I learned to be grateful! My Gratitude Diary Adventure


When I received The Gratitude Journal for Christmas about a year ago, I placed it on the windowsill next to the other books. I thought it was another notebook.

It sat there collecting dust until I pulled it out, wiped it down with my hand, and opened it up. I filled it all summer gratitude journal.

Here is what I experienced.

Pala, "Gratitude Diary"? What is it?

That's what I wanted to find out first. Still a cloud girl Eglė Luotytė gave him so unexpectedly! And just because I'm so handsome and funny! 1

I wondered... It turns out that a gratitude journal isn't just another self-improvement product. It's practice. 

And you can create a gratitude diary as a place where you write. Take a simple notepad, a writing tool and go!

  1. Once you have a place to write: Write.
  2. And in doing so: thank you.

It doesn't matter who. For myself, my mother, Mr. God, my employer (yes, it turns out to be possible), the mayor of the city, Debesylai, nice weather, cashiers, doctors, auto mechanics, Lithuanian electricity networks, the neighbor's cat...

...Don't even thank anyone. Just say thank you:

"I'm grateful that I could wake up today with peace of mind about the future, food in the fridge and warm water running from the shower."

That's how I thanked.

Say "thank you" or however you want to express your appreciation. No one will read your blog, so don't worry - you can say thank you with hearts, little pimples, and lines.

Immediately, after my experiences + interview with Egle, I will also present a list of scientific evidence of how gratitude practices reprogram thinking.

What did I experience while writing this blog?

I did not experience enlightenment. Instead, I experienced happiness.

There is such a funny thing. You live better now than your ancestors did. You probably live better than your peers. If you enter the amount of your annual income into this calculator, 2 you will see that even your "small" salary exceeds most of the salaries in the world. 3

And when was the last time you ran into a hiding place to hide from a bombing or a hurricane under the name of a woman?

...Not enough, isn't it? Want more?

Here's the funny part - we never have enough and this lack is NOT real. We came up with it ourselves. 4 Probably because we have forgotten to thank the environment for what we already have.

I started giving thanks for even the smallest things.


  • A full stomach;
  • A working penis;
  • A penis in a wallet; 5
  • Lithuanian Police on Facebook;
  • The European Union; 6
  • The fact that once dad and mom... Well, literally. Thank you;
  • The ability to escape from one's own nonsense;
  • Editors who correct that nonsense; 7
  • Whistling of nightingales;
  • MANA, which prevents you from dying of hunger;
  • Freedom to be semi-vegan; 8
  • Freedom to write...

I did not get into the habit of writing every day.

At first I wrote every morning, then at lunch, then again in the morning... And then I started writing only a few times a week. I once forgot to blog for a whole month.

I ran out of space in my diary where I could write down my plans, dreams or draw something beautiful.

But there was enough room for gratitude:

The "Gratitude Diary" is high-quality and convenient.

Strong, yellowish paper, quality printing, which does not bleed or rub off. And the format of the notebook itself is a slightly narrower rectangle that fits in my palm. 9

This Gratitude Journal is so well presented that I would love to give it to someone... You know, I'll take it and give it away!

Answer the following question in the comments below the article: what are you thankful for today? I will give away a new "Gratitude Diary" to one of those who answered!

And who created this blog?

Thanks for asking. Even unexpected - I just wanted to interview the author of the Diary! I am interviewing Eglė Luotytė live on Facebook.

I googled you and I see - you say that the "Gratitude Diary" is based on psychological research... How did you create this tool? Does this mean a very serious matter?

I'll answer a little later, because I'm going home now - I don't want to hit a pole.

Of course! Save your head and poles!

Well, that's the whole truth about gratitude, isn't it? 🙂 True! I put a lot of work into the blog. Based on the advice of psychologists, research, surveys of users of blogs, comments of designers and other people's ideas, the "Gratitude Diary" was born.

I have analyzed every bone of this task, collaborated with more than one psychologist, was interested in positive psychology and thus selected those tasks that fit into this tool.

And within a few months, the blog gained immense popularity!

In 4 months, more than 5,000 fans gathered on Facebook, and some posts (I'm not lying) get over a thousand comments. Seriously, I can't believe it myself. I'm a firm believer in diary tasks and exercises because I've tried them myself and studied them. So, those who want to create their own notebook are in luck: the work is done, the tasks are selected and people have checked them.

Take a notebook and do those tasks.

A blog is just a tool that I find quite sweet and cozy and meaningful. And if you want to fill the notebook with cells or lines, it doesn't matter how and where, just do it!

You know, the practice of gratitude has been with me for over a year now, and I think it will be with me for the rest of my life, because the habit of gratitude I developed just made me a happier person.

They say if you can't change the world, change the way you think about it. After all, the world is our point of view.

And tell me, do you see the similarities between the practice of gratitude and the philosophy of Minimalism? Connections between gratitude and Christianity or Buddhism?

Yes! Just now on the way to the airport. I'll answer more when I'm there!

* In a few hours *

Very good question! I apologize for the delay, when the flight to Kaunas, everything gets complicated somehow. :)))

When it comes to gratitude and minimalism, absolutely yes! After all, gratitude is the ability to appreciate what you have.

Then I understand: Oh my God, how much you have and how little you really need. There comes a desire, a desire to get rid of everything that was never needed: things, people, clothes. It doesn't matter what it is.

We often associate happiness with having something: a new house, a car, a dress, but this is only a cover, a self-deception.

The moment we get our dream house or phone, what happens?

Before long, we are already dreaming of a newer, better one. This is how we delay our happiness. In other words, gratitude teaches awareness: appreciate what you have here and now.

Happiness is this day. As for religion, I have noticed that gratitude is very dominant in all religions, yoga practice starts with gratitude, read the Bible... It is everywhere.

Therefore, I boldly call gratitude simply a religion. By faith. And which one specifically, you choose yourself. I believe in kindness and positivity, trust - why not a religion? 🙂 I don't believe in someone else's God. So maybe I can't comment too much. But I believe in happiness, the infinite human potential, the ability to find inner peace and happiness on your own.

You will give - you will receive, you will love - they will love, you will be good - you will be rewarded with good.

Nicely said! Thanks for the chat, Egle!

...But is there any scientific research that proves the benefits of gratitude?

As I mentioned, it turns out there is. Here are some of them:

  1. Gratitude allows you to create more relationships and deepen them.
  2. Gratitude strengthens positive emotions and reduces negative ones.
  3. Also, gratitude is the basis of a good life.
  4. There is a connection between gratitude and good psychological well-being.
  5. According to Emmons and McCullough, who research the psychology of gratitude:  "Gratitude promotes optimal functioning in almost all areas of life."
  6. Thankful people feel stress less often and feel it less.
  7. Gratitude for adults increases optimism.
  8. Writing gratitude before bed is linked to better sleep.
  9. Gratitude is related to persistence in achieving your goals.

And I think I'll stop there... 🙂

And as you?

Will you try the gratitude practice and join me?

I got you a discount on the Gratitude Diary, but you can create a blog for free: just follow this template.

P.S You still have until December 25th to win your own Gratitude Diary. Write - what are you most grateful for?

RENEWED: The blog was won by Silvija, who wrote a song of gratitude in the comments! Thanks to everyone who participated!!!

  1. Well, she didn't say a word about why she gave it. And he didn't ask for anything in return. But I feel pretty and funny to myself, so maybe?

  2. Write down not only how much salary you get per year, but also social benefits, state insurance, student scholarships and everything else that you get from the state and for which you don't pay, but you wouldn't get it in other countries (like the USA). You probably already notice how much everything passes through your eyes?

  3. Welcome to the European Union. If you haven't been here since May 1, 2004. Right now the French are paying for your good life.

  4. Just because to live by minimalist philosophy is not very common - after all, you want to constantly grow, buy, expand your empire and become "safer" thanks to new purchases or hobbies.

  5. Hey, hey, those Brits with their currency.

  6. I am a Europhile. I believe it is the best we currently have in all of Europe.

  7. You are amazing, Agne!

  8. I don't care about the health part, but I support veganism because it's cheaper to grow cabbage than a cow - it helps the economy and the ecology.

  9. Paper prints should be of high quality. If someone presents a book on paper, it is not worth reading.

  • I am very grateful that nothing hurts yet 🙂 Thanks for this article. ...it's also a great gift idea

  • I am grateful for a healthy husband and daughter, whose birth taught me how to love. For wonderful friends. For the cat, which is the psychologist of all households, the "dog shaker" and the grinder of love. For sleep when you sleep well. For the fact that there are undoubtedly still good and sincere people in the world. For those who joke and lighten up life. For classical music, for movies and books, for many surprises. For difficulties - although sometimes you hate them, for feelings...

  • I am grateful for life's pranks that encourage my eagerness to gain as much knowledge as possible because it encourages me to improve by awakening the desire to gain even more by applying what is already known in practice

  • I am very grateful for the defeat in the Lithuanian championship, for many emotions, for missing a few kilograms in order to reach the standard of master in my sport, for tears and most importantly for knowing that I have someone to console and pour out my sadness on... thank you for those people around me

  • I am grateful to myself this morning that I took a day off today, that I woke up on time, that I was not too lazy to exercise, that all the housemates are healthy 🙂 . I thank Egle for this contribution to the lottery, and myself for the opportunity to participate in it 🙂

  • Thank you for those small miracles that become big thanks to hugs, support, just being there. Thank you for having the opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone

  • I am grateful for the fact that in 2017 I filled this gratitude diary in various states: we passed, believing, not believing, intoxicated with happiness, shocked and ungrateful.

  • I am very grateful to my mother for letting me understand the value of studies, that I can study, study, realize myself, that every morning is different, and I am grateful to my cousin Simona, who brightened the light to come and fills every day with dreams, and to my friend Alvita, who creates light in me - thanks to her I can
    create and discover new things all the time!

  • Most of all, I am grateful for the authenticity. I am grateful for the desire to see myself as I am.. for the realization of how selfish I was.. for the realization that no matter how many events and adventures have happened, my life has not yet begun.. because the "conscious me" is just beginning to take steps.. Thank you !!

  • It was interesting reading this post when you say thank you for.. “Working dick;”
    Too bad you didn't mention that you have children.
    Or is it just that you appreciate its performance in terms of being able to urinate?

  • Now that I read it, I was happy because I felt like I had found a treasure chest that I had only heard about.
    I do not spare that treasure. I will share it with everyone. Thank you.

  • I am grateful for the fact that I have loved relatives who are always there so that nothing happens, I am and I am safe. I am grateful that I can love, experience and feel this feeling again. Thank you, I am grateful for everything, beautiful honey, memorable for everything and more❤

  • >