Dropshipping - where to start? A brief introduction for beginners

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Hello, cloud dwellers! My name is Indre. Although I tend to do a lot in life, I am not afraid of challenges and always seize opportunities. If you ask who I am, I answer - a dropshipper.

I have indeed come a long way to a life independent of location and time of day. I founded Dropshipping school and I surround myself with the same people.

I invite you to read about dropshipping, the digital nomad lifestyle and how it got me out of the pit of life.

I used to be like everyone else. I didn't stand out, although I was always very active. I finished school, got a job, went to study. After I graduated I found a better job...

I don't know what situation you are in...

However, my prehistory was not rosy. "I got a job" sounded nice? While I was studying, I worked as a cleaner, there was a time when I worked two jobs and studied full-time. It wasn't easy, but I'm young - sleepless nights are nothing terrible for a student. I used to do something extra just to make ends meet. This is probably the feature that distinguishes entrepreneurs from ordinary workers. I had time for everything. Because I really wanted to have time for everything. And I dreamed a lot.

Later, as a qualified specialist, I got a job in an excellent position - economist engineer. Even today, I don't know exactly what such a specialist does. After my studies, I was haunted by failures. After working for a while, I realized that I couldn't stand the job. I really hate the alarm clock and traffic jams with all my soul. At one point, when I started working for myself, I used to cry on Sundays because I knew that my phone would ring tomorrow from six in the morning. Since my first businesses weren't very successful, those tears, especially the pre-bankruptcy ones, were very real.

Don't think I'm complaining. Oh no. All the failures, no matter how much they hurt me emotionally and financially, were my best teachers.

Now it doesn't seem scary, maybe even a little funny - but it was difficult at the time. As I think today, I go to buy food for the dog for the last penny. Pocket Winds and I were pretty good friends.

That's about my beginning in a nutshell, I just wanted you to understand that no matter what point you're at right now, everything will pass. Everything always passes. A new day has dawned and we must move forward. Every day, even the most difficult, I thought about the fact that even though it is very difficult now, it will end. And it ended.

The Dropshipping Apparition!

I've been a fan of the internet for a long time. Now this is no longer news, but when I started I was compared to a madman. The business has failed, I am "sitting" on the stock exchange myself, the income is minimal, I have nothing and I sit all day at the computer. What would you say to such a person? I sat and watched YouTube for days when no one called me because I didn't pay my phone bill. I have watched so many videos about making money online that my eyes are watering. I didn't give anywhere. I've been looking for something all day. I have received so many paid advertisements that it is hard to count. I would have invested in all kinds of strange projects promising thousands of percent interest. Fortunately, I had nothing to invest. Who knows how much I have achieved in dropshipping, I think that everything was very simple here and I took, found and did. It's not - I've sifted through so much crap on the internet I've found it's hard to count.

An ordinary day, reading and watching "how to earn money online" 1 I heard the word "dropshipping" all the columns in a row.

I stopped. I had never heard such things before. It reminded me of a dream, because I kept thinking how to make you sleep, then get up and see how much money you got. Since I did not hesitate to take on everything - I decided to take up this activity as well. My google and youtube searches improved and I started looking for all the information I could about dropshipping and there wasn't much.

But that didn't stop me - I got the point right away, and that's when I started posting ads. Low-quality, ugly, now that I understand everything, maybe even unclear ads - but I started.

FIRST SALE! The first sale happened the same night. How I remember that feeling today. Business works! IT WORKS! Those first pennies I earned from selling a wireless mouse on February 22nd, 2015 at around 3 in the morning moved me so much that I didn't know where to go. Thoughts were running through my head - this is what I will do, I can, I finally found something and it works! That feeling... all dropshippers will agree with me - no one forgets the first sale. And it is impossible to describe - you will feel it only after trying.

Familiarity and passion.

When I got acquainted with dropshipping, I fell in love with it, you can say at first sight. Passion flared up between us and it lives on to this day. Dropshipping, seemingly accessible and boring, once you get to know it, it reveals its hidden power and strength. The more I got to know him, the more I realized that it was for me, mine and me on the way.

The more answers I found, the more questions I had. This business is old and extensive. He has so many perspectives and so many strategies. In this business, you can take your best qualities and apply them to the business.

Love to research the market? Or maybe your "fetish" is marketing, that is, creating, thinking, layout, layout, writing? Or maybe you are not interested in any of the above, you just want to do and earn? 

It's okay because there's room for everyone. You don't need to have marketing or programming knowledge to make money from dropshipping. You can even be totally pissed off with the fantasy. Or on the contrary - the winds are whistling in your pockets, but you are not short of ideas. All of us can be here, work and earn if we have enough determination to access it. Nothing is scary when passion is ignited.

The road to freedom

Many people do not answer themselves what freedom is for them during their whole life. I always knew what it was for me. If you don't know the answer - be sure to find it. Each of us must answer ourselves honestly. For me, freedom consists of several parts:

  1. Location independence. As a person whose roof slides when I sit still, I have to move, see, do, experience a lot. I have lived in foreign countries several times - this is what I like the most. You arrive somewhere and know that this is your home. You create a routine, an agenda, you find friends, you go out to have fun. You become a local, you see a real country. We don't run past touristic or non-touristy places. You are there, you live, you feel the rhythm of other people. You know when your neighbor has a day off, you are invited to a local celebration, they come to congratulate you on your birthday, introduce you to traditions. Dropshipping has allowed me to afford all of this, travel and work, the income from it hates it. It is very charming. That's probably what I appreciate the most.
  2. No income ceiling. I don't know about you, but I've always loved to dream. Dream big and big. When I was working for hire, I was stressed about it. Now I know that nothing is impossible. No, absolutely no, amount that has been thrust upon you as earnings is unrealistic. Does it have three, four, five, six or seven signs. It's not unrealistic. Of course, the more brands, the more work you will have to put in, hire employees, maybe even build dropshipping businesses. But nothing is impossible in this business. Dropshipping allows me to confidently dream and then create a plan and move towards the dream.
  3. Time management. I've never understood the expression: "I don't know if I'll be put on vacation." I want to manage my own time. Although I work really hard for my big dreams, if I want to fly to Italy today, I will fly. If I want to go to Prague, I will go. If I want to live in China, I will live. I don't need to ask anyone's permission. If I want to work overnight, I will. If I don't want to work on Mondays, I won't work. That depends only on me. Time control has been important to me since I was a teenager, and the more I get older, the more I appreciate time.

My path to freedom was not easy. There weren't many dropshipping lecturers, trainers or teachers four years ago. It was fashionable to hide the fact that you were a dropshipper at all, just to avoid having to answer questions from others.

At the start of dropshipping, I could compare myself to a blind chicken - I had no capital, no knowledge, all the information I could gather was based on forums. I learned about possible mistakes only after making them. 

Then I explained what I did and only then tried to answer how not to repeat it. After repeating it three more times, I understood. Now you can find great help from your fellow dropshippers, where even simple, seemingly self-evident things used to be a complicated puzzle.


This kind of work and lifestyle gave me the freedom to travel as much as I want, where I want, when I want. The trips turned out to be a real treasure. We liked to travel not for a week or two, but to settle down and get to know countries. We welcomed 2018 in the Philippines, spent almost 5 months there, made friends, got to know the country, customs, people, culture. We became part of the community in which we lived. In the beginning of 2017, we got to know the surroundings of China's Guangdong in the same way. Travel - then your eyes open, your mind expands, many ideas arise and you want to implement them. You feel alive by experiencing new things. I highly recommend it. I really appreciate the fact that I have the ability to travel and be where I want, for as long as I want, and my income does not suffer from it. This is probably the most important aspect of why I fell in love with dropshipping. Merchandise ties you to a place, but dropshipping has completely untied my hands. It's magical!

What is success?

Success does not exist. Success is earned. Sometimes I find it so funny when I hear: "It's easy for you to talk when you're lucky."

Beloved, you will not find a person who says that he started and succeeded. 

In order to visit the so-called "success", it is usually a lot of work, love and nurturing of what is being done. You make mistakes and try again and again, and then, along with the experience, which is usually very bitter, one day success comes. We will not earn success overnight. You need to work day by day and consistently. Then we will achieve and/or have the "success" we dream of.

What has dropshipping taught me?

Dropshipping is a business just like any other. The main difference between traditional business and dropshipping is that dropshipping is a virtual business, that is, we can do everything online.

Dropshipping has taught me a few very important traits. First of all, these are work disciplines. No business can be successful if the actions taken for its benefit are wrong. Doing small things systematically is the key to success.

Next, I learned not to be afraid of anything and to solve problems immediately. In business, you have to make decisions and if something doesn't go as expected, you have to take action immediately. The system and society and people in general tend to postpone doing something. If you are not procrastinating, you are already one step ahead. Responding quickly to any deviations is the key to the back door of "success".

And in the final, another cultivated trait is patience. Many expect overnight results no matter what they do. However, overnight results, if they do come, are only overnight results.

All in all, what I've learned is to work systematically, have long-term goals, don't expect miracles, but earn them, move forward every day. I am patient and my business is growing systematically. That's what we all strive for.

What is a dropshipper's day like?

Dropshippers can be divided into several categories: beginners, advanced and free. It's different for everyone's day. I would consider myself somewhere between advanced and free. A newbie's day is monotonous enough - post ads, make orders and repeat. When they are advanced, they hire someone so that they don't have to perform monotonous actions anymore, so they have more time to think about how to make their business better. They make more decisions like hiring an employee to do this and that, reorganize ads this way and that, add this, take that away, create another successful dropshipping store and so on. Free - you have a substitute for yourself in decisions.

My day is never the same. I think my work cycle is about a month. I evaluate business indicators, I am interested in news, I do tests to see how to sell more, I make decisions and employees, I check how we are doing and if I see that something is moving in the wrong direction, I take steps to fix it. My work is more creative now.

Indoor kitchen - what is dropshipping and where to start?

Dropshipping is the resale of goods that we do not have. The economic term is triangular trade. We sell goods that are with our supplier and we only buy them if or when we sell them. A very simple model.

Many companies in Lithuania have been engaged in such trade for a long time. We adapt this model to the international space.

The beginning of dropshipping should be knowledge. First of all, you should find out how it works, what strategies exist and how you can adapt this business to yourself. You can find basic information on my page. You can find me by typing in Indre Prichockaite.

From the technical side, what does that dropshipping kitchen look like:

  1. We make a decision - I will be a dropshipper.
  2. We choose a strategy. Answers to the questions where I traded and from where I traded. Suppose the answer: ebay from aliexpress.
  3. We make registrations based on the answers to the second step. Registration on Ebay, PayPal, Aliexpress, Simplybestcoupons or a similar cashback website (when shopping on such websites we get a return on the money we spend. Very valuable) website.
  4. We choose a product (for God's sake, don't pay too much attention to the selection. Try it. Let's say - Motivational Wall Sticker).
  5. We are placing an ad for that product on Ebay.
  6. We choose the following product.
  7. We are moving the following product to Ebay.

Here is the start for you. Later you will answer the questions that arise. Now take it and do it.

The third annual convention of Dropshippers 2018-08, Kaunas district.

Dropshipping School and Community!

When my trading experience was about one year, I helped a lot by answering questions. Those questions kept increasing and a lot of time had to be devoted to the answers. It somehow seems rude to me not to answer, I never forgot how the answers would have been useful for me when I started. So, I was running out of time to answer. I figured that maybe I would just tell them everything I know and everyone would stay away from me.

50 people were gathered for the first training group, but at that time I had no idea to teach yet. It's a really big number, because I was expecting about 7. Then I thought that everyone already heard what they wanted and I don't need to do anything else here - I can continue working. But there were more and more people with questions and eagerness to start and asking for help. Thus the school was born. Quite accidentally and unexpectedly. But they say that the best things happen unexpectedly. School is a gift of life to me.

The most diverse people began to join the school: businessmen, pupils and students, working people, unemployed, ambitious and stubborn, sometimes there are grunts - they grunt, but they still work. The atmosphere and professionalism of the school is growing extremely fast. The enthusiasm of the members takes us forward at a fast pace.

A lot of people say: there is an endless amount of free information about dropshipping. This is absolutely true. 

...However, it is no longer possible to process it alone. And it is necessary not only to process, but also to choose the useful from the unsuitable. Training is a solid foundation under the feet of a dropshipping business. And the community is a guide. The community counts for three years. We have accumulated an unimaginable mountain of information and experience. We have many members who have taken dropshipping seriously and are no longer employed. They have no shortage of advice, we have not forgotten that we once started ourselves. We have a rule at school: there are no stupid questions, so we don't have the usual Lithuanian comments.

We also organize live meetings. Maybe not as often as I would like, but in big cities I had to change rooms to bigger ones for meetings. It is good that people are looking for information, learning, educating themselves and working for a better future.

Wish and tips:

I sincerely and even insistently advise you not to be afraid of your questions. There will be an untold number of them (especially at the start). And that's normal. But start moving, in small steps. Get interested, sign up, post ads. Talk and communicate.

The free Facebook groups "Dropshippingas LT Ebay" and "Dropshippingas LT Amazon" can help you take the first steps.

Ask when you stumble, don't turn your head until you stumble. Don't solve problems you don't have. When you have a problem, solve it immediately.

This is the beginning: maybe a little scattered, maybe a little unclear. All beginnings are like this. You will be like Christopher Columbus before you, you will discover many new things, although it seems that everything is simple, but every victory leading you to the goal will motivate you.

If you see yourself in such an activity, do not hesitate and start. I wish you not to be afraid of your dreams and not to be afraid to dream. Don't be afraid to set too big goals. Don't be afraid to overreach. Go ahead, colleagues. See you soon!

– Indre Prichockaitė 2

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  2. Dropshipping schools and communities the founder

  • Hello, thank you for being there, and I would really like to start, but as far as I've looked, I can't find anywhere that shows how to make it and how the system works.

  • Hello! I became interested in dropshipping. I even set up a shop. However, I got stuck on legal matters - opening PayPal (as I understand, the requested number of individual activity or business certificate), as well as visit deadlines, refunds, etc. Do you have such lectures in your school, where they touch on purely "formalities" related to officialdom, user rights? I want to dropship from AliExpress. thank you

  • hello, the question is, if I want to enter the UK market [ebay+amazon], and I want to trade there, I have to provide a UK address, because as I read, if you don't have one, you can even be banned, so maybe you know how to get one or create one??

    • Hi, I strongly do not recommend using amazon as a supplier. And about the address - if you specify a UK address in the registration, then you will not need a VAT number up to £85,000. That's the difference

    • It should be remembered that we are only an intermediate stop, so we also manage returns between the buyer and the supplier. That's all :)

  • Hello, I wanted additional income, so I started interested in drip shipping, selling to the Lithuanian market, is it even possible to sell in Lithuania by drop shipping

    • Of course it is possible. Dropshipping is a model that can be adapted according to your wishes 🙂

  • The manufacturer of the product is in Lithuania. I want to sell his products on the principle of Dropshipping in my created e-store. Is there a contract with the manufacturer? Maybe there is a template?

  • Hello, do you know any good European suppliers who would deliver goods to Lithuania at a faster rate than aliexpress? I was interested in bigbuy (but the prices are quite high, it's not worth it when you add it all up..) I was also interested in spocket, but the selection of products is small.. I would be grateful 🙂

    • hello, yes 🙂 I mainly work with Poland now. Contact me on fb.com/indre.pricha

  • I wanted to ask if dropshipping is defined by any law that does not allow trading under the age of minors?

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