What is the digital nomad way of working?

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"You want to know what it is?" There is no going back after this. The blue pill is the end of the story. You will get up in your bed and believe what you believe. Take the red one and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole of dreams leads." - the last words Neo heard before choosing to live in reality.

Just a movie hero and nothing real? Doesn't that happen in life? What if we said that the digital space is real, and the system exists and exploits every person who lives in it?

Hard to believe? Maybe. But in the 21st century of technology, we shouldn't be surprised if we meet each other digital nomad.

And I'm not talking about those who are locked in their room playing and living to the rhythm of World of Warcraft or just scrolling through Instagram and from time to time occupying the castle through Clash of Clans. Such people are hostages of exactly the same, only digital system.

...How not to become like that can only be answered by that group of people who turned internet surfing into a ticket to a different life.

No office, no boss and no attachment to time and place. They are the true digital nomads who dare to live differently.

Online work anywhere in the world, constant adventures and self-discovery.

Becoming a nomad or a dreamer can be done quickly, but if you want to work digital nomad in this way, you need to invest a lot in yourself. Spend time not only for entertainment, but also for learning about the Internet, which can be not only entertainment, but also a source of income.

Once I was just a dreamer too...

But it was time to face reality - work, friends, home, work, waiting for the holidays and the weekend. Such a life was real, distant dreams and no satisfaction. The realization came that in the next 20 years, only graying hair will appear, new wrinkles will appear on the face, and children will hear the same tired old stories...

NO! – that was the first step - We will not give up and we will not live boringly.

Second step - we stopped dreaming and started looking at the Internet not as entertainment, but as an opportunity. There are 7.5 billion people in the world, half of them internet users.

The third step – it was necessary to change my thinking gradually. Don't expect too much and too soon, because you can quickly become exhausted and never return to similar activities...

The fourth and most important step, which should be noted: we have turned learning and interest into a hobby and entertainment, not an obligation.

So slowly from our dreams, we dived into digital spaces and now we can confidently say that we no longer know where we will wake up tomorrow - we will surf in Bali, visit museums in Vienna or somewhere in California we will enjoy the sun and endless adventures.

Our work is not tied to an office and not from 8 to 5. Our work is on the Internet, which connects all countries and cultures of the world. We cannot say that we work little - we work 24/7, but we are happy because we took the threads of our destiny from the Moira goddesses.

And the most important thing is that everyone can become like that, but only a few will become like that... And do you dare to dive into the rabbit hole in the wonderland?

Our "method of choice" is the dropshipping business model.

Generally speaking, this is the online resale model used on the Ebay and Shopify platforms. There is no need to store goods, buy them in advance and risk your money...

Let's put it in concrete steps:

  1. Get rid of the misconceptions that online business is a fiction and a utopia invented by scammers. Until you accept new information and awareness into your reality, other people have successfully exploited the Internet for their financial gain.
  2. Find a trusted, experienced teacher and don't be afraid to invest in online training. Learning from youtube and google forums provides scattered information and does not always describe important nuances. As a result, every self-taught person is potentially at risk of permanent bans in the near future. For example, on a platform like Ebay.
  3. Decide which dropshipping method works best for you. Ebay or Shopify? Ebay is more attractive to beginners due to relatively easy and cheap start, while Shopify is more suitable for people with more investment in advertising and who are not afraid to learn a little more about advertising and sales
  4. Ebay / Paypal / Shopify Signup - Technical, Inevitable Stuff. Choosing the right settings for your eBay account for a safe start, protecting you from idiotic mistakes. Selling on eBay is a turtle business - good preparation pays off.

Now, a few more things...

  • Crucial point NO. 1 - Targeted search for goods for sale. Ebay is the largest online marketplace with thousands of sellers competing. Therefore, knowing how to choose and find profitable, less competitive products is the foundation of your success.
  • Crucial point NO. 2 - monitoring of commodity price changes. As we resell items from other suppliers on eBay, it is very important to keep track of the price changes of their items. Of course, we use the corresponding programs to facilitate the work.
  • Crucial point NO. 3 - Upload items to your eBay account quickly and efficiently. You have no idea what a huge difference it makes if you add 200 or 800 items a month. Special programs that facilitate the work (listers) are also used to raise goods.

One of the things we love most about selling on eBay is that you don't have to store the items yourself or pay for them right away before uploading them to your account. So this is another big plus - you can sell N number of items on your eBay store. You start with 50-80 the first month and end the year with 2-4 thousand.

When most people learn about the eBay business, they have a number of questions. We hope that we have already answered some of them, but we would like to provide answers to a few more fundamental important questions:

How much time does it take to start and grow a business?

There is no single answer.

Basically, as a new seller, eBay will not allow you to upload N number of items - we usually start with 10/20. Others are lucky enough to get higher limits (by registering on ebay.co.uk), so our goal when we start is to fill our store to the maximum and inform eBay about the desire to increase our limits. They are usually lifted once a month, but for very persistent ones, 2-3 times.

In answer to the question – 1 hour per day there is certainly a sufficient amount of time to devote to your eBay business, and you will decide how much time you want to devote in the future.

How much and what investment do I need to get started?

As you have already understood, we do not pre-order the goods ourselves, but we do not recommend starting with a zero budget. Working capital is necessary here, especially for those just starting to trade.

PayPal is currently the only bank through which all of eBay's money "walks". Since it is a really secure payment platform, it applies certain policies to new sellers - for the first 60/90 days after the first sale, PayPal has the right to "freeze" your money - you have already earned, but you cannot touch the money. Don't be scared. Money is held for a MAXIMUM of 3 weeks from the date of sale.

In the past, such cases happened more often and most of us had to tearfully look at the four-digit "pending" balances in our PayPal accounts - cases of freezing also occurred during subsequent transactions.

Generally speaking and as far as our experience allows us to understand - 150/200 euros negotiable is a safe amount to start your eBay dropshipping business.

We strongly recommend using certain product promotion and price tracking programs, which, when you don't have a large inventory in your account, cost up to 20 EUR/month, so they are not essential money magnets.

- Tautvydas Ivoška

  • Personally, I don't have their training, but I do dropshipping myself and I found really useful information on their blog and podcast, so I'm a Lithuanian man

  • Hi, I just read it. And where do I start now? And it is possible to do some kind of training because it is quite green in this area.

  • Hi Kristina, you can do online trading from anywhere in the world, it is important that you have a computer and internet access. The steps shown in the training can be adapted to different markets. Training is available – http://www.workless.lt/ivk

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