To lose weight, you don't need to start with sports...

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A tactless question: how much do you weigh Or, how big is your waist? Maybe such that it is difficult to tie your shoes? Or do the kids call you Santa at Christmas time?

...Okay, just kidding! But have you ever wanted to lose weight and go back from XXL clothes to M size? Yes, how was it in the old days?

Today I'm talking to Audrias from Debesy, who challenged himself to do just that. And for half a year he completely gave up meat, sugar, flour products and even dairy products in order to save his health.

It was a challenge he wasn't used to (and what kind of challenges are?): long, tiring and difficult. But Audrius tried to preserve a healthy body.

And here's how it did it:

Audrius, in the middle of a nutrition challenge.

🥗 Audri, who are you?

Hello! I am Audrius Petkevičius, I am 31 years old, I currently work in the field of finance, in one of the largest companies in Lithuania.

I have been interested in psychology and various spiritual practices for several years, but most of all I am probably looking for answers about myself: who I am, how I am, why I am and where is my true calling.

In short, I am a person who seeks to solve the riddle of life.

It's already settled with me that I want it or not, but life presents me with challenges. Sitting for a long time in the comfort zone forms a direct kick in the sitting area. And I have received many such "pendles" and certainly not after the first one it became clear that the first step towards challenges must be taken by oneself.

🥗 What challenge did you set?

The challenge was supposed to be only on the physical plane, but later I realized that it strongly affected my inner world as well, gave me self-confidence and motivation in the future...

A few years ago, I reached the point where a triple digit number would light up when I stepped on the scale. After making a decision inside, life itself then brought me to people who explained where such a life was leading and what I should change.

The gist of the challenge: NO meat, sugar, flour and cow's milk products for at least half a year. Not to mention alcohol. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, goat's milk products remained in the diet. Meat was available once a week, but only after the first 3 months.

🥗 Not happy with your weight?

Yes, the realization came that if you are 27 years old and you can hardly bend over to tie your shoes - something is already wrong. As a result of faulty nutrition and lifestyle, various health disorders and ailments began.

I wanted to check whether there was enough will to change everything hidden behind all the excuses. What's more, I had a charming girl next to me, so I wanted to make an effort for her too 🙂

Storm before the challenge.

🥗 Ah! And how did it go?

As with any goal, there are challenges. Not an exception in my case. The result did not come immediately - while the body was being cleansed, there were both physical and emotional pits.

I realized that food is like a drug and when changing your habits you have to go through all the stages of "abstinence".

Because the body and mind began to oppose the new model of behavior - "How come neither barbecue nor beer is allowed here anymore?!". And there were temptations: parties, picnics, family celebrations and so on...

🥗 What did you do when it was hard?

I really wanted to give up more than once, but it was such a mature thing that I just couldn't give up on myself anymore. After all, they say that if you want something, but you don't do anything, it means that you don't really want it. 1

If I stopped in the middle of the road, I would be very disappointed with myself, and when the first changes appeared, the motivation only increased. Of course, maybe it was easier because my friend decided to change her habits with me, so I felt supported!

🥗 Did you achieve what you expected?

The results exceeded all expectations:

  • Minus almost 20 kg;
  • Improved health and mood;
  • Increased self-confidence; 2
  • And I went from XL size back to M.

And all this practically without sports, just by changing the diet. But the most important thing was the inner joy that, despite the difficulties, I did not stop. Now my diet is not so strict, but I already know how my body reacts to certain products.

🥗 Did you learn anything unexpected during this trip?

It will sound banal, but everything is possible, only insufficient desire to change can prevent it. I realized how sometimes we give in to the influence of society, the environment, we simply turn away from our inner voice, which tries to tell us what is really useful for us and what is not.

To this day, this is a great motivation and an example for other areas of life. Paradoxically, I was probably more excited about the changes in my thinking than in my physical form.

I also realized that it is often important to simply do an experiment:

Don't get attached to the result, just experiment!

Yes, this is Audrius after the challenge! Almost like a different person, isn't it!?

🥗 Do you have any advice for people who want to replicate or surpass your transformation?

Maybe I would advise you not to take such drastic measures, because we are all different and you may be doing more harm than good to yourself. Personally, I probably needed such a strong shock, because some small diets would not have changed me fundamentally.

Try it for at least a month 3 give up what you think is harmful: sweets, alcohol, and maybe even communication with negative people. After a while, you may realize that you don't need it at all, and the incentive to change even more will appear.

🥗 Soooooo... What challenge will you take on now?

My global challenge is to manage my own life and not blame the environment for various situations. It is not simple. I have a desire to spend at least a week in an environment where I can focus even more on myself. Completely without activities, communication, internet, people, books. 4

Running away from yourself, you say? And facebook and empty chats can't be an escape from yourself? 5 Focusing all my attention on the inner world and thoughts, I want to see who I really am. 🙂

🥗 Thanks, Audria!

So it seems that in order to lose weight - giving up meat is a good solution! Sugar, flour and cow's milk probably don't help slimming either. That's what I said! 🥗

And, hey, it's enough to start an experiment. For a month. And if it is very difficult, then for two weeks. After all the most important thing is to start. And start slowly.

Well, now I have one last question for you, the reader: And what would you like to try? 

Also on a diet? Start running? Give up television? Or maybe to meditate? Answer in the comments below. And good challenges and good changes!

  1. Daniel: I will intervene to advertise own article on this very topic. If you're looking for motivation to start working, you don't really want that goal. Let go of that goal and think new.

  2. Daniel: Gabrielius from Debesy tells more about this: "How to gain self-confidence in practice?".

  3. Daniel: I recommend you try it Change architecture + Small steps method.

  4. Daniel: Maybe Vipassana meditation camp?

  5. Daniel: I would totally agree with that. I was all by myself in the summer without facebook and I was happier.

  • Just yesterday I was reading on the Internet what products to give up in order to improve the figure. And here is such an article from this morning 🙂 Apparently fate (or something else) is trying to help me and tell me that I really need it :)) Well, maybe I can't ignore such signs 😀

  • And I would really like to keep exercising ☺. Because as soon as I started, it didn't last long. I've been cool this time for about three months now ☺.

  • I gave up white and black bread, flour products, carbohydrates, etc... I follow the Pierre Dukan diet 🙂 The result is excellent in 1 month - 7 kg. A very good book, I recommend getting it 🙂 I'm always full, I don't suffer from hunger, it's just a protein diet. Remember that 80 % weight loss depends on nutrition and only 20 % on exercise. Good luck to the beginner!!!

    • Just remember that carbohydrates are food for the brain. Not every diet that helps you lose weight quickly is healthy. Better to just eat a healthy, balanced diet and lose weight over a longer period of time, but surely and irreversibly… good luck…

    • Read Colin Campbell's books on the animal protein diet and its link to cancer. Close connection.

  • Starting tomorrow, one month without sugar and without flour (all wheat products). It worked well the first time, I lost 4.5 kg in 3 weeks. Then I suddenly stopped from the goal.
    After that, no coffee for a month.
    Well, maybe I'll start playing sports. Morally already in the mood 😉

    • I'm doing great ;). It's been 6 days without flour and without sugar. Only 24 days left. There were daily occasions when I could have broken down, but I held on well. I learned to eat only the top of the sandwiches during the dinner parties, so as not to offend the obnoxious waiters :). I even went to work out.

  • From today I started following a Chinese diet. I hope I will have enough willpower, because coffee is not allowed on this diet.

  • Since April, I have been following: 1st day of stewed vegetables, 2nd day of fasting with water, 3rd day of fasting with juice and salad for dinner, the next day vegan diet. Good luck to everyone in achieving their goals!

    • such unloading days will take place every week for 6 months, then 3 fasting days, 7, etc. I really want to cleanse my body of toxins and slag!

      • Are you so terribly dirty? How old are you and what do you even do that you need to clean like this??!?

  • And I keep creating too many goals for one period. Therefore, not one fails properly. I think this is the biggest goal now, to act on one goal.

  • From April 1 to July 1. No alcohol at a party, sometimes you just understand who needs it and test yourself. Can you do it?

  • I really, really want to give up sweets, but I just can't. Maybe I really don't have that much willpower? Or maybe I want too little, as it was written there? I decide that's it, no more sweets. But it begins... Can't you even put jam on porridge? After all, this porridge is not very tasty without jam. And it is healthy to eat porridge. 🙂 What about honey? How about without honey? For tea… Or when you get sick… Um. Um And if I keep jam and honey to myself, but successfully avoid eating any other sweets, I start to notice. that after a while I have already eaten a lot of that jam and honey... Because if it's possible on porridge, then maybe it's possible anyway? 🙂 I don't know what to do to really succeed without scams. 🙁

    • You need to start slowly 🙂 A little more honey or jam is better than mountains of chocolate and ice cream! Of course, it would be best to eat within certain limits, you can replace sweets with organic dried or fresh fruits without added sugar, which will be not only tasty, but also healthy! I'm a very big sweet tooth, but here it is - gradually changing my diet, I'm starting to give up sweets! I haven't eaten them for the 6th day already! And I can say that I feel much better! If I can do it, so can you. The most important thing is to start changing, and when it's difficult - think about the path you've taken and try not to give up on it :). Good luck!

    • Choose healthier sweets 🙂 life is beautiful and you don't have to limit yourself by force. For example, fresh dates, such a sweet charge that even if you want more than a few, it's hard to eat 🙂 With porridge - for example, berries mashed with banana or dates 😉 good luck and new discoveries

  • Hello, since New Year's, I have not even used lasso wine, even though I live in Spain, where natural wine is used every day for lunch and within 3 months. I lost 5 kg, I make sure of my food, I eat everything, only a little bit at a time and I eat 5-6 times. On Mondays, I always do unloading days. I defeated myself, I showed myself that I can !!!!!

  • Hello everyone! 😀
    I also try to stick to food related challenges, e.g. giving up sweets, staying up until 6 p.m. or trying not to snack (which is especially difficult). Beeet, since I'm still in school, it's really hard to keep up with the challenges when most of the time it's my parents who cook. 😀 The lack of will is also particularly hindering..
    Therefore, starting today, encouraged by this article, I will try not to eat sweets and flour dishes for at least a month.
    Good luck, I hope it works! 😀

  • Amazing changes. Used to look 10 years older. And the most beautiful thing is that people who refuse animal food simply radiate some kind of inner light and peace from themselves. Good luck!

  • I haven't eaten sweets, flour for about 10 years because of migraine attacks. As a result, the seizures disappeared completely. I tried to go back to sugar, and the pain came back. And regarding the refusal of meat, I would suggest that you carefully evaluate and choose food with a sufficient amount of iron. I have someone around who has given up on it for a long time and is currently paying hundreds of euros for iron replacement because he has developed severe anemia. So before doing it, it is better to think seriously and assess the risks.

  • Hello everyone! ☺️
    So the day came when I got angry with myself and decided to take action, because I was tragically overweight, I jumped from M to XL. It's only been a week, but I'm happy with the beginning: I gave up flour products and sugar. I know it won't be easy, but I want to be happy with the results and be beautiful again! Good luck to everyone getting through these dietary difficulties! 😉

    • I am very happy with the achievement! (Just, oops, sorry I didn't notice your share for so long, haha!) I'm happy and congrats, by the way!!

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