about the world. They are created by the mind with the help of belief and attitude. Therefore, the mind has the ability to change everything if it wants to. Beliefs and the resulting states can be grouped into poles. Each pole is like a magnet that attracts even more energy of the same pole. The main poles are love, forgiveness and acceptance or control, power and selfishness. The pole of love encourages us to unite with God, which allows us to experience an unprecedented level of bliss. It is important to realize that the love we feel is God's, not ours. We are only a channel of this love and cannot control or own it.

It's all about that strength.

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With love

  1. Emotional neglect occurs when a parent or caregiver fails to take care of their child's emotional needs. It includes the child's feelings not noticing or validating them, not showing love, encouragement or support.

  2. Adults develop types of attachment that show how we see the world and what kind of relationship we create with those around us.

  3. Trauma can leave a chemical imprint on a person's genes that can then be passed on to future generations. This sign does not cause a genetic mutation, but changes the mechanism of gene expression. This change is not genetic but epigenetic.

  4. You can read more about the concept of light and dark in the book The Law Of One (The Ra Material); about God and the workings of the Universe - Christ letters, about God and human evolution - Ecopsychology.

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