Who is Debesyla..? 🙃

In short: a dude with nothing better to do. I'm Danielius, a 30-year-old guy from Kaunas, and yes, I like weird ice cream, caramel questions and wooden jokes.

Now, perhaps, it is time to present what a great mission I have.

…But maybe we can do without it. Just sharing what I experience. I invite you to join and share, because from now on I consider you a friend. 1

Here's what we can play together:

  1. I can to become your mentor, if you want my knowledge;
  2. visit mine on instagram 2 and I will share moments from my everyday life;
  3. Leave a comment under the experiments I tried, because I am interested in your observations and what you can add to me;
  4. Let's get to know each other better - here a few facts about me, here it is my story till today and here my crazy goals list;
  5. Read it my book on the benefits of laziness;
  6. I would be happy to talk to you I would publish your story here on the page;
  7. Try it tools I use myself.

I also want to share that it helps me (and has helped) wonderful people to whom I am very grateful. I haven't included everyone here, but I am grateful to every reader, because without you, there would be nothing to talk about.

You can contact me:

  • Email: danielius (snail) debesyla.lt
  • Instagram: @Debesyla
  • Live: If you know me - I'm usually in Kaunas - say "hello"!

  1. Yes, you don't need much 🙂

  2. I practically don't use Facebook because it gives me a headache.