10+ Best Self-Education Blogs Bill Gates Reads [Updated for 2021]

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Since I made it List of the best self-development blogs in Lithuania, the second question I kept hearing was “What kind English ones do you read blogs?”.

I thought, I thought... And I realized that I don't follow that many of them. About three years ago, I subscribed to everything in a row, and now I left only probably the highest quality sources of knowledge in sight.

"The highest quality?"

Yes, such. It is difficult to define quality, especially when it is not clear who represents it. 1 But I will try to do just that.

I use:

  1. In my opinion. Of course. Because I'm not a computer and I can't say what's right on this earth and what's wrong.
  2. Readers' feedback. Although this may not be the best evaluation criterion, 2 but still sometimes suitable. After all, some authors are loved by almost everyone, while others divide into two fierce camps. What do believers say and what do atheists say?
  3. Feedback from other authors. What are other authors saying? I'm not sure yet, but it's starting to look like the best developers are also the friendliest. 3
  4. Google. It is the modern mother and father in one person. And it elevates blogs where those looking for answers stay longer. So - I also appreciated the technical information of the pages. 4

Of course, you may not like these blogs. They may not be useful. At all - maybe you will feel sick and want to run to the bathroom to throw up. But I tried to select blogs so that this does not happen.

"Will they answer my questions?"


Who am I to you? Like a prophet? Let's take a look at the 11 best self-help blogs in the world together. I'll show you what I've collected in my reading museum, and you can pick up the exhibits that appeal to you the most.

1. Marie Forleo. Inspiring to live.

If I were a woman, I'd be Marie. At least I would like to become her - she sings with my voice! This playful, childishly joking and entrepreneurial heroine has been in my circle of followers for a long time.

And the most pleasant thing is her works (TV shows, audio recordings, articles and podcasts) only gets better. Two years ago I was happy to discover her, and today, visiting her page again, I am even more happy.

Marie will help you get things started.

Marie doesn't try to explain how to build your own business, write books, or raise children. Instead, it helps to cross the border from "I would like..." to "I do!". As Gaius Julius Caesar said - to cross the Rubicon. 5

It helps me: To do. And to do it with quality, like Marie.

You will find it: Marieforleo.com

2. The Tim Ferriss Blog. Ten times more productive.

You might have heard of this dude before. Yes, he's shaved, but not frosty. Tim - Author of The 4 Hour Work Week 6 from which some of the authors of Lithuanian self-education draw their inspiration. 7

Having previously written, he now interviews the world's most distinguished residents on radio shows. How exclusive? Well... Arnold Schwarzenegger level.

Tim will help you work.

Own in podcasts, in TV shows and in the books Tim explores one topic: how to get the most out of life. You can't magically buy hours any more than you can buy a healthy body. So how do you take advantage of it?

It helps me: Do not lose strength and desire to work. I owe half of my productivity to Tim.

You will find it: Tim.blog

3. Brain Pickings. Tower of reason.

I start my Sunday mornings late. I usually wake up around 11 o'clock in the day 8 and I spend the first moments with the newsletter of the author of this page.

Maria Popova, a former journalist for Wired UK and The New York Times, is like a mapper of the world of information. She reads books, watches movies, plays, interviews... And puts it on her blog. Like the great and impressive library of Babylon. 9

Maria will help you stay human.

Once upon a time, when you were a very small baby, your first instincts were born. Eight and a half months later, you were born. And one thing separates you from piglets - you can generate mountains of more ideas. But are you giving your brain enough food?

It helps me: Create. Theft is the basis of creativity, 10 and the best thing to steal is the best ideas.

You will find it: Brainpickings.org

4. The Art of Manliness. Independent.

I can't say that this blog is for men or only for men. Simply because I am convinced that gender is a difficult term to define. 11 But it may not be to everyone's liking or benefit.

This blog was founded by Brett McKay, owner of the amazing moustache, 12 aiming to help men become men again. Independent, confident and so on.

Brett will help you grow up.

This blog has detailed examples and tutorials on how to survive a blizzard, build a house with your own hands, keep your body in shape as you age, or be the first to help someone in need.

Helped me: Become independent from parents. 13

You will find it: Artofmanliness.com

5. Danielle LaPorte. Sensual.

While I personally don't care for Danielle's style, she has no shortage of readers and followers. Danielle is a poet and entrepreneur who helps you listen to your soul's voice. I don't know if souls have one, but... That's what you'll find out.

This author not only writes sensual, inspiring and poetic texts, but also has created them Meanings and Business search tools that you can really get your eyes on.

Danielle will help you hear yourself.

Although scientific research is not found in her work, 14 you will find a bit of mysticism, a simpler and greener approach to business and a holistic philosophy.

It helps me: ...Well, to be honest, it doesn't help me much. I don't even like her. But Danielle has her audience and I believe you might like her.

You will find it: Daniellaporte.com

6. Chris Guillebeau. A traveller.

Chris writes every day, hosts global business conferences, and... Has traveled to every sweet country in the world. Including Lithuania and North Korea. He still travels, of course, taking his writing equipment with him.

If I like to travel 15 – Chris would inspire and help. Own in the articles and in the books he talks about the possibilities of cheap flights and how you too could travel the world.

Chris will help you travel.

Work while traveling, think while traveling, create acquaintances and business partnerships while traveling. 16 And if you've ever wanted to turn your knowledge into written content or a business, you'll find answers to these questions as well.

It helps me: Write more often and publish the written text. 17

You will find it: Chrisguillebeau.com

7. Seth Godin. Prophet.

It is said that there are five types of bloggers: Journalists, Prophets, Artists, Professors and Stars. 18 Seth is a prophet. When other authors present technical information or poetic ideas, this one presents the truth.

Known for your books, Seth publishes at least one post daily, commenting on business and creative issues.

Seth will help you break the rules.

Rules that just don't work. Rules that should be broken so that we can travel forward and create a better world. Seth mostly talks about business, but his ideas can be applied to parenting as well. 19

It helps me: Build your audience. I'm talking about you, of course. 20

You will find it: Sethgodin.com

8. Tiny Buddha. Wise.

If I'm having a hard time, I'm afraid of a new piece, I don't eat because of excitement or I don't know what I'm feeling - I come here. Although this blog is not lacking in Buddhism-related content, it is not a blog about religion.

This is a blog about living a centered, calm, wise life. As I notice when communicating with 70-year-olds in Lithuania, leisure is the good foundation of their days. Focus on the most important thing and you won't have to worry about anything. 21

Lori will help you reconcile.

Who is Lori? This is the author of the blog! She doesn't say much about herself, but this piece is exactly her work.

It helps me: Calm down, come back to yourself 22 and enjoy everyday life. 23

You will find it: tinybuddha.com

9. Nerd Fitness. An athletic student.

Physical education was my least favorite subject at school. I disliked it so much that I didn't go to it at all and had to get a double. 24 I still don't like sports, but I love what this author is doing!

Simple, humanly understandable exercises that do not require a gym. And so are diets that don't require space fruits and shakers. That's exactly what you'll find here, along with a community of athletic students.

Steve will help you get stronger.

Steve is a sports coach who loves video games and movies. If you've never liked sports clubs, but you're still in the mood - stop by.

It helps me: Don't cross the line between a bike and a whale. 25

You will find it: Nerdfitness.com

10. Science of People. Sociable.

"Daniel, I'm having trouble communicating with..." is such a common question that I've already written three articles and conducted four interviews on the topic. 26 And it still remains a common question.

This blog is all about communication. How dare you ask strangers? How to interest a potential business partner? How to recognize a lie? How to say "No" sincerely?

Vanessa will help you talk.

Vanessa Van Edwards is a relationship researcher, own articles and cables learning how to communicate with another person. 27

It helps me: Don't hang your pants while standing on stage.

You will find it: scienceofpeople.com

11. Wait But Why. Questioning.

In Lithuanian, this name would sound like "Wait, why?". And that's a phrase I now ask myself every sweet day. Why is the world the way it is? What did it come from? And then what will happen... 28

I try to be like Tim Urban, the author of this page, when I write articles. 29 This author answers the questions in detail, funny, vividly and at the same time scientifically. 30

Tim will help you exercise your head.

It helps me: To live Without new knowledge it would be too boring.

You will find it: Waitbutwhy.com

Well... What would you recommend?

As much as I'd like to, I can't go through all the blogs in the world. Even the Lithuanians were difficult to select, and here it is more complicated! So please help me and more importantly help other clouders.

...What 12th blog would you include?

My favorite, other people's favorite, it doesn't matter - which one I didn't mention, but it's really worth checking out? A little further down is the comment space. Add me and other clouders!

And if you don't know anything - then travel down and read what others have to offer. Happy browsing and happy personal growth! ❤️

  1. Style? The situation in which the author created? The cost of creation? I mentioned this when I talked about the books I recommend to friends.

  2. After all, there are those who even consider Donald Trump "Thrifty and tactful."

  3. Lunatics who scream at children and grandmothers in the streets and show their organs to female colleagues in their free time are usually not the most amazing authors. Mostly.

  4. PR, DA, PA, backlinks. Used MOZ.

  5. This is such a river in northern Italy. In his time, to cross a river was this way - so the army loses the opportunity to retreat - so it takes courage.

  6. Original English The 4-Hour Workweek, published in 2007.

  7. For example Super Tribes author Linas Matulis ar "Muscle Mind" author Simas Balčiūnas.

  8. Yes, I like to sleep long. Fight if you don't agree.

  9. As in Jorge Borges' book published in 1941 "The Library of Babylon".

  10. I wrote more in the article "There is no originality. And the world's most famous creators knew this."

  11. But maybe about that another time. I hope to take a closer look at all kinds of "Become a Real Woman" or "Alpha Male" courses and how they change people who don't know who they should belong to. I believe gender is a scale, not two points. But I'm not sure enough to expand on that yet.

  12. Well, look at them! That is... I don't translate. But if you want, click the link.

  13. And also not to be afraid of the future. After reading the stories of other men, I realized that my current life is much easier than theirs - so I will definitely survive. You just need to use other people's knowledge. I also mention this in our cloud rules poster.

  14. Which I love so much.

  15. True, I don't like it. I do not like. It bothers me. Better give me caramel ice cream and Adventure time!

  16. Just like Simon Urbonas from Debesy.

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  18. According to an article by Jeff Goins The 5 Platform Personalities.

  19. I'm not trying to exalt him. Seth also makes mistakes, and some of his texts do not catch the attention of readers. He is a prophet not because he is right, but because he shows us ways that we ourselves have not seen.

  20. From Seth I learned the importance of not getting bogged down with pop-ups, constant "promotions", advertising and cheap praise.

    Now I try to learn more and give what I have learned. Because I saw that the best way to sell yourself is to not try to sell yourself at all.

  21. I also talk about this in "The Lazy Manifesto". You don't have to do everything - you don't have to be close 24/7. Focus on your family, work, creativity, or whatever is most important to you, and consciously be lazy about the rest.

  22. Milena Koles from Debesy told about it in her article "How to fall in love with your true self and discover the joy of life."

  23. Sometimes I present it in a different way - as a reminder that you will die. In Buddhism, death is also spoken of positively.

  24. But they took pity on me and recorded the 4th.

  25. Although maybe the most helpful thing is to lift that sack of potatoes or not to choke while doing garden work. Somehow I can't gain weight naturally. Maybe because I forget to eat...

  26. Just use the search in the article archive. In the future, it may be necessary to write a book about it.

  27. Is that right? ...Someone says so? ...Editor, what do you think? ...Ah, let it stay here.

  28. C'mon, I'd better shut myself up here because this is probably never going to end.

  29. You see - I even installed bubbles of the same style!

  30. Almost like our Lithuanian Valtinikas, but more scientific and detailed!

  • Very awesome article! Thanks so much for the list!! I would add one more http://markmanson.net/ which is sometimes similar to what you write. I liked it a lot before, now it repeats a lot, but it's not bad either 🙂

    • Oh yes, I used to read it too! During the redesign two years ago, Debesyla's design was also inspired. It's just a pity that Mark is cursing so much now and yes, of course, it's repeated :))

      This is somehow the problem of other bloggers, that after some 4 years they find their style and... Drive!

  • I have nothing to add, but thank you so much for Science of People! I really needed this!

  • Thanks for valuable sharing! I think it is worthy of attention https://tomaslau.com/ , Lithuanian, traveling around the world, improving in every way... He says: "Design your lifestyle for success." 😉

    • I keep following and waiting for Tom to screw up something big. Indeed, he and a colleague made a Lithuanian podcast a year ago: http://podkastas.lt/, that's when I liked listening!

  • http://www.marcandangel.com. I don't read all the time - but when I feel like I'm starting to suffocate from the stress of work, creating dramas, etc. - I stopped by and read their website. Personally, it clears my head a lot - it helps me dig out pessimistic thoughts, brings me back to my goals and values.

  • Someone I consider my teacher once said:

    "There are things in life that are worth doing and that pay off. What's worth it doesn't always pay off, and what pays off is worth it." Anyone who can understand Polish can read the book: "Pełna MOC pozniżyce" by Jacek Walkiewicz.

    My other favorites:
    http://garywhitehill.com/ - In 2013, he was in Lithuania. At the SVC2Baltics conference, if you are interested, you can also watch/listen to that day's report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S22EU7c8Vg&t=1639s

    http://www.jamesaltucher.com/ - helps to get in the right mood.

    http://brendon.com/ - this person contains more love than can be contained in one person.

    http://femaleentrepreneurassociation.com/ - I discovered the author recently, stumbled upon her TED talk on Youtube and liked it.

    Thanks for the article! 😉

    • Ah yes, I was wondering if I should include this one! Quite famous and I keep seeing it recommended in places!

  • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I enjoy listening to Tim Ferriss podcasts, it's nice to find him on your list. And recently I discovered https://lavendaire.com/, her voice is so soothing 😀 Thanks again~

  • Hmm… wonderful article and I definitely found some pages of interest. Thank you!

    When you see people change people… it's like a flame that never goes out.

    Here are some of mine that helped when it was really hard and that really have something to say:

    http://garywhitehill.com/ - In 2013, he was in Lithuania. At the SVC2Baltics conference, I just flew out of the hall that day, because for the first time I felt like I understood something in my life. Um.. if you are interested, you can also watch/listen to that day's report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S22EU7c8Vg&t=1639s

    http://www.jamesaltucher.com/ - if you want to cheer up

    http://brendon.com/ - how to love the world and spread goodness.

    http://femaleentrepreneurassociation.com/ - I discovered the author recently, stumbled upon her Ted talk on Youtube and liked it.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Oh yes! I've been following James Altucher for a long time too, and I hadn't even heard of the others. Thank you very much! 😀

      (Altucher, by the way, is an interesting storyteller. All his stories are "It was bad, then it got better"; based on his personal life story.)

  • I don't know if I will have time to go through all the blogs, but the chances of finding something useful for yourself in eleven addresses (oops, with the addition of commenters there are more) are much higher than searching the entire Internet ocean. Thanks for the links and the fun, witty, upbeat comments. I read, enjoy and learn. If someone has a problem, stick your nose in it from time to time http://www.psichologaspades.lt. I'm not comparing myself, but I have promised myself (since July) to write every day for at least a year. For now, I'm keeping my promise.

    • ...And on the writers' portal Medium.com, his articles are constantly at the top of the most read :O

          • Yes! I am currently reading…;)
            I believe you have heard a quote: Jim Rohn: "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." this book has already convinced me that what we become and how successful we are depends on the environment around us. A deeper exploration of the above quote based on scientific research and my own experiments…. 😉 I'm looking for "master mind club"... ;)))

  • I am sharing one very interesting blog:

    It's not a place where you can get self-development water (although! here's how to look), but it's really inspiring! Amazing photos and stories about the places visited. I invite you to stop by 🙂

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