12+ Best Lithuanian blogs for self-development [Updated for 2022]

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During the past month, I did the dirty work and after browsing the Lithuanian internet and asking questions about Debesyliečius... I selected the best, most interesting and useful ones personal growth blogs In Lithuania.

Because I believe that we can find quality content on the Lithuanian Internet as well. Not only in English self-education online.

How were these blogs selected? The most important thing in ratings is the benefit to the readers. Then - exclusivity, interest and quantity.

POSITIVE scores for:

  1. Length, completeness and justification of articles (personal experience or scientific facts).
  2. Offering books, programs, seminars and other products.
  3. Circle of fans (more is better). 1
  4. Courtesy of the author in dealing with readers. 2
  5. Courtesy of the author in communication with colleagues.
  6. The lifetime of the page.
  7. And positive reviews online.

My opinion does not count here. Because what I like doesn't mean the rest of the readers will like it. I try to distance myself from evaluation.

NEGATIVE marks for:

  1. Poor page activity (if there have been no updates for more than a month).
  2. Repulsive and uncomfortable design. 3
  3. If the page only advertises to buy something.

Then scores are tallied, candidates are lined up and...

Let's start with the top five! 

1. Boatman. Answering questions.

Valtinikas is a financial analyst. Such an accountant-like employee who counts money and in his spare time writes probably the most philosophical and calmest Lithuanian blog today.

He writes abundantly, positively and as if he were talking to you personally through his letters. The author of this blog, Martynas, is not a grandfather, but if he is, he will probably be the wisest grandfather of all.

The boatman will help you with any questions. Martyn has a Facebook question and answer group, making electronic music and lives what he says.

The most outstanding: He doesn't shy away from poking fun at the cheap and supposedly "motivational" quotes that abound on the Internet. 4

Martyn can be found at: Valtininkas.lt

2. Architect of the mind. Motivation Engineer.

Lukas Marcinkevičius is a psychologist interested in the narrow topic of motivation, goal setting and their achievement. His articles are detailed, backed by a wealth of scientific research and decorated with illustrations drawn by Luke himself. 5

Lukas will help you with setting goals. Some time ago, I proposed to Luke to publish a book. However, he refused, stating that if he ever writes, it will be only after he has done extensive research and worked on the book for at least three years. He is stubborn about quality work.

The most outstanding: He is a man of science. 6

You can find Luka: Protoarchitektas.lt

3. Alex Monaco. Not sleeping life.

When I first heard about Alex two years ago, I thought "Wow, another dodgy blog". Then I disabled the page and didn't come back for several months... But later I realized that I made a mistake.

Aggressive, rude and shouting right in the ear Alex Monaco 7 blogging can really scare and turn off many. But underneath the facade, Alex shares his perspective on life, and that perspective isn't all bad.

Of all Lithuanian self-development blogs, Alex has the largest readership. And if he is followed almost 100 thousand Lithuanians, that's probably the reason.

The most outstanding: His writing style. When other writers lick the texts according to the rules of VLKK - Alex maintains his style of speech. 8

Alex will find: Monaco.lt

4. Living psychology. A student of the soul.

This is psychotherapist Lina Vēželienė's blog about psychology, its problems and solutions. Lina is one of those authors who is able to write about serious topics in an interesting, engaging and enjoyable way.

That is probably why Lina's "Living Psychology" has attracted the attention of various professionals. From psychologists to celebrities of the Lithuanian creative world.

The most outstanding: She writes live and with a mountain of various knowledge. 9

Lina will meet: Givojipsychologija.lt

5. Surfaces. A dreamy explorer.

Music, discoveries and nature - combine these and you get a rather unusual blog of Martynas Jociaus. This author is an explorer and he invites us to explore the world around us together.

Martyn will help you when you run out of inspiration. He creates music, has written a short book about productivity and attention and usually share quite new ideas.

The most outstanding: His rhythmic writing style.

Martyn can be found at: Virsmai.lt

6. I'm happy with myself. Rejoicing in you.

Starting with a confidence-building program, this one psychologist Rasa Norbutė the blog has become a stronghold of personality enhancement. Rasa will help you enrich your everyday life with new habits.

Rasa creates probably the friendliest in Lithuania 10 personality development program "Lynx", 11 and also writes and translates articles and book excerpts.

The most outstanding: Playful blog style and online training created by a psychologist.

You will meet a dew and a lynx: Dziaugiuosisavimi.lt

7. A state of trance. An unpopular psychologist.

The author of this blog is again a psychologist. Vitaly Gafurov's blog offers news (and proven antiquities) from the world of psychology without "17 best ideas" style lists. 12

The most outstanding: Psychology without embellishments. 13

You can find Vitaly: Tranzobusena.lt

8. Transformations. Experiencing miracles.

Luka is 50 years old and she lives where her dreams have taken her - on an island where it's spring all year round and the scent of flowers floats in the air. She once dreamed of such a life... And made it come true.

Luka will help you dream of a better everyday life. Well, and not just to dream. She also shares ideas and practices in articles that work for her and her readers!

The most outstanding: This is not a youth camp. 14

You can find Luka: Transformations.lt

9. Green tribe. Ecology extreme.

I met Irmina for the first time... on Tinder. 15 I don't remember how our conversation started, but I remember how I met her: radiant, energetic, sparkling and smiling.

Irmina will help you live more alive. Sorts and mines, and runs, and writes about ecology, minimalism, veganism and a number of other happy life topics in an easy and refreshing way.

The most outstanding: There is no tempering of opinion in her work.

Irmina will find: Zaliagentis.lt

10. You really can. Releasing.

Emotions are an inevitable part of everyday life. And do you know how to deal with them? Tad will help you understand your feelings. Become your true self.

The most outstanding: Audio recordings voiced by the author himself! 16

Then you will find: Tutikraigali.lt

11. Home of the soul. Creative.

More than 8 thousand "Sielas namus", which has Facebook fans, is created by Aurelija, who hopes to engage in creativity 17 everyone can, that creating is healthy and that it is a possible path to peace.

Aurelija will help you balance personal growth and creativity. Aurelia has a talent for transmitting good energy through her articles. And I really like that. True, it does not only talk about creativity, but also about authenticity, spiritual experiences, and self-searching.

The most outstanding: She conducts various creative courses and therapies!

You can find Aurelia: Sielosnamai.lt

12. Bright. Just herself.

Mysterious Mist 18 is a semi-novice. However, even though there are authors who have been creating for longer in Lithuania, she has eaten up most of them. She has been creating texts for seven years, but she gained wide attention only half a year ago!

Migle will help you create your future. She talks to the most famous Lithuanians, and also writes his own articles about minimalism, creativity, travel and focusing on the most important.

The most outstanding: She is in no rush to buy something. Relax, sit on the bench and enjoy. The mist is with you.

You can find mist: Sviesu.lt

And the thirteenth blog…

...There is one that you will add 😉

Because after browsing the Lithuanian internet and asking good and well-known blogs on Facebook (even) six times, of all self-improvement blogs... I found only 12 that were worth noting.

Which blog would you add to this list? What did I miss?

Please tag me in the comments below and I'll add it to the list! And also, don't miss the opportunity to share this list with your friends who are so interested in self-development and its discoveries. Thank you!

  1. Because what is liked by a thousand citizens of Lithuania is probably something more useful than the content that is liked by ten. It's not guaranteed, but it's likely.

  2. Because a good person will not behave badly.

  3. The mountain comes to Mohamed. And blogs should be readable on mobile screens as well, without annoying, unrelated ads.

  4. Here are his illustrations. I like them!

  5. Kittens!

  6. When I or some of the other authors writing on the topic of psychology just skim over the research, Lukas is stubborn to analyze them to the end. Although he is somewhat disappointed with the state of psychological science in Lithuania, he is trying to make sure that there is nothing to be disappointed about.

  7. The real author's name is Alexander.

  8. And that's why I respect him the most. While Alex's articles usually don't interest me, his style is eye-catching. After all, we create the Lithuanian language ourselves and what the hell do the VLKK speakers say.

  9. Take a look at one of her articles. Quotes, hints, references are shared almost every third sentence. I'm waiting for Lina to publish her book!

  10. And made in Lithuania!

  11. This is a space for personality enhancement. It was born from the intersection of psychological tasks, a game that encourages progress and engagement, and a cozy social network. "Lūšis" gathers 600-800 people once a year.

  12. *Looks at the title of his article* ...Oops.

  13. In which self-destructed psychology article catalog Psychika.eu. I keep getting offers to add the latter portal to this list of self-development blogs, but it cannot compare in quality with Vitaly's work.

  14. I have received such letters that I do not know anything and cannot know anything, because I am only 25 years old. And I admit it. Luka, on the other hand, has life experience!

  15. In such a dating application on a mobile phone.

  16. Here, for example, is one of them under a short article about anger. It complements the text and helps to acquire knowledge not only with the eyes.

  17. Drawing, singing, poetry and so on...

  18. Yes, she has not revealed her last name yet. I guess this is a chance to find your own style without breaking into the celebrity circle. This is what I, Valtininkas, Irmina and a large number of other Lithuanian authors did.

  • Amazing! I will be sure to share this list with my friends and family. Each of them can find articles on various topics and gain a lot of new knowledge, see a completely different way of knowing the world, learn from the mistakes and success stories described by the authors, which are inspiring :), finally - get help.

    Thanks, Daniel!

  • http://www.supergentis.lt
    Because it tells the essence and inspires. The author of the blog, Linas Matulis, creates value not only through articles, he organizes float parties at Zen Spa Vilnius, together with friends he created and shares Space Dragon - a non-alcoholic energy drink, and he conducts excellent dance workshops and does countless other good things. What I like most is the positivity and the explanation of why we do this and that, what caused it, and what we could do differently. Linas always encourages positively. I strongly recommend it. 🙂

    • Oh yes! It was from Lin's blog that I thought "when would I like to be like him". Well, now I'm still writing, and it's a pity that Linas is no more. But I have purchased the ZenWork bench designed by Lin, and I have also tasted the Space Dragon - deliciousness! I hope Linas will return the old articles to his blog!

    • Thank you! Something new!!
      It is true that the content could be presented in a more convenient and high-quality manner. But quite charming!

    • Oh, I found out about this couple at the Masters of Calm festival. For now, I'm still following to see if everything is really that good there, I'm also subscribing :3 Thank you, Diana!

    • Oh thank you Christina!! Checked it out - really very cool blog, I wonder what you'll get up to in time!

    • The name fits :)) I stopped by, it's quite interesting, diverse! Thank you, Jurgita!

    • Oh, I love it, Rim! You have a new reader, thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Zophilius! I read this from time to time too! 😉

  • I will dare to make a public announcement of my blog at the end of October, but it is intended for motivation and hobby business ideas/earnings. Moscar.lt, and my IG if you want to form an opinion about what agnemoscar will be :)

    • Ooo! I will wait for the show, it will be interesting! 😉

  • What an old post and how great that most of the blogs are still alive, I happily browse the recommended ones!

    We are writing about the southern region of Spain - Andalusia. Meetings, interviews, reports, stories. We apply for the leisure reading category:

    • Oh, Laima! I typically don't leave purely sales pages in the comments (because I understand you are selling oil and its products), but your articles are detailed and interestingly illustrated! 😀 Thanks, you got a new reader :))

      • It's the opposite here. we sell quality oil to create quality content. We are not asking for a cup of coffee, we are not asking for "give a euro" or "support". Please enjoy Andalusia by reading about it and sprinkling oil on your food at home. It happens like that 🤣, imagine!

  • As I was googling new blogs and reading this post, I thought I'd post Cloud's blog one last time… And then I realized I'm on it! 😀 Thanks for writing!

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