Tools I use myself 🧰

For a lazy life

Don't waste your life on email. in the mailbox. Automate your emails and become an e-mailer. letter jedi.


Wish your friends a happy birthday, turn off the lights at home if you left without them... And 10+ thousand more. automatic recipes for your life and home.

The Lazy Manifesto

Being lazy isn't just healthy or fun, it's productive. My first book; I released it especially for you.

Getting too many subscription emails? This is for you.

Don't let the internet steal your time.

Create a modern business and work for 4 hours. per week.

Feel the freedom we fought for.

Do you communicate on Facebook? You don't have to live in noise.

Plan and work from Google's virtual desktop.

Food. In a smart format.

To know yourself and others

Boatman's questions

Answer 52 questions and you will recognize not only what makes your attitude unique, but you will also find ideas on what to do with yourself in the future.

This is one of those tests that probably everyone has tried. Although the Myers - Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI) is not very scientifically accurate, it is a good introduction to self-knowledge.

Join, get assignments and questions every Sunday, get to know your strengths in 7 weeks.

For self-development and other adventures

Audio library

Books can not only be read; can also listen. Dubbed in Lithuanian, these books save your time and help you gain knowledge faster.


Technology, entertainment and design. Stop by if you want ideas you haven't thought of before.


This is not just training - it is a new way of self-development. Train your brain and in just 30 days you will feel changes in your routine.

Learn new skills online.

Become a confident woman.

Get psychologists' tools for self-development.

Become strong and smart like a forest lynx!

Keep a diary, give thanks, become happier.

Turn new habits into a game.

A list of crazy goals will ensure change.

The challenge of simplicity will free you from things.

These Lithuanian self-development blogs are worth following.

...And these, English ones!

A poster that will inspire you to work.

For creation and work

Cold Turkey

How not to waste time? How to defeat the evil dragon of the Internet? Block everything. Your computer won't unlock until you're done.

Write with music, focused!

Music for your productivity.

Create a foundation for any story or piece.

Check if your language is understood.